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Paralysis Part One
Astrid was having the time of her life at the biggest party of the year when life as she knew it ended.
High school parties in the small Washington State town of Berk, especially those held at the Jorgensons’ house, were legendary. Shaun “Snotlout” Jorgenson always had a DJ who played the hottest tunes by the hottest singers, his girlfriend Rhonda “Ruffnut” Thorston always challenged just about everyone she met with the most difficult and ridiculous dares, and the food, often prepared by Mrs. Jorgenson from scratch, was absolutely fantastic. If the teens at the parties weren’t high on Red Bull and attempting to jump off the roof into the backyard pool, they were likely swimming freestyle across the lake past the small patch of woods back of the house trying to beat friends in boats.
It was just before midnight and she was rocking to an Imagine Dragons song when she noticed her boyfriend, Hayden “Hiccup” Haddock, trying and failing to avoi
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HTTYD 2 Reaction by iloveinheritance HTTYD 2 Reaction :iconiloveinheritance:iloveinheritance 5 4
HTTYD Christmas Special: A Snoggletog Miracle Pt 3
HTTYD Christmas Special: A Snoggletog Miracle Part 3
Astrid was completely astounded. “You mean, I actually had a—a sort of…vision?”
“I wouldn’t be surprised, Astrid,” Gobber said. “The gods give certain gifts ta those who know how ta use them wisely. Ya were probably more prepared than any o’ us to get this news…”
“If anything, I was less prepared than you. I kept trying to convince myself that it was just a stupid dream…” She paused as a low moan sounded upstairs. Her very heart seemed to seize up. “What are we doing talking, we have to help Hiccup—!”
Stoick was way ahead of her, literally and figuratively. He was halfway up the stairs before Astrid even left her seat.
When she got up, Stoick was kneeling by Hiccup’s bedside. Astrid ran to the right side of the bed. She gasped aloud; for if Vikings had had horror movies, this would have been one of the most gru
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HTTYD Christmas Special: A Snoggletog Miracle Pt 2
HTTYD Christmas Special: A Snoggletog Miracle—Part 2
A few days later.
Astrid swirled her soup moodily.
She didn’t know how anyone could be having fun when the Chief, his son, and half the village were gone on some stupid business trip that could be really dangerous. Yet there they all were, the Thorston twins, Snotlout, and Fishlegs, all chatting away and punching each other as if nothing was wrong. Well, maybe nothing is wrong,, she thought. Though I highly doubt it.
Since she had had the awful dream, she had been trying not to sleep very much. She had failed, but she hadn’t had another nightmare. The dream still bothered her, however, so she had finally gone to Gothi and told her about what she’d seen. Astrid hadn’t been able to understand everything Gothi wrote in the dirt—only Gobber could translate, and he had mixed results—but she could tell it wasn’t good.
Astrid could hardly stand to watch the other four p
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Secret Santa Gift by iloveinheritance Secret Santa Gift :iconiloveinheritance:iloveinheritance 0 0
HTTYD Christmas Special: A Snoggletog Miracle Pt 1
HTTYD Christmas Special: A Snoggletog Miracle—Part 1
It was almost midnight, and Gobber was just finishing his nightly clean-up of the smithy. He thought no one else was still awake until he heard quiet footsteps outside.
Peeking outside, he saw a blond, teenage girl sneaking past.
“Astrid! What are ya still doin’ awake?” Gobber exclaimed loudly.
Astrid whirled around. “Shh, my parents don’t know I’m here!” she yell-whispered. “I was just looking for Toothless…”
“I expect he’s at the Chief’s house; that’s where he was last time I saw him. I’da thought ya were lookin’ fer Hiccup, but then, he’s not ‘ere…”
A wave of sadness passed over Astrid's face. “I know, that’s why I’m looking for Toothless.” She felt a sudden urge to tell Gobber what she’d been doing since Hiccup left; she knew he wouldn’t tell her secret. “I
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I Believe in Miracles by iloveinheritance I Believe in Miracles :iconiloveinheritance:iloveinheritance 5 8 That Awkward Moment... by iloveinheritance That Awkward Moment... :iconiloveinheritance:iloveinheritance 55 20 My Christmas Project by iloveinheritance My Christmas Project :iconiloveinheritance:iloveinheritance 1 0 Happy Birthday SmilesBerry! by iloveinheritance Happy Birthday SmilesBerry! :iconiloveinheritance:iloveinheritance 2 0 Box Lunch Poster by iloveinheritance Box Lunch Poster :iconiloveinheritance:iloveinheritance 22 13
SHORT STORY: What Gothel Did in the Village
LEGEND OF THE BIG FOUR: The Return of Pitch Black
SHORT STORY: What Gothel Did in the Scottish Village
The bartender looked at her strangely before replying. He glanced around furtively and said, “Actually, ye knoo, there is some lady oot in the woods. Word has it she’s a witch, but no one’s sure, except fer Ol’ Campbell, in the corner back there. He met ‘er once, an’ he don’ like tae talk aboot it much, but if’n ye got some coins on ye, he mahght jus’ tell ye the story.”
So Gothel went to talk to Old Campbell. He was reluctant to say anything at first, but with a little help from her immense hidden store of Scottish currency, he was persuaded to tell.
“It were a real long time ago,” he began in a wheezy voice. “Ah wanted tae change me fate, jus’ lahke all the other people did back then. So Ah went tae the witch’s place in the dead o’ night. She were mighty pleased tae change fates then,
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LotBF Ch. 10: On the Subject of Evil...
CHAPTER 10: On the Subject of Evil…
Yes, Gothel had already cheated Mim.
Before she had arrived at Mim’s, she had stopped at a nearby village, ducked into a pub, and tactfully asked if anyone knew of a little old woman who lived in a secluded area of the woods.
The bartender had pointed her over to an elderly man, who in turn pointed her over to several very drunk men, all young, bold, and very, very foolhardy. She had then convinced two of them to meet in the forest near DunBroch’s castle at midnight.
August 2, 1296 AD, 12:03 AM.
It was now a few hours after Gothel had spoken with Mim, and she was addressing the two young men, Riaghan and Diomasach, under the tallest tree in the forest. “Good fellows, I assume that you know about the late Madame Mim, the witch who lives here?”
Both men nodded quickly.
“And I also assume you know that she will change the fates of those who ask her to do so?
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What's That You Say by iloveinheritance What's That You Say :iconiloveinheritance:iloveinheritance 92 92 Sirius Poster by iloveinheritance Sirius Poster :iconiloveinheritance:iloveinheritance 2 0
LotBF Ch. 9: The Search Is On
CHAPTER 9: The Search Is On
August 1, 1296, 9:26 PM.
Gothel finally made it to Madame Mim’s den.
It had taken her a long time, much longer than she had expected. She had undershot the distance to Scotland somewhat—she’d landed about a mile from shore—but she still would’ve gotten there the day before if it hadn’t been for that unnatural snowstorm. She didn’t suspect Jack Frost was involved; she just figured it was Mim’s magic going a bit wonky.
She stood outside the entrance to the den and reviewed her plan. She had to be calm; she couldn’t let her eagerness for ownership of the Resurrection Draught get in the way of her common sense. She had to be tactful.
She straightened up as best she could—her aching back bent her over more and more these days—and knocked on the door.
There was a creaking noise and the door opened. Gothel found herself staring at one big, s
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Hiccup's Comedy at the Premiere of HTTYD2
In celebration of the recently released movie (that we waited years for) ... :XD:
Hiccup’s Comedy at the Premiere of HTTYD2
by Master Rohan
Outside a grand movie theater, the Viking teens all stand inconspicuously in line, blended in with a crowd of cosplaying fans, waiting to get in to watch the premiere of How to Train Your Dragon II …
:iconastridlaplz::”THOR’S BREATH!  How much longer do we have to stand here?!?  We’ve been here like ALL DAY!”  :steaming:
:iconfishlegslaplz::”Actually, we’ve only been here for half a day, Astrid, and we have to wait our turn like everyone else to get inside the theater.” :aww:
Trying to lighten the mood, Hiccup proudly points out,
:iconhiccupplz::”Soooooo …. wh
:iconmasterrohan:masterrohan 5 64
To All The Women Out There...
Okay gals listen up. ;P
Stop it. Stop giving into all this crap, and stop believing your worthless, because by golly your not.
You don't have to dress half-naked to feel like your worth something, your created by a amazing loving God. Who does NOT make junk, you don't need a guy to feel like you have value, like you mean something. Because you ARE.
Your VALUABLE, your GORGEOUS, and if a guy want you then he has to work for it! Because your not just a stupid object, your not just for sex and having children. Your a human being, with feelings, thoughts, and intelligence. You are loved by God, and created gorgeous no matter WHAT you look like!
I don't care if your blond, brown hair, black hair, I don't care if your short, tall, larger or super skinny, or in-between! I don't care if you have scars, missing limbs, health problems. Each and every one of you are special and amazing, I get it. Its hard it sucks some
:icongrace-winters:Grace-Winters 3 22


This is just so... I can't even find words to decribe what you've done here! It is amazing! The coloring is excellent; I love the way S...


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Just call me Inheritance!
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My name is Inheritance and I am a people person. Except I'm also introverted.

I am a bona fide weirdo. Seriously. You can talk to me about anything at all.

I am a Christian and Jesus is my all. Everything I do here on dA is done for the glory of God.

I love Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons and have therefore written a fanfiction! :la:

Hiccstrid is my OTP!

You can really tell by looking at my groups and interests that the Inheritance Cycle is not the only thing I love.

FanFiction: see link below

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:thumb162568809: :thumb162668783: :thumb162668876:

So... it's been awhile.

I honestly. Don't know how many of you even care about me anymore haha. Or how many of you will care once I tell you all what I've been up to.

I didn't really mean to disappear at first... I don't think. I don't remember much, but I think things just got busy, and I lost interest in writing all the fics I had on here. And eventually that just turned into me forgetting about this account for a long time.

And then I figured out some things about myself that made me not want to return, for fear of rejection.

First, I'll just say that high school was very difficult for me... mainly the last two years. I went to a private academy where the work was extremely rigorous and taxing, and looking back, despite all the support I had from teachers and friends, it was not a good environment for me.

It got worse when I figured out certain things about myself.

When I was 17, I realized that I liked girls.

Since at the time I was still a Christian, it was extremely hard for me to grapple with. I felt horrible about myself. Disgusting. Like I shouldn't be alive.

Over time, I came to accept it. And I tried out different labels--bisexual, pansexual, etc. Then eventually I came to the conclusion that I didn't like boys at all, and so I am now proud to call myself a lesbian.

While I was still identifying as bisexual, I starting grappling with my gender identity, as well. "Female" or "girl" didn't feel right to me anymore. For a while I decided to try the label of "trans boy" (and got harassed for it...), but that didn't feel right to me either. It was like I didn't fit in the binary.

And then I found out about nonbinary genders--not being a man or a woman. Or, in some cases, not being fully a man or fully a woman. So I tried out different labels and pronouns with that.

I found that the general "nonbinary" label was the best for me, and that (interestingly) I was most comfortable with he/him pronouns.

I also ended up changing my name (which I don't think anyone here knew my birth name anyway).

So, it might be hard to understand who I am now. But I'm not asking you to understand, necessarily. I just wanted you to know that that is who I am now.

Aside from that, things have been changing with my mental health as well.

Over the past few years, I've been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, autism, and a couple of personality disorders.

The autism explains a lot of my life--my "weird" behaviors, my obsessions with certain subjects (such as HTTYD and Hiccstrid a few years back), the way I think, why I have such trouble getting basic tasks done. Knowing that I'm autistic answered a lot of questions for me, and I'm not ashamed of my neurodivergency.

The other stuff--the depression, anxiety, and personality disorders--has multiple causes.

One is genetics. My family is just predisposed toward all sorts of mental illness. It wasn't a shock when I was diagnosed.

Another was my high school environment. The academics were already really hard, and then I figured out I was a lesbian. It was extremely difficult being gay in a Christian school that treated my identity like a debate, and even now that I'm out of high school and in a more open-minded community college, it's hard living in my homophobic household. My online friends, for several years now, have been the only people I trust with who I really am. Not being able to tell many of my real-life friends about the real me was very restricting and discouraging.

And lastly... I've been discovering things about my past, and it's made me realize that I am actually a very traumatized person.

*Warnings for discussion of teacher abuse, incest and child sexual abuse*

In the spring semester of my first year at community college (spring 2017), I was very stressed over my finals and lots of other things, and this caused some repressed memories to come forward. I remembered being molested as a child by someone I didn't know at school. The details were very fuzzy at the time, and it was only later on, as I worked them out by myself, that I figured out I had been outright raped by this person, whose identity is still unknown to me.

Later on that same year, I had more repressed memories surface, and this time I remembered a separate incident involving my grandfather molesting me. Again, the memories were fuzzy, but they were there.

Some other things that happened, that I have always remembered, was when a teacher verbally and emotionally abused me in the second grade, and when my parents would hit me as a kid. I haven't met the abusive teacher in years, nor have my parents hit me in years, but to this day I am still deathly afraid of people shouting at me and raising a hand at me.

*Warnings over*

You may wonder why I couldn't remember these incidents before last year. Well, when you're a child (and even sometimes when you're older), and something extremely traumatizing happens to you, the brain sort of just files away the incident and pretends it didn't happen, until it believes it is prepared to handle the aftermath. Essentially, when you're a kid, you don't know how to deal with someone doing terrible stuff to you. But the older you might be able to handle knowing what happened better. So you just simply don't remember what happened until you're older. This is, as I have been calling it, "repressing memories." This has been documented many times in psychology.

Unfortunately, many people just take this as people "faking" their trauma. But they aren't faking. They simply can't remember. And that's what happened with me.

All of that stuff added to my already existing depression and anxiety problems. I will admit that these years have been very hard for me, I have considered ending it all many times, and have also attempted to end it before, though not for a while now. However, my online friends, many of whom are just like me, having been helping me through it all, and I have hope for a better future, even though it might take a while to get there.

I have a couple of other things, besides friends, that have gotten me through it all.

In the year 2016, I learned about the game Undertale.

I know I was late on getting into the fandom. At the time, I was still enthralled with HTTYD, and didn't really care for much else. But I decided to watch some Let's Plays of Undertale, and I really fell in love with it.

I loved the characters. I loved the relationships. I loved the story. I loved the music. I loved positively everything about it. It quickly became my new autistic special interest, and it has lasted to this day.

I love the characters.

The character of Papyrus became my all-time favorite character. His funny antics, his unending kindness, his unfailing belief that everyone can be good if they try, his desire to just have a friend--he was everything I needed. I loved him so much that I started unconsciously adopting parts of his personality into my own. I don't really know how to describe it--he's now a huge part of me.

Another character I love almost as much is Mettaton. I just adored his silly character--fabulous, flamboyant, narcissistic, but with soft spots. He was just such a lively character. I also appreciated that he could be interpreted so many ways. You could see him as a dorky goofball, or a sexy, smarmy jerk, or maybe a guy with some secret self-esteem issues that has a really soft side. Or even all of those things! The Mettaton fandom made me love every possible side of him.

I love the relationships, both the established ones and the ones yet to be explored.

Alphys and Undyne are my favorite canon relationship. It almost made me cry to see such a healthy couple not only become canon, but be required to achieve the best ending of the game. Most girl/girl relationships on TV and in games end up broken up, or dead, or are unhealthy. But Alphys and Undyne were two wonderful characters who deserved to be happy with each other, and were. And I'm so happy to have them.

My favorite ship of all right now is actually not canon. But I really love it. Maybe you can even guess it. They're my favorite characters, Papyrus and Mettaton. I once wrote a whole post on why I think they're good for each other, but I won't go on about that here. I'll just say that I think their personalities go together well, and that they could build up and help out each other in certain ways. This has in some ways become a coping ship for me, as it never fails to make me smile and feel better.

I love the story.

Just--the messages. Everyone can be good if they try. Not everyone is perfect, but everyone deserves a second chance. Hope and love and forgiveness. The whole turning-the-classic-RPG-on-its-head thing by making killing and leveling up a bad thing to do.

The story of Asriel and Chara (the fallen human) was powerful as well. The trauma of becoming a soulless being, incapable of love and compassion, for Asriel, and the largely unknown but guessable history of Chara. And everything that came after--it just really touched me.

I love the music.

It brings out emotion in me like no other music. Death by Glamour makes me want to dance. Spear of Justice makes me feel determined. Asgore makes me tense. Memory and Undertale make my heart ache. The soundtrack can calm me down from an anxiety attack like no other. Toby Fox is truly a masterful composer.

Undertale, in general, has done for me what nothing else has, and that's bringing me happiness when I can't feel it at any other time.

It's why I've kept up writing. I switched from HTTYD to Undertale and I've written so much for UT now. Mostly gay shippy stuff, but I have a few others as well.

My main project at this point is a fic I'm writing in order to cope with the things that happened to me as a kid. It's about two monsters who are severely traumatized, but who don't tell anyone else about how they're suffering, and it's hurting them. The story involves them becoming friends, finally being open with each other about their suffering, recovering from their suffering, and falling in love. The main ship is Papyton. It involves a lot of projecting onto characters, but I've gotten some good reviews on it so far. It just deals with really heavy stuff lots of trigger warnings to keep track of.

Other than that, I also have two other big fics I'm working on, and occasionally I write one-shots. All Undertale right now, of course.

So... that's what I've been up to since 2014. It's... been a lot, that's for sure.

But I took a look at this old account today, and saw a lot of my old friends, and... I kind of missed you all. You guys were from a good part of my life. And I thought, maybe this could be a chance to reconnect, if you can accept me as I am.

I may reply to some comments on here, but otherwise, I have a new DA account at :iconbutchpapyrus: (butchpapyrus), and I have a couple of tumblrs, papyruslesbian and coolpapyton95. Feel free to message me on any of those if you want.

Otherwise... this account will forever remain an archive of the good times I had during 2013 and 2014.

I hope you all have been having a better time than I have.

And thanks for everything you all did for me all those years ago. I won't forget it.


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