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Equestrian Gothic: Amity by iLucky7 Equestrian Gothic: Amity by iLucky7
"'re single, huh? Not to worry, I'll have that taken care of in no time! Now, what size, shape and color of horn would you say turns you on the most?"
Nickname(s): Ammy, Hearts
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Special Talent: Matchmaking
Current Residence: Goldwind

Amity is a social butterfly, preferring to spend her time in the company of others over being alone. Like her sister Serenity, Amity's super sassy and witty, and most ponies enjoy talking to her. She's very energetic and loves to talk, it's pretty hard to make her shut up. Usually a very happy pony, she's very easy to get along with and she loves making friends. However, if somepony has done something to upset her, she'll get very passive aggressive about it, to the annoyance of everyone else. She can be a fake bitch when she wants to be, but she's not half bad at revenge and usually wins most arguments in the end. Despite these tendencies, she's very sweet and loving to her friends and family and is dedicated to helping them and making sure they're happy. She's also very free with her habit of pecking others on the cheek. Most of her friends know this from experience.

    She's very close with her older sister Serenity, and even though she won't admit it, she does look up to her quite a bit. Serenity is her best friend and the first pony she goes to for advice or if she needs to talk. Ren's usually her hairstyling guinea pig and vice versa, both sisters are pretty good mane stylists. They're both somewhat competitive ponies, and often give others the impression that they don't get along because of it.
    Besides spending time with her sister, she's also very good friends with Jonagold. She loves going to Goldshire to visit her because of how rural and calm it is there. She enjoys spending time with Jonna's family and might have a thing for a certain Gold cousin...
    Serenity's friend Kyanite is Amity's sempai, whenever Serenity hangs out with her Amity always tries to tag along. No one really knows why, including Amity herself. For some reason she just looks up to her lot.
    She gets along with just about everyone except wannabe tough-guy Rook, who she often encounters in the city. She likes to tease him about his weird love life, and he considers her a "sworn enemy and soon-to-be hit target". 


 - One of the first things she asks somepony when she meets them is their birthstone. She likes knowing everypony's birthstone for some reason. She also likes knowing their blood type.

 - She's a shameless, shameless gossip and can't keep a secret to save her life.

 - She likes exploring scary or haunted places, especially abandoned houses outside of Goldwind when she can find the time to do it. In the mean time, she enjoys exploring the sewers in Goldwind (which she insists on calling "catacombs"). She likes to think she's seen supernatural things in there, but the truth of that is debatable. She likes dragging her friends into these places with her, but her favorite pony to explore with is Snapdragon, who actually enjoys it.

 - Her love of matchmaking and dedicated personality have the tendency to make her pretty obsessive. When she fixes on setting two ponies up, she'll go to extreme lengths to make it happen. This includes working late into the night, stalking, and casting spells. It freaks the fuck out of her targets when they start to notice her.

 -  She's a high-key chocoholic. She adores all types of chocolate, chocolate covered things, chocolate flavored things...basically anything with chocolate on it, no matter whether or not it's meant to be eaten. 

 - Despite her being underage, once in a while she'll go drinking with Tank. She has no problem pouring out all her personal issues to him. Serenity has no idea about it and Tank has no intent to tell her.

 - She's a hopeless romantic and loves the occasional romance novel, but she also has a taste for smutty literature and has no shame whatsoever about her collection of pornographic books. Once, when her house was robbed, she beat the unprepared offender senseless with an enormous 700 page hardcover porno novel. Turns out this was her first encounter with Rook. To this day she's still quite proud of it.

 - When she gets excited she starts talking really fast. She's pretty hard to understand sometimes.

 - She has a very good memory and always remembers things about ponies that they themselves don't remember. It comes off as a little creepy.


oof, these are back. pardon those tiny thin 90's brows, i made the pictures over a year ago
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