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I found the original video on youtube, basically there are five facebook status's, I will write them down and then I will write what they actually mean afterwards. Let's begin.

Facebook Status 1:
1#- "My neighbors think I'm a nosy old woman, but today I witnessed a murder. I was looking out my window when I saw something through the window of the apartment building opposite me. A man was in the middle of murdering a woman. The strange thing was, after he finished strangling her, he turned around and our eyes met. It was eerie. Then he pointed at me and kept staring at me for a minute or two. All the time he was staring at me, his finger kept moving. I called the police a few minutes ago and they told me I will have to go down to the police station and give a statement tomorrow. I'm sure they will catch him. I saw his face very clearly."

1#-The murderer was counting the windows to see which floor the old woman was on. He is coming to kill her.

Facebook Status 2:
2#- "It's hard being a mother. I recently found out my son is psychic. He's got this habit of pointing at people's faces sometimes. My husband and I realized that whenever our son points at somebody like that, it means they're going to die within three days. Last year, he pointed at his grandfather. Three days later, his grandfather died of a heart attack. A few months ago he pointed to a picture of an actress in a magazine. Three days later, she was killed in a car accident. Today. When I went to turn on the TV, my son was pointing at the screen. When I turned it on the president was giving a speech. I can't believe the president is going to die, but my son is never wrong."

2# - Her son was pointing at her reflection on the TV screen. The mother is going to die in three days.

Facebook Status 3:
3#- "My wife and I took a much-needed holiday in England. It's a long flight from New York to London. We checked into a nice hotel. After a long day of sightseeing we just collapsed into bed. Just a few minutes ago, we were woken up by some noises outside. I looked out the window and the police were everywhere. They yelled up to me that there was a robbery and a murderer on the second floor. I'm on the third floor, and I can see and I can see that the cops have the stairs and elevators locked down. The murderer can't get up to our floor, so we're in no danger. My wife and I are tired, so we're going back to bed. I really hope they catch the guy."

3#- America and England have different ways of numbering floors. In America, it goes 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor. In England, it goes ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor.

Facebook Status 4:
4#- "My job means I'm always on a train. I was on the train again today when, suddenly a woman appeared in front of me. I can remember her face clearly. It's really depressing."

4#- The person is a train driver and the woman jumped in front of his train.

Facebook Status 5:
5#- "My wife was attacked by a burglar when I was on my way home from work. She stabbed him with a butcher knife and killed him. The police say it was an obvious case of self-defense. When I went to pick her up from the police station, she said. - "When I heard the doorbell I thought it was you, but then a masked man jumped me as soon as I opened the door!" - "You must have been so scared" - I said - "But you're safe now" - I hugged her tightly"

5#- His wife came to the door with a butcher knife because she thought her husband was coming home. She was planning to kill the husband.


Very creepy, huh? I will put the original video in the description. I thought I'd share it with those who didn't know. Be careful out there, you never know when a murderer is gonna make you his victim, or your child will predict your death, or if a holiday ends with your death, or if you may get hit by a train - worse for men - If your wife mistakenly kills another man thinking it's you.
The writing pretty much explains it all.

Original youtube video - [link]
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This is from scaryforkids.
The video is too.