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Equestrian Gothic: Daisy by iLucky7 Equestrian Gothic: Daisy by iLucky7
Daisy MacHeath
"There's something very special about tending to a garden. The feeling of knowing that you're keeping a tiny piece of nature alive is truly-Neo are you bleeding again?!"
Nickname(s): Dais, Doc, Neo's sister, 
Gender: Female
Species: Cow/pony hybrid
Special Talent: Gardening, caring for others
Current Residence: Gold field raiders camp

Most ponies are shocked to learn that Daisy is Neo's sister. Based off personality alone, you'd never know it. While her little brother is cocky and loud-mouthed, Daisy is smart, mature, and always calm. She's a kind and caring mare, especially to foals, and she's very good at reading others and getting a sense of who they are.  She's great at dealing with injuries and such matters because she never gets flustered by it. Aside from doing minor medical work, she loves gardening. She tends to an enormous flower bed outside the campsite and has mastered the art of growing naturally blue roses, something few gardeners in Equestria have been able to do. She loves being in her garden and out in nature. It makes her feel at peace being around living plants. Daisy takes life one day at a time and is a very content mare. However, rare as it may be, when she gets angry she's pretty terrifying. Because it's such a contrast from her usual state of calm, most ponies are frightened when Daisy yells. She's come to known as quite intimidating among the raiders, and is well respected by just about everyone who knows her.
She has a very good relationship with her parents and has always been very close with her mom. They can tell each other anything, and they do. Her family is of great importance to her and she always puts them first.
    She's very protective of her little brother Neo. She usually acts bothered by him, but if anything serious ever happened to him it would crush her. She's not very close with him, but cares a lot about his well-being and can be a bit of a mother hen to him sometimes.
    Through their encounters, she's become quite good friends with Neo's love interest, Serenity. They mostly just rant about Neo, but they enjoy each other's company and Serenity loves taking Daisy shopping in the city. Daisy isn't hugely interested in it, but she considers it a welcome break from babysitting a herd of constantly injured morons.
    She likes spending time with Jonagold because she's one of the few intelligent life forms in the area. They're quite close friends despite their age gap, but their maturity makes up for it. Jonagold is wise beyond her years and always gives Daisy good advice when she needs it. They both value each other's opinions a lot.


 - Unlike her brother, Daisy was actually able to earn a cutie mark. Her pony genes are more dominant than his are.

 - She's something of a medic for her brother and his idiot commerades, always stitching them up whenever they get injured wrestling or jumping off roofs or something.

 - When upset, it's unusual that she'll direct it at others, instead chosing to let her anger out by violently weeding her garden and digging like a maniac. 

 - Birds aren't frightened of her like they are of other ponies. It's quite common for birds to just land on her. No one really knows why, but she just rolls with it. If a bird ever is frightened by her you should probably be frightened too.

 - She treats most of her flowers as though they're pets, caring for them and making sure they're healthy, all except for dandelions. She grows them with the same amount of care only to eat them straight out of the ground. She doesn't even feel remorse. 

 - She has a very motherly personality, but often debates whether or not she wants foals of her own someday.

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