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i wish
i wish i could fly
so i could fly away from all my problems
so i could fly us to safety
from criminals and politics and guns
and harsh words that sting the soul
i can’t fly
but i can try
even if i never fly
i’ll protect you
:iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 1 0
we're all mad here
identifiably the most undeniable and reliable thing a person can say
about themself.
madness is a small thing
we all have it
we all give it to each other with words and motions
w e ‘ r e     a l l     m a d     h e r e
:iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 0 0
Eyes to see the world
Eyes to see her face
Eyes to stare into space
Eyes to see the sunset
Eyes that shine bright
Eyes to close as sleep comes in the night
:iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 1 0
I like to imagine that galaxies are blankets, wrapped around their different solar systems. I visualize myself as a planet or a star, wrapping myself in the blue and purple. I imagine that the galaxy is soft and warm, like a cotton sweater fresh from the dryer. Then I turn the galaxy into that sweater, and pull it over my head. It feels like an embrace, an interstellar hug. I enjoy the softness for a minute longer, then release it and the galaxy turns into a coat. It feels heavy and weighs down on me, but it’s strong and keeps the rain of asteroids off of me.
I stare at the rest of space, empty now of the colored decor, and decide it’s time to put the galaxy back where it belongs. I’ll miss the comfort of the blanket, the warmth of the sweater, and the strength of the coat, but it’s okay…
Because every once in a while, I pull the galaxy sweater over my head again and enjoy its softness.
:iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 0 0
Music flows. Music moves fluidly through the mind, sometimes getting stuck in it. Music can come to you anytime, anyplace. No matter what it sounds like or what it’s about, music is instigated with movement. The motion of a pianist gently tapping the keys, which reverberate with a thousand possibilities of songs that have never been heard, songs that only come from trying. Trying to create a new symphony of harmonies.
The motion of a thousand possibilities.
The motion of a thousand ways to share the music of life and love and longing.
The thousand ways of motion to share life and longing.
The longing ways to share love.
The loving ways to share life.
The motion.
A thousand ways to share music and love.
A thousand ways.
:iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 2 0
She feels the pain today
A glowing screen,
a muffled scream.
A door locked,
a stifled sob.
A dark room,
a hanging gloom.
A loaded gun,
and the world is numb.
But the glowing screen is her friend’s text,
Of “are you okay? Do you need to talk?”
And the scream was into a pillow,
And the door’s doorknob unlocks.
The stifled sob was her crying to her mother,
and the dark room was her bedroom, lights turned off.
She needs to sleep with her blankets soft.
The hanging gloom is her nightmare,
That she won’t ever see them again.
The loaded gun is tossed aside,
and the world comes back as she’s hugged tightly by her best friend.
:iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 4 3
Stars. Billions of shining, shimmering lights in the sky, all glittering brightly, all unreachable, yet still so close. White, and still all different colors of shine. The sky behind them dark, but illuminated. I lay on my back, staring up at the light show painted above me, thinking about stars. How many are there? What do they look like up close? Why do they shimmer if they glow continuously? Questions roll through my mind, but I hush them, all quiet for instead the thought of peace, of silence. The silence grows, until I am enveloped in it, in silvery nothingness that becomes larger the longer it lasts. I am enveloped in silence, and then the silence turns to song, and I sing to the stars.
:iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 3 0
space girl
Stars in her hair
She brushes it with a galaxy
Her dress is the Milky Way
Her eyes are solar systems
Her hands are the universe
Her ball is a planet
She tosses it to her sun-dog
Whose name is Cosmo
But it falls into a black hole
:iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 0 7
new pfp- galaxy luna by ILovePUNdertale new pfp- galaxy luna :iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 3 2 pretty :) by ILovePUNdertale pretty :) :iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 4 2 galaxy by ILovePUNdertale galaxy :iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 3 3
the girl and nightfall
Her eyes reflect the amber glow
The sun, it sets, sky darkening slow.
She watches it sink deeper still
Past the trees, behind the hill.
The moon rises, night is falling
Sun and daylight disappearing.
The stars, they all come out to play
and she sees the Milky Way
:iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 0 2
It patterns the windows
With silver droplets
That sparkle in the morning light.
It splashes the shoes
Of early-goers
Who might stop and breathe it in?
The calm that happens just after the droplets stop.
If you look around,
Everything is shimmering with fallen dew
I step outside
And fall in a puddle. Crap.
:iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 0 0
Breathe it in.
Take it in.
Don’t keep it in.
Say it out.
Sing it out.
Dance it out.
Write it out.
Laugh it out.
Hug it out.
Twirl it out.
Breathe it in.
Take it in.
Don’t keep all of it in;
Give it to others.
:iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 2 0
Kirbymas doodle :) by ILovePUNdertale Kirbymas doodle :) :iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 2 0
I want to write a song someday...
I want to write a song.
I want to hum a melody of my own, to be able to sing it to people and tell them, I wrote that. That's mine.
That's mine.
I want to play guitar and violin and harp or maybe create my own instrument, one that sounds like a little girl dancing on the stars and sleeping on the moon.
I want to harmonize with the echoes of space and melodize what a cloud sounds like.
I want to sing the summer rain and dance the autumn wind.
I want to feel lyrics weave into my mind, and come out as a one-million part duet of one.
It doesn't make much sense...
So I guess I'll write a song about it.
:iconilovepundertale:ILovePUNdertale 1 0


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uhhhh sorry I haven't posted anything in a while! I'm working on a Wings of Fire fan story with my wingsona, Chime. Should I post it? help I need opinions hhh
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i think :iconiwantmymom: is slowly pulling me into her descent into madness
i just went around DA searching "space" and watched a lot of people that do space art


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I'm experienced, but I want to improve mah skillz! I'm at least mediocre in most types of art, but I'm mostly a sort of cartoonist type. My main account for art is :iconlunasatoru:

-professional youtube watcher
-obsessively checks my dA notifs
-lazy af
-crystal gem
-markiplier and jacksepticeye fan

steven universe, the internet, wings of fire, my friends, space

reposting, old memes, when people toucha my spaghet

052 by wnho natsuki best girl

[Pixel Practice] [f2u] Amethyst by StardazedArt <- belongs to :iconstardazedart:

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i love them all <3

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