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Could you ever forgive me for the things I said?
Could you ever forgive me for treating you that way?

I know what it feels like be criticized shamed and embarrassed.
To be honest I knew it even then, but my pain eased at seeing yours surface.
Even though I know there are many others that caused you greater pain than I did,
It still feels wrong that I never got to apologize, never had a chance to make a mends.

The pain others caused me to feel is still present in me,
I wonder... is the pain I passed onto you still there?

If you're anything like me, you're still angry at those who made you suffer,
Years later it still hurts, it's still hard to trust people.
I regret that I was ever amongst those who hurt anyone intentionally,
I vow not to do it again, a promise I've kept for a long time.....

Is that enough?
Would you forgive me knowing that I've changed?

I fear the answer is no.
I still haven't been able to forgive those who wounded me; I don't expect you to either,

I can only hope that the cycle doesn't continue.
This is another poem that I submitted to my group when it was still a club. :iconmental-illnessclub:

Its about bullying. What I wrote at the club about it:

I know all about how bullying is a cycle. I was bullied throughout most of elementary and had some incidents in junior high. This poem is very personal because I did pass on my pain to others, and I regret it.

Making someone feel just as bad you're made to feel is not the right answer. And although I was never considered a bully and there wasn't any violence or physical stuff involved, some of the things I said to select individuals, things I did to make them feel unwanted...makes me sad. I live with that guilt even now as a 21 year old woman who hasnt done anything bully like in years.

Thanks for reading! :glomp:
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That was well written. :]
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end the the cycle with your children teach them that its never ok to bully no matter what, I was bullyed in graded school and junior high and have never gotten over it and I still to this day find my self at times bullying people but I tought my childern that it was never ok for any reason to bully people and if they see me start to do it they let me know about it so it can be changed a little at a time they also never let any of there friends bully people
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bullying is definitely one of those things that can start in the home. properly educating children about it is important. :glomp:
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:D your welcome~!
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seems i am attracted to what you write, you have a fantasmal way of writing.
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:D your very much welcome!
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I thought this was about a love relationship first, until I read the text. I was in a relationship like that once, or it wasn't really a "relationship", but still. It didn't hurt any less, she still wants me to forgive her but I cannot yet.

If seen from the perspective of a bully, I have been in this situation too, both as victim and bully. But no matter what situation you are in, there is always something negative and positive about it.

Very well written :)
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you are welcome, thank YOU for displaying this :)
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no problem at all. ^^ bringing awareness and attention to various topics is what I do best. :D
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So well written.
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