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Equestrian Gothic: Bantam by iLucky7 Equestrian Gothic: Bantam by iLucky7
Bantam Feather
"Wait, you're not supposed to pop bee hives? I always thought that was just a suggestion..."
Nickname(s): Bantam, Ban, Tam, Tammy, Chicken Butt, The Village Idiot, many vulgar insults
Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Special Talent: Being an assistant, sneaking around, stripping
Current Residence: Goldshire

  You think you know a true moron? You haven't met Bantam. Thick as two short planks glued together with stupid glue, Bantam is Goldshire's eccentric town idiot, known by all, loathed by most. Known particularly for his bad flying, the young stallion spends many of his days around Goldshire, flying about and crashing into things, damaging property, enraging townsfolk, etc. Other days are spent with his friends at the raiders camp. He's pretty small and lightweight, so he's good at sneaking around. Until he smashes something and everyone hears. Even though he's a useless idiot, he's a great friend, and is very nice and naive. His friends are all very protective of him.

He is very good friends with Neo, acting sort of like his assistant. They share a lack of intelligence, so they like to go play in the median and climb on roofs and do other things that make everyone else roll their eyes and groan.
    For some strange reason, he's also pretty close to Snapdragon. They enjoy flying together. Snap likes to try all kinds of crazy flight tricks. Bantam sometimes tries these himself, but usually ends up faceplanting into a rock or something.
    One of his very best friends is Tank. Neo may be dumb, but Tank is an even thicker type of dumb. He and Bantam seem to be bonded by their glorious stupidity, and both are fluent in Moronese. They get each other and understand each other's desire to forgo common sense and ruin flowerbeds.
    He is oddly close to his friend and fellow pegasus Snowdon, but not just in the usual way. It is suspected that they may be in a relationship, but neither of them have confirmed or denied these rumors. However, there have been a few signs, such as the two hanging out in private a lot and seeming to completely ignore personal space around each other. Neo's sister ships it like FedEx.
    He is very close to his parents. They're pretty dim as well, so they get along great. Stupidity runs in the family.


 - Bantam's head, hooves and wings are big compared to the rest of his body. Awkward build to make him even more clumsy, right?

 - He likes to catch and eat fish

 - Even though he's mostly a talentless oaf, he does have one skill...stripping. He discovered this while on vacation at the beach. Poor palm trees. *shudder* Snowdon isn't sure how to feel about this

 - He seems to be fairly indestructible

 - He's actually a lot less innocent than he lets on...if ya know what I mean. Especially in subdued lighting. Hehehe

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