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Equestrian Gothic: Chaucer by iLucky7 Equestrian Gothic: Chaucer by iLucky7
"If you don't bugger off, I'm afraid I'll be forced to wedge this crystal somewhere dark that'll make it impossible for you to walk."
Nickname(s): Chawie, Chau-Chau, Grump, Grinch
Gender: Female
Species: Earth Pony
Special Talent: Growing crystals
Current Residence: Tasnim Beach

        Despite her bright appearance, Chaucer seems to be eternally grumpy and is always highly irritable. She's pretty low-key and un-energetic, but yells a lot and comes off as bottled up. She's a grouch, but not all-out mean, she's mostly just flustered and needs someone to talk to. Because she's so prickly, she doesn't have many friends and spends most of her time by herself, wandering the beach or expanding her crystal collection as a hobby. 
    Unlike most beach dwellers, ol' Chaucer isn't very relaxed or content. Probably because she isn't actually from Tasnim at all.
    Originally from Twistram, Chaucer stumbled out to the docks one night and ended up falling asleep in a small boat that somehow floated away and crashed on the beach near Bullgrurzh. She has no idea how the boat came loose, but she awoke clueless and terrified in this new tropical valley. At first, she wanted to get back home, but she started having second thoughts after a few days. The laid-back atmosphere and lack of structure was a new but welcome change for her and she eventually grew to like it, even though she pretends that she doesn't. The beach vibes aren't the only thing she likes though, she's grown to like a certain mare that lives on the beach. Quite a lot. Even though they've only ever exchanged the odd hello, Chaucer has very strong feelings for this mare and it confuses the fuck out of her. It goes against everything she's been taught in Twistram, but the more time she spends there the less she cares. She remains a very emotionally confused and bottled up pony, but she's loosened up a bit in her time away from the village, and underneath her prickly outer shell, there's a mare that just wants someone to talk to and maybe a hug.

    She came from a very controlling family, but had no problem with it when she was young because it was all she knew. As she got older, her relationship with her parents began to get worse. Now, she doesn't even miss them. She doesn't miss much about Twistram at all, really.
    She's run into Amity a few times, not really knowing what to make of her. Amity's pretty outgoing and just talks to Chaucer like she would anyone else. She's also very very interested in Chaucer's not-quite-exsistent love life and little crush. Chaucer doesn't know how Amity found out, and is a little put off by it, but she doesn't mind the occasional chance to interact with another pony. 
    Tank and Kyanite like messing with her just to make her mad, because whenever Chaucer is truly pissed off her whole face turns bright red, and it cracks them up. She can't stand either of them, but watching Tank yell at rocks is entertaining enough for her not to poison him in his sleep.


- She likes being in the dark. Growing up in the shaded village of Twistram gave her a liking for being in dark places, and her current home's windows are always covered. 

 - She's skilled at growing crystals and uses them to dimly illuminate her home. She grows them to sell, for decoration, and sometimes to eat. 

 - She actually has a decent sense of humor when she wants to.

 - Everyone who knows her wants to get her drunk just to see what she'd be like. No one's been successful yet.

 - This is what she looked like when she lived in Twistram:
She looks a lot healthier now, and her coat's brightened up from sun exposure.

 - She never got rid of her collar. She doesn't wear it, but for some reason she refuses to dispose of it. She reasons that it's just for old time's sake.

 - Prior to her leaving Twistram, she was set up for an arranged marriage that she didn't want to go through with. The colt she was set up with felt the same way, and though they never had any chemistry, they did become sort of like friends over their hatred of the situation. Anyway, one night when she was feeling really awful about it, she broke into her family's stash of ceremonial wine to try and take her mind off it and ended up drunkenly stumbling out to the docks. To this day, she still sometimes wonders if it was him that untied the boat...

adopted from :iconasadsademochic:
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