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Artist // Student // Photography
  • July 5, 1987
  • United States
  • Deviant for 15 years
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My Bio
Current Residence: Hicksville
Favourite genre of music: Broadway
Favourite style of art: Eccentric Portraits
Operating System: Alienware
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: Dell
Wallpaper of choice: Vaan And Penelo
Skin of choice: Flesh
Favourite cartoon character: Bionic Woman (My Namesake, Believe It Or Not)
Personal Quote: Carpe Scrotum, Grab Life By The Balls

Favourite Visual Artist
Ai Yazawa
Favourite Movies
... anything where they randomly burst out in song
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Spill Canvas
Favourite Writers
Anyone Remotely Coherent
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
My Lovely PS2/PS3
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Video Games, Writing, Cameras, Broadway, And Nursing

♥ Veronica Vixen ♥

Vixen Like The Reindeer, Not The Prostitute

Hello and salutations! Vixen2004 here with an ancient screen name she created sometime during her high school adventures, some fourteen odd years ago. I started this site originally for my photography, but soon fell down the rabbit hole and started posting photoshopped fandom creations - mostly ones pertaining to the stories I have written. They were mostly penned eons ago, like when the earth first started to cool, but I'm currently trying to finish what I started and wrap them all up before I die of old age. I will provide links to my better works below, in case any of you feel like giving them a look. I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE FOR THEIR LACK LUSTER QUALITY.

If anyone has any comments, feel free to message me! I love talking to people! And if anyone has any helpful pointers, please let me know! Photoshop is a beast of a program and can not be learned overnight! I am also looking into XNA Lara, for I find the realm of the third dimension fascinating. My journal contains links to helpful resources (both XPS, MMD, and CS4) in addition to links to my AMV's and general fan art. Thank you for visiting! Would love to be friends!

{ ♥ C O N T A C T ♥ }

EMAIL (note: sometimes emails disappear on me, the best way to make sure I see your comment is to use the messenger app on FaceBook. I have the least problems being notified that way. If we're not friends yet, and that doesn't work because my account still reads as private, the best site to reach me on is FanFiction (links below) via PM or leave a message in my Deviant Art inbox

FACEBOOK (note: it's currently set to private, but feel free to message me and I will let you in! Be sure to say what site you're from or which fandom you pursue! I get confused easily!)

INSTAGRAM (note: same as the others, just let me know who you are we can become bosom buddies!)

{ ♥ L I N K A G E ♥ }

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{ ♥ S T O R I E S ♥ }

Memoirs Of A Mental Breakdown

Yuffie asks but doesn't really want to know. Shelke tells her anyway. A cataloged description of insecurity to insanity, told around two foils and their fabricated penchant for conversation. Dark Comedy.

And That's The General Idea

Dating Kairi is like an imminent death sentence - comparable only to stage three terminal brain cancer or a mortally wounding gun shot ... to the face. You choose. Kairi x Roxas.

The Inconvenience Of Death

... and how do you tell someone you love that you are dying? [Kairi x Axel]

To Fight Beside You

“Penelo, if you do not stop hunching over your bow like so you are going to develop scoliosis.” A one shot on what must have been going through each of our companion’s heads as they fought beside each other to save the world.

Something Short of Honorable

Ashe and Balthier are having conjugal relations. Basch is irate, Fran is nonplussed, and Vaan is simply curious. So is Penelo, but she has too much dignity to admit it. Ashe x Balthier (obviously) and also the not so obvious: Fran x Basch. (Vaan x Penelo is a given).


What makes a girl a woman? A metal thong? A fuchsia mini skirt? What am I missing? Why does everyone view me as the official kid? ... Maybe it's the pigtails. Penelo Centric

Free Fall

You can't bring the dead back to life. "Don't die on us, Reks, or we'll kill you!" And we waved him off. We weren't ... we weren't serious, ya know?

All In The Name Of Water

Penelo is thirsty. And this wouldn’t be such an issue if she weren’t clad in a full body leather chastity belt in the middle of the desert, but she is. Evolves around Penelo. But Vaan is in charge of the audio commentary.

Ten Things I Learned While Saving The World

Penelo reiterates what she was able to erudite while gallivanting around Ivalice with her five companions on their suicidal attempt to win back Dalmasca’s freedom and kick Vayne in his external genitalia

Everyone Bleeds

One: He did not kidnap me, I followed him. Two: He does not out smart me, I let him win. Three: He is not attractive, I liked Sora. Like. I mean I LIKE Sora. Damn Pyromaniac. Kairi x Axel.

The Nonsense Of Fools

Gippal is plenty slutty to have enough grandkids to start his own third world nation. The day that man starts preaching abstinence is the day I eat my own weight in Shoopuff turd. He gets happy in his pants over grapefruits. [We're platonic. Really.]

... I've got more on my website, but some of my chicken scratch - written over a decade ago - and as such, does not deserve to see the light of day.

{ ♥ FEATURES ♥ }


Memoirs of a Mental Breakdown

Everyone Bleeds (angelsinflght14)


MoaMB - Squeak For Me
MoaMB - Learn To Walk
MoaMB - Trashtalk
MoaMB - He Shall Be My Fluffy
Catch You When You Fall
Of Tails and Thumbs
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For those wondering where to find me, here you go! Please don't hesitate to contact me! I love making new friends! __________________________________________ CONTACT INFO __________________________________________ { ♥ F A N F I C T I O N ♥ } { ♥ Y O U T U B E - N E W ♥ } { ♥ Y O U T U B E - O L D ♥ } { ♥ L I V E J O U R N A L ♥ } { ♥ A R C H I V E O F O U R O W N ♥ } { ♥ E M A I L ♥ } __________________________________________ RESOURCES __________________________________________ { ♥ MORE COMING SOON ♥ } dafont (fonts) brusheezy (photoshop brushes) dragonfly (doujinshi scans) ashido (doujinshi scans) mp4converter (youtube movie download) mp3converter (youtube music download) kingdom hearts vids (all hd cutscenes from kh) __________________________________________ FRIENDS __________________________________________ { ♥ MORE COMING SOON ♥ } @ReadingChick @gelupeh __________________________________________ INSPIRATIONS
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I've been obsessing over XPS lately (I mean, really, just look at the damage I've done to my favorites) and I am absolutely thrilled to tell you I discovered an amazing artist who has ported Final Fantasy X HD models! They're work is phenomenal, and I've decided to feature them here! For whatever reason, they're name never showed up when I searched FFX. I only found them by chance through someone else's favorites. I want to give them the recognition they deserve, so without any further ado, I will provide links to all their FFX goodness! (These are the highlights, you can go to their model folder to see the whole collection!) MintArisu's Account Mint Arisu's Model's Folder Final Fantasy X • Rikku • Wakka • Auron • Yuna • Khimari • Seymour Final Fantasy X-2 • Gippal, Nooj, And Baralai • Lenne And Shuyin • Brother And Cid • Buddy • Shinra Chocobos See profile for summons, NPC's, enemies, and dress spheres!
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Absolute thanks to all your time and work in porting the Final Fantasy XIII related models. Huge lifesaver after the loss of MoogleOutfitters years ago (They were the largest Lightning Returns people at the time) so it nice to see another person continuing on the legacy. :clap: :hug:

Aw, thanks for saying so! I remember when I first started using XNALara, and they were huge, and went to them for everything. Then I took a couple years hiatus, came back, and found them gone. I was all like: ... why didn't I download more when I had the chance, lol? Now I grab everything Final Fantasy related I can find!

Thank you for all the favorites and for appreciating my uploads! Means a lot! <3

And thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment! I truly appreciate it!

You are awesome.

Thank you so much for the favourite on

Kairi [301120]

Consider supporting me on Patreon for $1 a month, or a Ko-fi! ^-^ Hope you have a lovely day and remember to stay respectful & kind!

Thanks for all the Lightning models!

Of course! Anytime! My pleasure! <3

Thanks for the comment!