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A new adventure

Tue Apr 22, 2014, 1:50 AM

RPR, aka my new life drawing mangas

It's been almost a decade since I've posted something in this journal, and that could be enough of a sign of the importance I give to this little entry of mine...

The fact is: I realized that all the comics I like the most are mangas.

This is no news, I've always felt something "different" reading mangas, but the revelation I recently had is that I absolutely want to DRAW them professionally.
And this is pretty bad, as you can imagine...
I live in Italy, a country that LOVES manga: all the most important original mangas have been published here, we're the country that buys more manga titles from japan than the whole world. 
Even so, there's no place in our market for an italian guy who wants to do mangas. Publishers are not interested at all, since they can easily buy manga rights of a famous japanese series instead.
Why'd they want to pay an italian guy to draw a new manga, while there're still Dragonball, Bleach and Naruto around??

The second fact is: I think we don't need publishers anymore (God, I hope none of my current publishers is reading this!! XD).
I think the future of comics is NOT to be published anymore. Not as printed books, nor through standard publishers.

The idea is not that weird, as many people thinks exactly the same: did you ever read a scanlation? Then you agree with me! Did you ever read something on inkblazers or tapastic?? Oh, you SO agree with me! 
Internet allows us to interact directly with readers, without publishers or whatsoever third part. And this is beautiful.

And here comes the idea of my new manga project, Rock'n'Punch Riders.
You have some links on the left or you can go visit my gallery, "RPR manga" folder.

I want to draw like this, and I want you, the readers, and nobody else, to tell me if the things I draw and the stories I tell are good or not.
And I want this manga to be FOR FREE, as I believe that if I give you something as a gift, something else will come to me in return.
I'm an optimist? I have to be, since I draw and color comics to live!!

This is my new life drawing mangas, and I hope it will go on and open new and amazing professional horizons.

Wish me good luck! 

I created a DA account months ago, I snicked around for a while, saw some damn terrific art... now I've finally decided to post something in this journal!
Since I'm a new deviant, I really have no idea of what I'm supposed to write here, but anyway.
I'm working on a couple of comic projects now... I'm busy but not as I was a couple years ago! I'm taking my time and I'm living a better life, there's no doubt about it!
And I have free time to upload bunches of drawings and color stuff from my works, hoping you like it!
Soon I'll submit some line art of my first graphic novel (no, you can't find it if you're not in italy... no, it's not true, you can find it but what's the point if you can't read italian?? :D), while I'm working hard on my second "big" comic, a lot more "mainstream" than the first one (giant robots, cute ladies, fearless heroes...) and a lot thicker too!!
Find the Romabot stuff in the gallery and post some comments for me, please! Motivate me, please!! Or destroy me, you're welcome! :D

I think I will update the journal when I'm done with these 209 pages, because I'll have this good news and I know I'll just want to spread it out!!
Yeah, I'm quite sure of it.

Talk to you soon! :headbang: