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Young God (septiplier)
I bit my lip, trying to concentrate on the road ahead of me instead of glancing over to the passenger seat. My eyes strayed for a moment and when I looked back at the road, I had to swerve slightly to avoid going onto the sidewalk. Goddamn, I had to learn to keep my feelings in check or I was going to get us killed.
"You tired? I can take over for a bit if you want, or we could find somewhere to stop for the night?" Jack offered, probably concerned over my latest careless swerve.
I shook my head, not trusting myself to speak without careful thought for fear of what would come out of my mouth. "I'm okay, thanks. I just thought I saw something in the corner of my eye." Was I always such a terrible liar?
"Well, okay then." Jack replied, sounding unconvinced. Silence lapsed over us again, comfortable and relaxing, the only noise from the quiet purr of the engine in the moonlit night. After about half an hour, Jack spoke up again. "Mind if I switch the radio on for a little while? You know
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Chemicals (septiplier) part 3
Mark sat in the hallway, head in his hands. How stupid of him, falling in love with his best friend and letting it get in the way of recording videos. Jack must think he's mad, Mark felt mad. He sighed, running his fingers though his messy hair. What an idiot. What an absolute idiot.
He should get up, get over Jack and carry on with the video and stop being such a lovesick puppy. If only it were that easy, Mark wished with another sigh.
"Mark?" Asked a familiar Irish voice, quietly. Mark looked up at Jack with a weak smile, trying to ignore the concern of Jack's face. He sat down next to Mark, taking a similar position with his arms wrapped around his knees. "You okay buddy?"
He could feel Jack's eyes on him, filled with concern. "Yeah, course." Mark laughed hoarsely, sounding unbelievable even to himself.
"I'm fine Jack, really!" Mark shouted, immediately regretting it. Jack fell silent, looking to the side away from Mark. Great, now look what he's done, hurt the only person h
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11 Days (septiplier) part 3
Jack waits, eyes deadlocked onto mine.
I take a deep breath, lurch forwards onto the bed and roll onto my back. "PILLOW FIGHT!" Clutching the pillow to my chest, I roll skillfully to the side avoiding Jack diving for the other pillow.
While he's on his back just reaching for the pillow, I make my move and throw myself across him, then start whacking him with the pillow. "Markimoo is king!" I preach, laughing as Jack groans under me and tries to shove me away.
I don't even notice my name slip up, but thankfully neither does Jack. "Alright you cocky bastard, you might be King but Jackaboy is boss!" Jack somehow manages to twist into a roll and throw my balance to the opposite side at the same time, causing me to collapse face first onto the bed.
"Ow, fuck me!" Jack yelps amidst the sounds of crashing and I roll so that I can hang my head over the side of the bed to see Jack, having rolled off the bed, upside down with his back against the wall stuck in a corner.
I take one look at him an
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Love Letter (septiplier)
Mark, I've known you for nearly 5 years now and my only regret is not confessing my love for you sooner. (& that time you convinced drunk me to parade the streets dressed as a leprechaun screaming about gay pride-which, by the way, you're still not forgiven for.) I regret not telling you sooner because then I could have spent so much more time with you, instead of wasting my time without you. I always feel like there's never enough time, as you know and feel too. That's why I feel so incredibly grateful and blessed that you would choose to spend time with me. I guess, in a way, that's why I'm writing this; to show you how much you mean to me and to say thank you, Mark. Thank you for always been there for me, for choosing the spend precious time with me and for loving me relentlessly. Thank you for everything, Mark, I don't know what I would do without you.
See Mark, I'm amazing when I look at you. Not just because of your looks (which, let me tell you, are breathtakingly gorgeous), but
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11 Days (septiplier) Part 2
Blushing at the realisation I was caught staring at him, I look away and out at the dance floor. What the hell is wrong with me, god, I'm an idiot. Good job Mark, you just got caught staring at a famous gorgeous straight man and what did you do, look away blushing. I mean, why not just throw yourself at him and tell him you're gay and are a-liking what you're a-seeing.
I cringe at my thoughts, piquing Sean's interest. "What's up?" He asks, causing me to look back at him.
Bad idea bad idea bad idea bad idea...
"Nothing," I reply indifferently, trying to be casual. Sean clearly doesn't believe me but doesn't push it.
An awkward silence fits over us for a minute and I realise he's waiting for me to say something at a guess.
With my level of conversation available right now basically minus a billion, I ask the first thing that comes into my mind. "Should I call you Jack or Sean?"
I know right, incredible question. You get an A for effort, brain. Good job, Mark. Goddamn myself.
"I don't kno
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11 Days (septiplier) part 1
I sit and count the number of drunk men who are probably going to cheat on their wives tonight. I can tell a married man from an unmarried man instantly; it's not just the wedding ring that gives it away but their actions.
Unmarried men just find what they're doing as fun, married men find what they're doing as rebellious. The look in their eyes gives it all away. In total, I count probably nine married men, about to cheat. It's disgusting. I'm never getting married.
"'Nother drink, sir?" Asks the bartender with a dopey, half drunk grin. I smile politely back and ask for a lemonade. I have to be careful with alcohol while in missions, if I forget what I'm doing I can mess up so badly that it can get me killed. "Sure thing."
A few minutes later, he slides the glass across to me and when I try and pass him the money, shakes his head. "S'alright sir, on the 'ouse if you get what I mean. Yer've bought so many think yer owed one now."
I nodded my thanks and he moved onto the next person. Si
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If You Don't Know (septiplier) Part 3
Go ahead rip my heart out,
Show me what love's all about,
Go ahead rip my heart out,
That's what love's all about...
It had only been three days but it felt like three years. Time seemed to have almost stopped and never once did he leave Mark's mind. He cried, screamed and slept. That was it. He hadn't eaten for three days, but he didn't feel hungry. He hadn't even moved from his bed, from their bed, except to go to the bathroom.
He had cried until he ran out of tears and now he just lay there, not crying, not moving, barley existing. The pain was the only way he knew that he was still functioning, still a human. He didn't want to be. If he couldn't have Jack, he didn't want to live.
Mark had done a lot of thinking, laying there for so long, trying to figure out why Jack had changed, why he had left. Trying to pinpoint exactly when it all went wrong. But he couldn't, because every time he thought of Jack, all of their memories came flooding back and Mark felt like he was being stab
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If You Don't Know (septiplier) Part 2
If I could say the things that I wanna say,
I'd find a way to make you stay,
I'd never let you get away,
Catch you in all the games we play...
Mark opened his eyes the next morning and to his surprise saw Jack, fast asleep and wearing nothing but joggers, his lips parted slightly, green hair sticking up all over the place, his chest rising and falling with his breaths. He looked so peaceful, so content.
It was difficult to believe that less than twelve hours ago they were screaming at each other outside the restaurant. The restaurant which really had just been a part of Jack's plan, his way of telling Mark everything...
Jack sighed in his sleep, shuffling closer towards Mark, who lay unmoving. Mark watched Jack as he slept, noticing the little things like way his nose would twitch whenever he sighed and how each time he exhaled, a piece of his hair was lifted into the air before settling back on his face.
Mark would never say anything, but he missed the old Jack. The one who loved to s
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If You Don't Know (septiplier) Part 1
Tonight we're fading fast,
I just wanna make this last...
"What the hell do you mean, you're going to New York for 6 months?!" Mark yelled as they stepped out of the restaurant.
"I mean I'm going to New York for 6 months!" Jack snarled, spinning to glare at Mark. "You can't control me! What are you gonna do, stop me?" He challenged his boyfriend, raising his eyebrows as if daring Mark.
Mark growled in frustration. "We've been together for two years and suddenly with no warning you're leaving me and going to New York for 6 months?! What did you expect, Jack, that I wouldn't be pissed at you?! That I would be completely fine with this?! Well let me tell you something, if that's what you thought you must be messed up in the head!"
Mark's words were harsh, but reasonable. He expected Jack to back down slightly, to realise he was being just a little bit irrational but if anything his rant only fuelled Jack's rage and he barley flinched.
"What the fuck Mark, I thought you would be unders
:iconilovejackaboyxx:ilovejackaboyxx 25 22
If Only You Knew (septiplier)
You want to know how I feel? The truth? I like you. A lot. You make me happy. You make me laugh. You're smart. You're different. You're a little crazy and awkward and your smile alone can make my day.
Now if only I had the guts to say that to you, instead of just pretending I don't know what you're talking about. If only I stood a chance with you. I swear if you just give me a small chance, I'll prove to you that I will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.
Because it hurts to love someone and not be loved in return. But the most painful thing is to love someone and never have the courage to tell them.
You ignore me, but I like you.
You do nothing, but I'm falling for you.
I miss you, even though I know you've never thought about me.
Yet what if there was a chance that you had, that you did? That just maybe you could like me too?
Perhaps it's just my brain telling me what I want to hear, my heart wishing so hard that I'm creating false hope for myself.
But perhaps it'
:iconilovejackaboyxx:ilovejackaboyxx 42 25
Jackaboy and Sam by ilovejackaboyxx Jackaboy and Sam :iconilovejackaboyxx:ilovejackaboyxx 13 5
Chemicals (septiplier) part 2
Jack followed Mark and Tom into some kind of lab with a large cleared area in the middle, slightly sunken into the floor. "You can set up now and then you'll need to put on the protective gear." Tom instructed, starting to talk with Mark about how they would video whatever it was they were doing.
Jack still didn't know, but since it involved a chemical lab and the two of them wearing protective gear, it was probably both dangerous and fun. Jack's kind of video.
"Jack, put this on." Mark tossed the weird protective suit thing to Jack, who caught it and started wriggling his way into it. It was going great until he realised he put it on backwards and the zip got stuck. "Need help there Jackie?" Mark teased, watching him struggle.
"No, I'm fine." Jack insisted, still trying to free the zip by tugging it up and down repeatedly.
Mark smiled at Jack's stubbornness and moved to help him anyway. He pulled on the zip a few times and eventually managed to undo it, helping Jack out of the suit an
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Chemicals (septiplier) part 1
"Hello everybody, my name is-"
"Jacksepticeye!" Jack interrupted for the third time, pushing his face in front of Mark's camera.
"Jack!" Mark exclaimed, pushing the Irish boy out of the way of the camera. "Go sit in a corner or something!" Mark ordered and Jack pouted, walking over to a corner and sitting facing it.
"I'll just edit that out..." Mark muttered, before trying his intro again. "Hello everybody, my name is-"
"Meanie pants!" Jack yelled from his corner.
Mark stopped the camera and turned to glare at Jack. "Why you ruining my intro so many times?" He asked, helping Jack up off the floor.
Jack shrugged. "Bored."
Mark sighed. Jack had been like this all day, interrupting Mark's recording and work constantly. At first it had been funny, but now it was starting to drive him crazy. "How about doing a video with you in it?" Mark suggested, hoping this would make Jack happy.
"Maybe...I don't want people thinking I'm just trying to get more popular through you though." Jack deliberat
:iconilovejackaboyxx:ilovejackaboyxx 51 12


Hi. I disappeared for a very long time (sorry) because stuff IRL was just too much to have time to write and on top of that, rereading some of my work I realise that most of it is crappy and I should focus more on my writing and what I want to do instead of what other people want from me. I don't see the point in continuing work that I absolutely despise even though it may disappoint some of you, and I apologise for that. I've created a new account and I'm going to have a fresh start, writing only what I want to write. I'm not going to delete this account (not yet anyway) but I most likely will not be on it much and I though if I decide to come back to it, I will let you guys know. If you would like to know the name of my new account, just message me and I'll send it privately. Thank you guys so much for supporting me through everything and commenting, favouriting and watching my account and work, as well as being just generally nice people. I love the jack and Mark community and I can confirm that septiplier will be a thing on my new account, as well as possibly some jelix? Who knows xD. So anyway, I'm not saying it's the end of the road for this account, but it's definitely the start of something new for me and I'm looking forwards to it a lot. Love all you guys xx
~ Charli
Ps. writeasoph is awesome, ily bae tysm.


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