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NalaXTojo Fan Cubbie??

I just love this little guy so much, HE IS SO CUTE!!! x333 Anyways... I adopted this cute little cubbie from a nice friend named "Cubie Taraji" off of animation source. I decided to name him Akin which means "Brave boy" in Africa. He is the only son/cub out of Nala and Tojo. He has the same personality as cub Simba and wants to be brave to impress his father and of course lioness cubs. I will be making him a crush soon but I dont know about mates yet, I'll get into that later.

Base: Six new adventures(C)
Akin: Me(C)
Tojo and Nala: Disney(C)
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I have to admit, that is a very good image. What did you create it with, if you don't mind me asking?
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Well I really didnt draw this out, I colored it in. I can give you a link who made the base. She's very good! And thankyou^^