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A Pony Puppet Legend 2018-2028

A Pony Puppet Legend 2018-2028

NOTE: This story exsist in it's own continuity it's all fiction. And yeah it's all fiction it's not even a canon story with Twilyx360. That's the best way to describe it. it is not a canon story XD 2018-Friendship theater: Ponyville Twilyx360-I was surprised how much of a success that show was. I can't believe I actually got to perform a puppet show of my own at the friendship theater. Theater exec-Are you kidding me? How are you not a regular puppeteer yet? Twilyx360-Well, I don't entirely view this as something I'd permenantly stick with. Theater exec-Stick with it, perform here for a while. It might grant you a million bits. And so f

Pony Puppet Artistic Passion

Artistic Passion

Bronycon 2019 Selfie Collage

Me, Mahari, Mollie, Passion at BronyCon 2019

Aggresive Pashy

Farewell G4!

MLP - Brony Tribute

-Protectors lock-

[BNHA OC] Good night SMS

[BNHA OC] Promposal (Prom Night AU)

[BNHA OC] Party shenanigans (Prom Night AU)

[BNHA OC] Sassy request

[BNHA OC] Slow Dance (Prom Night AU)

Soldier of Love - Karamatsu X Reader: Part 7


Soldier of Love - Karamatsu X Reader: Part 7

Trigger warning: Suicide attempts "I'm such an idiot!" You threw your pillow at the wall. "Why did I do that?! I messed up so bad! This is all my fault!" You punched it this time, leaving a hole. You panted, looking down at your bloody knuckles. "I have to fix this now." You left out the door, driving to their house. "Come in," Ichimatsu said sarcastically when you entered without knocking. "Geez (Y/N), what did you do to him?" "Eh?" "He's been crying in the bathroom for an hour," Osomatsu explained. "He wouldn't let us in," Todomatsu remarked sadly as Jyushimatsu and Choromatsu shook their heads. "Shit, I didn't mean it." You stared d

Soldier of Love - Karamatsu X Reader: Part 3


Soldier of Love - Karamatsu X Reader: Part 3

"(Y/N), hi!" Jyushimatsu opened the door wider. "Come in!" "Thank you." You squinted at his face. "Have you shaved recently?" "Nope, we had to get rid of sharp things." "Why would-oh." You felt stupid. "He's in our room, I think." "Thank you." You made your way upstairs, knocking on the door. "Kara?" "(Y-Y/N)?" Karamatsu squeaked. "It’s open." "Alright." You walked in, sighing. "I hope you're doing a lot bett-what are you doing?!" "Hmm" He stopped scratching his arms, looking up at you. "Stop that!" You pulled his hands away, about to cry. "Don't do that!" "But-" "No!" You reluctantly dropped Karamatsu's hands. "Don't do that

Marks - Ichimatsu X Reader Lemon

Save Me - Ichimatsu x Depressed!Reader: Part 23


Save Me - Ichimatsu x Depressed!Reader: Part 23

"What's next for you guys?" "He'll get a job, I hope." You sent Ichimatsu a glare. "Meh.” He stuck out his tongue in response. "So, does that start with him moving in with you?" Choromatsu tilted his head. "Maybe? I'm not sure if we're ready for that yet." "You're right, he does need a job if he helps pay for your apartment." Karamatsu looked up from polishing his guitar. "Actually, I was thinking of moving out, too." "Really? Where will you go?" "Well, Chibita agreed to let me live with him," he smirked. "So soon?" "(Y/N), time is an illusion, yet love still lasts forever." He looked up with a sad smile. "Sometimes forever doe
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video making, voice acting, artist
I'm watching this guy called EZ PZ video on "Steven universe, a show made by awful people" and God I wanna punch him cuz he is being mean to the actors, staff, Sugar, and asking questions that are simply answered if you WATCH CLOSLY in the show

Pashy Speedpaints Itsuko and Yuyuki

Pashy Speedpaints Itsuko and Yuyuki

While im still working on my Anime Video, heres a quick speedpaint i did: My friend from TikTok, Misty, did a sketch on a livestream and i asked her to draw Yuyuki and Itsuko, my BNHA OC, together. She did the sketch you see. it was adorable and couldnt pass it up!! So here it is! Also, me and her ship our ocs with Tenya Iida. So...thats why you see a lil thought bubble iida. teehee. Itsuko @ ME Yuyuki @ ~sweetlover935 (
Omg the latest Craig of the creek episodes were so cute and heartwarming! "Tea timers ball" and "sleepover at JP's" are so good!!!

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