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Here is a list of OC/Comeback Stands I plan to design next month. This might result in a fanfic/Altered universe creation ahahahaah
Set in Turin, Italy, the stands would be: (I'm open for suggestions!)

11.01: NEW FLESH (Grendel - New Flesh)
11.02: BURN IT DOWN/ BDTH+WEATHER REPORT (Linkin' Park - Burn it down/Talking Heads - Burning Down the House/Weather Report)
11.03: WE HAD A CARNIVAL (Sleetgrout - We had a Carnival)
11.04: LINKIN' PARK/ STONE FREE (Linkin' Park/Jimi Hendrix - Stone Free)
11.05: R.A.M (Daft Punk - Random Access Memories)
11.06: KILL EVERYBODY (Skrillex - Kill Everybody)
11.07: IRON SAVIOR (Iron Savior)
11.08: DISTURBED (Disturbed)
11.09: RAUTAKETJU (Turmion Katilot - Rautaketju)
11.10: SOILBLEED (Grendel - Soilbleed)
11.11: SPIN ME ROUND (Dead or Alive - You spin me round [Like a Record])
11.12: FEEL ME TWICE (Sleetgrout - Feel me Twice)
11.13: FIRESTARTER (KDrew - Firestarter)
11.14: THE UNDERGROUND (Alvaro & Carnage - The Underground)
11.15: NEON CITY NIGHTS (Grendel - Neon City Nights)
11.16: BLACK LIGHT (Lisa Rowe - Black Light)
11.17: LOSE YOURSELF (Eminem - Lose yourself)
11.18: ENJOY THE SILENCE (Depèche mode - Enjoy the Silence)
11.19: ROTTEN REVERIE (Sleetgrout - Rotten Reverie)
11.20: TIMEWAVE:ZERO (Grendel - Timewave Zero)
11.21: HOTLINE BLING (Drake - Hotline Bling)
11.22: TRUMPSTER (Contiez ft Treyy G - Trumpsta)
11.23: VOID MALIGN,BAAL,REMNANTS (Grendel - Void Malign, B.A.A.L. (Deliver me), Remnants)
11.24: RIOT TRIGGER (Incubite - Riot Trigger)
11.25: BLESSED//BROKEN (Incubite - Blessed and Broken)
11.26: GRAVITY HURTS (Cryoshell - Gravity Hurts)
11.27: A2TW (ATC - All Around The World)
11.28: GOD MODULE, GOD MODULE: THE SOURCE (God ModuleGod Module - The source)
11.29: COMBICHRIST (Combichrist)
11.30: SENT TO DESTROY (Combichrist - Sent to Destroy)

Thanks a lot, everyone! For everything <3
  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Almost 2 years. Time can be very cruel... and quick! teeheehee...

  • What does your username mean?

Original: IL_RE_SANMTO
Pre-original: IL_RE_SANTO without the letter M. It means "THE_SAINT_KING"

I remember when my cousin and I wanted to play some GTA San Andreas Online, and decided a nickname that could be used for trolling purposes.
Then, after a long while, I logged in again... and my player data was reset to default. And I later found out about the "M" typo. However, I could not change it because this new account started a new ""wealthy"" life in a server I used to play in.
Thus, I started to get notorious. Not only in GTA SA Online, but also in, the most popular italian minecraft Website.

Aaaaand here I am. 

  • Describe yourself in three words.

Cool. Calm. (almost)FURRY. (<--- Why is this considered an insult, anyway?) 

  • Are you left or right handed?

Born. Right handed. And forever will be 'til death.

  • What was your first deviation?

Plural. My first deviationS. Many JoJo's Bizarre Adventures main characters, portrayed in my own (old) style. Damn! Old stuff!

  • What is your favourite type of art to create?

Shounen: Mecha, BIONICLE, Megaman ZX stuff, Boom. [Bionicle: Reborn] POWER UP!! (Masks) by IlReSanmto [Bionicle: Reborn] GALI. Full power. by IlReSanmto KUJO JOTARO by IlReSanmto
Ecchi: My own bizarre project, Anthros, FatOrCurvy, ORCAS, etc..

  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Dunno. I would go for something like this...  Jotaro by Artgerm

  • What was your first favourite?

Don't ask me those questions, I don't remember. Memory is not my strongest ability.

  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Stuff related to what I personally like..... like this:
  Cassie Cage cosplay by Narga-Lifestream Because I like both Cassandra Cage (eyyy xD) and Mortal Kombat X itself!

  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?


Nah, just kidding. Actually, I don't have a personal favourite deviantartist...

  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

. . . . . . . . . 

  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

The greatest Impact was when I was still making Traditional art with Pencils and ink. And I proposed that stuff to a group. However, the admin (italian) refused everything because "He wanted cool stuff like "oh my gosh", and my skills were insufficient"...

It was from that trauma that I started to look for the "Digital path", while still getting better in drawing stuff

  • What are your preferred tools to create art?

Traditional: Tsukepen + Grip (mostly Maru pen) and Ink, Copic, Pencils, Markers, IC Screentoners
Diital: Wacom Cintiq Companion 2, Paint tool SAI, Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop

  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

Everywhere I go, I get inspiration. NO PROBLEM

  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

When I found out that I was not the only one that particularly likes Orcas. First person I met was Camy-Orca (Now she's gonna kill me because i tagged her. lulz)

deviantART DeviantArt AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVIANTART!DeviantArt deviantART 

Here are some of my (pictureless) ideas for Stands. Please lemme know what do you think! ;D

STAND NAME - ONLY (Undefined):




Stand name:
Stand User: Renato Zerbino (Reference to Renato Zero)

Strenght: NONE (Divides damage by Zero)
Precision: A
Standing: NONE (Multiplies damage by Zero)
Speed: D
Range: F
Learning: NONE (It's "perfect")

<<An incredible Stand, that applies mathematics principles, involving mostly the only Real number without positivity nor negativity: Zero.
If attacked,
RUNNING IN CIRCLES multiplies the damage by zero, deleting it.
If this Stand attacks, it can divide the inflicted damage (very low) by zero, increasing it>>

Stand name: BULLSEYE (KDrew - Bullseye)

Strenght: NONE
Precision: C
Standing: F
Speed: Variable
Range: D
Learning: ???

<<BULLSEYE is a parasitic Stand, with no actual coordinated articulatory movements (it moves like a wooden doll, hovering onto the ground).
Even if its power is none, it can be considered as an annoying "LAtency Gap generator", or "LAG" for short, the worst thing that can occur in internet world.
This Stand can provoke LAG to the - involontary, because these are controlled by
BULLSEYE's Stand User - movements of its "host".
Shortly, this Stand must be avoided at all costs>>