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Who Cares for the Caretaker? Who Cares for the Caretaker? It was all over. The Survey Corps had found the Titan spy that had infiltrated them, who turned out to be Annie Leonhart and are currently working on trying to free her from the crystal-like substance that she had encased herself in. However, there had been many deaths and property destruction that had resulted from this plan that Armin Arlert had a considerable part in creating. And he didn’t even have Eren and Mikasa with him, as Eren was still recovering from the fight with Mikasa refusing to leave his bedside until she was sure that he was OK. Armin was sitting on a Cliffside near his bunker at the Survey Corps headquarters, looking down at the buildings, well…what was left of them, and the people down below, who were either rummaging through the rubble, trying to get info on what had happened from the soldiers still in the town, or just freaking out over the destruction and chaos. When he looked at them, Armin’s stomach did gymnastics in his chest, as he thought of all of them as not only current casualties, but potential casualties, all because of his plan. What if their parents had gotten killed? What if their friends had been killed? Those thoughts made Armin feel like he was going to throw up, but those thoughts briefly left his head as he noticed Sasha Blouse walking up to him, with a soft but concerned smile on her face. “Hey, Armin.” “Hey Sasha, look I don’t really want to--,” Armin tried to respond, but Sasha quickly sat down next to him and took a hold of his hand, keeping him right where he was. “I know you don’t want to talk, but I want to talk to you. You’ve been acting off since we got Annie back…sort of,” Sasha said, starting to feel bad for Armin as she could see his skin turn ghost white at the mere mention of their former comrade. “Well, wouldn’t you be all out of sorts after discovering that one of your allies has been a Titan this whole time and killing some of your comrades?” Armin responded, not looking up at Sasha, who started rubbing the back of his hand with her thumb. “I guess that’s true. But…you’re normally the one giving us all the pep talks and advice that get us through the missions. It’s just…weird to see you down and sad like this,” Sasha admitted, blushing slightly as she remembered all the times that Armin had helped members of the Survey Corps, including her. “Well, that’s because I was completely useless out there!” Armin shouted suddenly, causing Sasha to nearly jump out of her seat. “Useless? I…I don’t know why--” “You don’t know why!? I’ll tell you why! Eren and Mikasa were out there fighting Annie! Eren was able to free Annie from her Titan form, and Mikasa was able to help fight Annie off! And me!? I was just sitting there while my plans fell apart right in front of my eyes and people were dying! Is that clear enough, Sasha, as to why I feel so fucking useless!?” Armin continued to yell, finally looking at Sasha with a heated glare pointed at Sasha. However, after his rant, he noticed that Sasha was backed away slightly with tears forming at the corners of her eyes. Armin sighed and took a couple of deep breaths to calm down, as he hated seeing someone as nice as Sasha cry like that. “Sasha…I’m sorry for snapping at you. I’m just…I’m just so fed up with being useless when it matters. I just wish that sometimes I had the balls that Eren has to get into battles like this, and I wish that I had the fighting skills that Mikasa has, just so that I can actually help the regular civilians for once. Giving the civilians some hope in life where the Titans exist and can crash through the walls at any time is the main reason that I joined the Survey Corps, and I can’t even do that,” Armin explained. Sasha then turned Armin around to face her, and instead of the sympathetic smile or the worried frown, she now had a stern glare on her face. Before Armin could say anything, Sasha slapped Armin in the face as hard as she could, which stung like hell, but kept Armin quiet enough for Sasha to finally say her piece. “Armin…don’t ever talk down to yourself like that! You have been invaluable to the Survey Corps. I’ve told you that you give us pep talks and advice all the time when we need it, and honestly, they’re some of the most useful tools that we have,” Sasha said, focusing her determined glare right into Armin, making him even less able to look at Sasha, as his cheeks started to burn, and turn a tomato-ish red. “What’re you talking about?” “Do you know how many of us were willing to give up and just leave? Once you see the Titans for the first time, it scares the living shit out of you and makes you rethink all your life choices. But you…you are brave. I’ve heard from Jean and Eren of how you’ve been able to speak to them and inspire them to keep fighting. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to encourage someone to fight a Titan,” Sasha continued to explain, pointing at Armin’s chest to emphasize her point. Armin turned to face Sasha and tried to get a word out. “Yeah, but--” Sasha put a finger over Armin’s mouth before he could continue his argument. “And then you came up with plans to not only help us but all the civilians. You came up with Eren’s plan to cover the hole in the wall with a boulder and really gave us an edge. You even stood up to one of our commanders to make the plan a reality, so I think you’re plenty brave. And yeah, your plans to get Annie didn’t go the way it should’ve, but nobody ever bats 1000, and you shouldn’t beat yourself over it,” Sasha once again continued, with Armin’s blush grew even more. Armin had always had Mikasa and Eren as friends that would encourage him whenever bullies would beat him up or he would get yelled at for being curious about the outside world. But outside of them and immediate family, Armin had never heard anyone give him some positive reinforcement like this before, and it was honestly quite shocking to him. “Yeah but--” “No buts Armin! You are not useless and you’re definitely not a burden on anyone here; you’re a brave and inspirational member of the Survey Corps. You may not be the best fighter in the Survey Corps, but that doesn’t matter. Every army needs a strategist, and you are one of the best we have now, so don’t feel bad over one failure,” Sasha finished as she waited for Armin’s reaction. To Sasha’s surprise, Armin started chuckling under his breath as tears of his own started to form around the edges of his eyes. “It really is funny. You were telling me that I’m the type of person to give people confidence and courage through my words, but here I am, losing all hope in myself and having to be given a motivational speech by someone else,” Armin responded as Sasha’s concerned frown returned with a vengeance, as she hugged Armin, causing him to go back to blushing. “Armin, it’s OK. There’s an old saying that my Dad once taught me; ‘Who Saves the Savior’? Basically, for someone who has a specific job, they have to have someone do that job for them. And Armin, I would be more than happy to give you motivation when you give yours to everyone else, even if I’m not as good at it as you are,” Sasha explained as she rubbed the center of Armin’s back, but stopped and once again nearly jumped away from Armin in surprise as Armin hugged her back. “Thank you, Sasha. Thank you…so much,” Armin mumbled under his breath, which was even less audible with his voice being muffled by Sasha’s uniform. Sasha looked down at Armin’s choked-up form and continued to run her hand through his blonde hair and his back. However, after a minute in the hug, they heard some indiscernible yelling from the distance, possibly one of their superiors, wondering where they are. “Well…it looks like we have to go,” Sasha said as she and Armin let go of each other, gazing into each other’s eyes as they got back onto their feet. “Yeah, we don’t want to get in trouble. But, I really want to thank you again, Sasha.” “You don’t need to thank me, Armin, it’s the least I could do.” “It’s just nice to know that I have more allies around here than just Eren and Mikasa. They’re both great, don’t get me wrong, but I would like to make some more friends and allies in the Survey Corps for…you know…times like these,” Armin said, once again looking down at the floor, blushing while rubbing his right arm. Sasha, continuing to focus her gaze on Armin’s hazel eyes, gave him a warm smile before closing the distance between the two of them. “I wouldn’t worry about that Armin. You…have a way of sneaking into people’s hearts,” Sasha mumbled before kissing Armin on the cheek. Armin, completely startled at what had just happened, jumped away from Sasha with enough force to the point where he fell on his ass. Armin continued to look at Sasha with his face completely red, and a hand on his cheek just as Sasha realized what she had just done, and her face exploded into a blush as well. “Well…uh…it was good talking to you! I’ll see you around! Bye!” Sasha shouted quickly as she quickly turned on her heels, and left, repeatedly mumbling ‘Why did I do that?’ to herself as she held both of her blushing cheeks with her hands, which were shaking at the thought of her surprise kiss to Armin. Armin, on the other hand, looked at Sasha’s leaving form with a thousand-yard stare, with his left hand seemingly glued to his cheek. After a minute in this position, Armin heard an even louder yell from their camp and decided it would be best to get back to his feet, go back to the camp, and think about what just happened in his room....
Eren's DreamEren’s Dream Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman were walking through the hallway of their school, but before they could even round the corner, Eren came face to face with the person that pissed him off the most; Jean Kirstein. Jean was always trying to get Mikasa’s attention and take her on a date, and despite Mikasa’s constant rejection and lack of attention, it still made Eren angry whenever he saw Jean so much as look at Mikasa. “Hey Mikasa--” “Jean, before you say anything, let me save you some time; no, I will not go on a date with you.” “Oh come on, maybe you want to--” Jean tried again before Eren ran in front of Mikasa, creating a barrier between her and Jean. “She said no Horse Face, so back the hell off!” Eren yelled as Jean rammed his head into Eren’s, as the two tried to push the other away, while Mikasa just looked on, giving her silent support to Eren of course. However, before a full fight could break out, Levi Ackerman, Mikasa’s cousin, came up to them and glared at both of them. “Fighting over my cousin again, I see,” Levi said, looking at them with his usual stare that made it look like he was disgusted with them. However, given his cold attitude to the many suitors that tried to go after Mikasa, that disgusted look may have actually been genuine. Much to Eren’s surprise, Jean pushed Eren away and got right into Levi’s face. “Yeah, and I’m gonna win her heart one day and be your--!” Jean yelled in Levi’s face, but once again couldn’t finish his sentence as Levi punched him in the face with enough force to send him crashing through the wall. Levi then looked at Eren, who only gave him a steely glare in return, while Mikasa looked at him in anticipation. “You got something to say, Baby Dick?” Levi asked as Eren picked up a mop, and before Levi could even register what was going on, Eren jumped up in front of him, and rammed the blunt end of the mop to Levi’s chest, sending him flying into the wall. However, when he saw Levi getting back to his feet, Eren ran up at him, and bounced off of the walls and lockers next to him, and hit Levi with a Spinning Back Kick to the side of the head. And with that, Levi was knocked out, and as a result, a beam of light appeared from behind him, making Eren look majestic as he put a foot over Levi’s chest in victory. “Ha! I defeated the top member of the Survey Corps! I am a king!” Eren exclaimed as Mikasa came running up to him, hugging him with equal parts passion and force. “Oh Eren, that was super hot! I would be honored to be your wife!” Mikasa uncharacteristically exclaimed as she nuzzled her head against Eren’s chest, only making Eren feel even better. While Eren and Mikasa were celebrating on top of Levi, Jean fell out of the wall and looked on in shock and despair. “OH COME ON!” Jean yelled in horror as from out of nowhere, a piano came and fell on Jean, causing Eren to laugh at him. Jean got up, staggering with piano keys in his mouth, and piano strings in his hair. However, when he got up, a train suddenly burst out of the walls, and ran over Jean, much to Eren and Mikasa’s confusion. “Mikasa, we’re on the second floor, aren’t we?” “Yes, we should be.” After the train finally got out of the school hallways, Jean tried to sit up, but before he could say anything, a few dogs came running at Jean and started attempting to bite his…wiener off. “AUGHHHH! OH MY GOD! SOMEONE HELP!” Jean screamed in pain as the dogs’ teeth finally reached his little Jean, as Eren could do nothing but point and laugh at his arch-nemesis. “Eren, I think that we should help--” Mikasa attempted to suggest before Eren started kissing her on the lips. Fireworks went off behind them as Jean continued to get aggressively mauled by dogs as things started to get blurry. In the Real World… Eren was sitting at his desk, sleeping, using his crossed arms as a pillow. Drool was coming out of his mouth, which was in the shape of a large dopey smile, as he was muttering things like ‘I love you too Mikasa’, ‘Suck it Jean’, and ‘In your face, Levi’. Eren’s peaceful slumber was interrupted by Mikasa tapping on the arm repeatedly. “Eren, wake up,” Mikasa commanded, causing Eren to slowly open his eyes, and the first thing he saw was the angry look of his teacher, Keith Shadis, who was practically growling at him with his eyes bearing down on him. Eren moved his head away from Shadis’ as he tried to put on a smile, and come up with an excuse as to why he was sleeping in class. “Uhhhh…wow Mr. Shadis, your lecture was so inspiring, that my brain couldn’t take it and had to take a break,” Eren said, trying to sound as sincere as possible. However, Shadis’ expression did not change and his growling did not stop, and Eren’s smile quickly vanished from his face. “You’re not buying that, are you?” “CONGRATULATIONS YEAGER! YOU’RE OFFICIALLY ON MY BAD SIDE!” Shadis yelled as Eren was kicked out of the classroom, with a large lump on the top of his head that was glowing red. “Owwww…that was completely unnecessary. He could’ve just kicked me out of class,” Eren mumbled as he rubbed around the sore spot on his head, careful not to touch the actual lump. While he was recovering from his unceremonious departure from the classroom, Eren saw that Levi was approaching him, and remembered his dream, where he dominated Levi. Eren noticed a nearby mop, grabbed it, and ran at Levi with speed and determination. “Hey, Levi! Prepare for--!”Five Minutes Later… “Owwww…” Eren moaned as he was on a hospital bed in the nurse’s office. Eren’s right arm was in a sling, his left leg was in a cast, he had multiple bruises on his face and hands, his left eye was nearly swollen shut, and he had a couple of cuts on his forehead that were stitched back shut. Mikasa, Armin, Sasha, and Hange were standing by Eren’s bedside, with Hange looking very apologetic as she patted Eren’s non-injured arm. “Sorry about that Eren, sometimes Levi doesn’t know how to hold back,” Hange said as Eren nodded before looking at Mikasa. “It’s alright, Hange. I probably should’ve had a better plan than just going straight at him. But, at least I got a few hits on him, right?” Eren asked everyone, who looked away from him while mumbling incoherently. “…I didn’t get a single hit on him, did I?” “…you tried very hard, Eren,” Mikasa responded, attempting to make Eren feel good about Levi squashing him faster than the Rock did to Erick Rowan at WrestleMania 32. “Thanks, Mikasa, but why does my ass feel like something’s stuck in it?” Eren asked, causing Sasha to put her hand over her mouth, trying to hold back laughter with Armin trying to calm her down. “Oh, that’s because Levi shoved the mop stick you were using up your ass, but the nurse took it out,” Hange said with no hesitation, and her smile not leaving her face. Eren, on the other hand, looked like he had seen a Titan upgrade from eating his lunches to eating his friends. “WHAT!? WHY’D HE DO THAT!?” Eren screamed, eliciting a ‘Shhhhhh!’ from the nurse, who was working with another patient nearby. Armin and Sasha were continuing to try and hold back their laughter while Mikasa patted his back, and responded. “He said something about it being funny and that it would teach you to stop wasting his time,” Mikasa responded. Eren just pushed his head further into his pillow, before he turned to Armin Arlert, who was flirting with his new girlfriend, Sasha Blouse. “Hey Armin, has Jean been hit with a fallen piano, run over by a train, or had his wiener bitten off by dogs?” Eren asked, causing Armin to raise his eyebrow, wondering if Levi hit Eren one too many times in the head. “Uhhh…no?” Armin responded, not sure why Eren would be expecting him to say yes. Eren sighed and then looked at Mikasa, who was running her hand through his chocolate brown hair. “Well there’s always next time,” Eren said, closing his eyes, hoping to have more dreams of being romantic with Mikasa and seeing Jean get beaten up and down....
Something For the FutureSomething for the Future Armin Arlert was sitting in his makeshift bed inside a practically abandoned warehouse, staring at his hands. Armin killed his first human being the day before, shooting a woman in the back, sending a bullet straight through her heart. That woman may have been trying to murder Jean, but Armin couldn’t help but feel guilty about it, as he saw a brief glimpse of the woman’s hesitant and worried look as she tried to shoot Jean, telling Armin that she wasn’t a bad person after all. While Armin was thinking, he heard footsteps coming near him, and when he turned, a light blush appeared on his face as he saw Sasha Blouse coming his way. “Hey, Armin…” “Hey, Sasha…” God, it was so awkward trying to talk to her. Ever since Sasha had kissed him after the whole Annie fiasco, Armin hadn’t been able to look at Sasha without his face exploding into a red blush. Luckily, he hadn’t been able to focus on his nervousness around Sasha or have an extremely awkward talk about the kiss, due to all the recent developments regarding Reiner and everything else. But now that Sasha was within arms reach, that’s all he was focusing on, and it was making him a nervous wreck. “Armin…do you mind if I sleep here? I’m…a little scared to sleep by myself,” Sasha asked, not being able to look at Armin, choosing instead to look at the ground while squirming in nervousness. Armin’s blush darkened when he heard Sasha’s request, and he didn’t know what to say, but then realized that Sasha looked terrified. Sasha hadn’t had the experiences with Titans that Armin had, and from what Armin heard about her, she lived in a mountainous area where there weren’t many people there, so she never really was used to all of these new experiences she’s been through. Sasha must’ve been more terrified about what’s going on than practically anyone. “Sure Sasha,” Armin mumbled, scooting to his left, allowing Sasha to comfortably lie down on the bed. Armin looked on as Sasha looked up on the ceiling, and stared, not looking at Armin. However, Armin looked at Sasha’s face and noticed that Sasha was blushing almost as much as he was, so he took a deep breath and decided to imitate a conversation. “So Sasha…how do you do it?” “Do what? “I…I don’t know how to really say this, but…when we were fighting those people, you didn’t hesitate. You shot arrows at those guys like it was nothing, and I’m just wondering how you can handle possibly killing these people,” Armin explained. Sasha took a deep breath and, keeping her eyes glued to the ceiling, answered his question. “When I was a kid, my Dad taught me to hunt. I was really scared to hunt at first, and we didn’t catch anything for a few days, but one day, my Dad sat me down and told me that this is our main source of meat. Dad told me that these animals are our main source of food and that killing them would help us live. So…I guess the best answer I can give you is that I understand that if we don’t kill these guys, we’re gonna get killed. I don’t like killing things, but I understand that sometimes, it has to be done,” Sasha explained as tears started forming out of the corners of her eyes. Armin took notice and leaned in to wipe the tears beginning to form with his thumb, causing Sasha to jump with a blush on her face. “Oh! Sorry! I was…just…why are you crying?” Armin asked, the deep red blush returning to his face. Sasha felt her face and noticed the remaining wetness from the tears Armin had dried off of her face. “It’s nothing, I just…really miss my Mom and Dad. When I rescued that girl in my village, I was…so happy to see my Dad again and when we made up and talked for the first time in three years, I was even happier. It just sucks that I left without talking with my Mom because she really hated it when I went into the military and was always worried that being in the military would get me killed,” Sasha explained as she sat up, sighing at the thought of never seeing her mother again. However, Armin put a comforting arm over the back of Sasha’s neck, causing both of their blushes to grow as Armin also started patting Sasha on the head. “Sasha…don’t worry. Things may look bleak now, but I’m sure if we all put our heads together, we can come up with something that can make this whole thing with the government…end. It sounds ridiculous, but we’ve survived this long, so maybe we can get the government off of our backs, and then you can see your family again without any persecution,” Armin explained to Sasha, continuing to run his hand through her hair. Sasha looked up at Armin, and started chuckling, much to Armin’s confusion, not really finding anything about the situation funny. “Sorry Armin, it’s just that…the last time we had a real talk, I was the one making you feel better after what happened with Annie. It’s just funny that our roles have been reversed, but it also kind of makes me wonder why you haven’t talked to me much since that time. Did I do something wrong?” Sasha asked, looking up at Armin with curious, puppy dog eyes, causing Armin’s heart to melt, and his mind to almost turn completely to white noise. “Well…uh…I…I was…I was just…nervous. I mean, you…kissed me out of nowhere…so…I didn’t know what to say. And then we had all that stuff with Reiner and--” Armin started rambling and stammering on as he looked at Sasha, and stopped. Sasha’s face was blushing, but this time it was lighting up like a Christmas tree, and she was also pressing her pointer fingers together. “I’m…really sorry about that. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing and I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable with the kiss and all that,” Sasha mumbled, not even being able to look Armin in the face. Armin gave a warm smile to Sasha’s nervous antics, and pulled her closer to him, allowing him to pet more of her milk chocolate hair. This seemed to relax her, as Sasha stopped shaking, and the blush on her face wasn’t as pronounced as it had just been, so Armin continued patting Sasha on the head, occasionally stopping to take a strand of Sasha’s long hair, and twirl it around his fingers. “Sasha…it’s OK. Honestly, I’m not even mad about the kiss, but I have been curious about why you kissed me in the first place,” Armin responded as Sasha looked up at Armin, and pursed her lips in thought, as her blush began to return in full force. “Well…it’s just that…I like you…a lot,” Sasha mumbled, with her voice muffled as she pressed her face against Armin’s shirt. “…r…really?” “Yeah. Honestly, ever since I heard you give that passionate speech to that Kitts guy and everyone else who was trying to kill you, it…didn’t make me love you automatically, but it definitely made me see you in such a different light. I saw toy as a really brave, smart, and handsome guy who was willing to do whatever it took to save his friends. And…it eventually grew to the point where I started loving you,” Sasha explained as Armin remembered his whole speech to Kitts. He was trying to save Eren and Mikasa, but now, Armin remembered Sasha looking on from a safe distance just in his peripheral vision, looking on in wonder as Armin bravely said his piece under the threat of cannon fire. “Sasha…honestly, after you kissed me that day, it…stayed in my mind. My mind has been in a million different places because of everything that’s happened, but those rare times when I had some time to myself, I thought of what I really felt towards you.” “And…?” “…and…I…think I might…love you too. I mean, I really think you’re beautiful, and I love your energetic and happy personality, and you make me laugh, and you really help encourage me, and--” Armin was cut off with Sasha jumping on him, and kissing him on the mouth. Armin didn’t kiss back at first, because he was shocked at what had just happened, but when he calmed down, Armin sunk into the kiss and hugged Sasha. After almost two minutes of straight kissing, the two separated to get a breath of air, before laying back down next to each other. “Wow…” “Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing.” The two let out a light chuckle as Sasha rolled over so that she could cuddle with Armin. Armin put an arm over Sasha’s back and started giving her a light massage, rubbing the knuckles of his pointer and index fingers on Sasha’s back. “Hey, Sasha.” “Hm?” “When this is all over, if we survive--” “—when” “Excuse me?” “Don’t say ‘if’. We are going to survive this. So when you ask me your question, say ‘when we survive’”. Armin sighed with a smile on his face, and kissed Sasha on the forehead, causing her to nuzzle her head on Armin’s chest. “That’s why I love you. Anyway, when we survive this, I…want to take you out on a real date. Like, we can go watch a movie, go out for a nice walk in the park, to a really nice restaurant or…” Armin trailed off, not noticing that Sasha started drooling at the mention of a restaurant, specifically at the food they could have. “That sounds amazing. What types of restaurants do you know about?” Sasha asked as Armin had to stifle a laugh at Sasha’s complete undivided attention at the mere mention of something food-related. “Well…there’s one that serves really good chicken. My Grandfather used to take me there all the time. I know that luckily, the owner and his restaurant has been able to survive the Titan attacks, so hopefully, we can go there once this is all over,” Armin responded as Sasha’s mouth continued to drool over the prospect of a meal full of meat, but then realized something else, and looked Armin dead in the face with a serious look on her face. “Uhhh…yes Sasha?” “Armin, when this is all over, you have to meet my parents. I think my parents would really be happy knowing that I picked such a nice, smart, and handsome guy to be with,” Sasha said, causing Armin to smile thoughtfully, and look up in thought. “I would like that a lot, and maybe, we can find a place to live together.” “And then we can find a great place to…take each other.” “And after that, maybe we can get married. Maybe at a Cliffside, with the water visible and the sunset painting us in a radiant glow.” “OK, Mr. Poet, and then after that, maybe we can have a kid or two.” “And before all that, maybe the two of you can get the fuck to sleep,” a deeper voice made them jump. When they turned to see who was talking to them, they saw Levi Ackermann, looking at them with his usual disgusted frown. “Oh, Captain Levi, we were just--” Sasha tried to explain before Levi put a hand up to stop Sasha from talking. “I really couldn’t give less of a shit about this little relationship that just blossomed before my eyes--” “Wait…you’ve been watching us this whole time?” “Don’t interrupt me, Arlert. Anyway, while I think it’s fantastic that you’re thinking positively of the future, I need to make sure you two are still focused on our mission to get Eren and Historia back,” Levi explained as Armin and Sasha looked at each other, and nodded passionately before looking back at Levi with that same passion, which freaked him out a little bit. “Of course. We’re going to help and do whatever we can to get Eren and Historia back,” Armin confirmed. Levi looked at Armin and Sasha for several seconds before nodding and turning around. “I’m glad to hear it, now get to sleep. We need the both of you in your best frame of mind for the mission tomorrow,” Levi explained as he left Armin and Sasha to their own devices. Not wanting to get on Levi’s bad side, Sasha and Armin got under the covers, snuggled underneath them, and attempted to get some sleep. However, before the two could officially go to sleep, Armin gave Sasha a peck on the tip of her nose and gave her a soft smile, which Sasha returned before the two drifted off into a blissful sleep for the first time in what felt like an eternity....

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RWBY: The Atlesian Superman Chapter 10The unidentified woman sat up from her hospital bed, rubbing her eyes as the light from the window penetrated through, fiercely tickling these new senses. It felt as if she was waking from the longest nap of her life, but it was impossible for her to remember anything that happened before she fell into this slumber, no matter how hard she tried.She began glancing about, looking up and down the empty hospital room, trying to gather her bearings and perhaps deduce what had happened. But nothing about this plain-looking facility gave her anything useful to work with, not a single hint or clue. Perhaps she was still dreaming, she thought to herself, and maybe if she went back to sleep she would then later wake back up to something that made a lot more sense.Time for speculation ran out, however, the moment the door swung open to have a lanky gentleman in a stylish dark suit walk in. The man smiled at the young girl just as he began twirling his mustache.“Oh, good. You’re awake.” He took out a notepad from his breast pocket, simultaneously grabbing a chair to sit on. “I’ll get right to the point, my name is Arthur Watts. I’m a professor at Beacon Academy, and I have a few questions for you if you don’t mind me asking.”The woman sat there, not reacting to a single thing he just said. Instead, she just continued to look onward, all around, then back down to her limbs and hands, still trying to figure out her surroundings.“I understand it may seem confusing. But believe me when I say that I am here to help. The circumstance surrounding how you got here is… bizarre to say the least. So if you cooperate, I promise you we will get to the bottom of this.”The woman glanced at the man, still a bit hesitant as she pulled on her blanket. But ultimately decided to nod her head.“Wonderful. Now, do you know what your name is?”She paused for a moment, in deep contemplation. Yet her radiant yellow eyes never once blinked during the duration, something Watts noticed and became instantly fascinated by. After a good long few minutes of silence, the woman finally spoke:“Blake… it’s… Blake.”“Is that a name you remember? Or…”“I don’t know,” she shook her head. “It just felt… right.”“Interesting.” Watts scribbled down his notepad. “Do you remember anything else?”Once again, she paused for a similar amount of time, before finally speaking in a quiet soft tone:“No. Everything is a blur. I remember… parents. My parents, or… I don’t know if they’re really my parents. Something feels off about it. But I think they’re called… Belladonna. They live on an island in the far South. I think I also have a sister. Her name is… escaping me.”“Anything else?”“Maybe… there is another woman. I think… she’s called Raven. I’m not entirely sure who she is. Besides that, there might be more, but it’s not coming to me right now. Maybe if I have more time…”“I understand,” said Watts, before leaning forward, becoming gloomier as his expression focused forth. “Final question. Tell me – does the word Edenite mean anything to you?”Her eyebrows began to grimace, which Watts had trouble deciphering whether that meant she knew what he was talking about or if she was just trying to remember. She then proceeded to say simply:“No.”Watts nodded his head, closing his notepad to place it back in his pocket as he stood up.“Thank you, Miss Blake Belladonna. We will be in touch soon. You will get the help you need, that is for certain.”“I’m sorry, General,” Weiss sat there on a chair facing the unconscious Ironwood, lying on his hospital bed.The damages didn’t seem too severe now that the doctors had worked their magic on him. Wrapping his head, arms, and legs. His heartbeat was steady, but Weiss could not find any sign to suggest he would be waking up any time soon. Most concerning of all was his Aura, now that he was deep in Dream his Aura could only flicker every now and again, instead of permanently coating his body. It was clear his spirit was fighting to keep his body together, but for how long before a full recovery, Weiss could not tell.“I know you had your directive. But I can’t just sit by and do nothing. My power is a responsibility. My Pa taught me that. You, sir, taught me that. I…” Weiss sighed, leaning over to hold his hand tight in hers. “I should have been there when it happened. Maybe I could’ve stopped all this from happening. But I just… couldn’t hear your voice. I… I want to hear your voice now, sir. I can’t do this on my own.”“And you won’t have to.”A familiar voice whispered from behind, prompting Weiss to turn her head. There she would catch Rubio standing there leaning against the wall in his female form once more. What was noteworthy, however, was his new outfit. Instead of donning his old raggedy cloak that covered his bandaged body or his more feminine black frilly dress, he was now wearing what looked to be a proper black double-breasted military service coat with a banded collar and red complimentary fabric on the sleeves. Which Rubio had casually rolled up to presumably mimic his uncle’s style. There as he walked forward Weiss could see his long stylish pants alongside what looked like heavy clicking boots armed with a couple of sniper rounds. And of course, his signature red hooded cloak was still there, worn over his shoulders.“Hello, Rubio. New look?”“This is what my uncle wore when he was knighted. Or at least something similar anyway. I thought I’d give it a try.”“It’s nice.”“I’m sorry about what happened. It must be hard, shouldering all this responsibility. But… at least on the bright side, I heard you found Ozymandias. So turns out you didn’t need me after all.”“I’m sorry you got put in our holding facilities for nothing. If I had known I wouldn’t have put you through all that.”“Don’t worry about it, I’m a tough guy,” he flexed his small lean bicep, feeling it proudly. “I can take whatever you throw at me. But enough about me, you still have that Ghost Vester guy hanging around, don’t you? Now that your three top generals are out of commission, maybe it’s about time their replacements step up to prove themselves. Not that you need to prove anything, since – you know, you’re you.”Weiss sat there, staying silent. Which prompted Rubio to raise an eyebrow.“You… do plan to let them help you, right?” He asked.“Ghost Vester and his team GOLD are Maru’s disciples,” she said bluntly. “I am Ironwood’s. We serve the same army, but our methods are vastly different. They are strong enough to operate on their own terms. But my business must be my own if I’m going to be Chancellor.”“If you can find it in you to trust me, a Valean, then you can find it in you to trust your own people.”“Why are you bringing this up all of a sudden? You’re acting like… you’re not going to be here,” Weiss said as she turned around trying to read his expression and heartbeat.To which Rubio responded by simply shrugging after a long sigh:“I suppose it was only a matter of time. I might as well rip off the bandage – I am going to go find my mother Summer.”Weiss stared at him in shock, with her hands almost shaking as she heard those words. She stood up and floated forward overpowering the lanky Rubio with her imposing shadow.“You are going after the legendary hero of Vale, Summer Rose?”Rubio simply shook his head:“She is known as Summer Rose to many, but I know the truth. And the truth is my mother is the Summer Maiden. The mortal avatar of the archetypal primordial concept of Summer, the God of the Hunt and War.”It took a second for Weiss to fully process. After which she could only blurt out:“What? How is that possible? How do you even know that?”He would answer by simply pointing his finger at his silver eyes:“These future sights are proof of Summer’s gift. Ancient holy books describe stories and myths of Summer stealing Winter’s moon, lighting it with her own magical sunlight to illuminate the future.”“That means very little in the face of Aura and Semblance. That kind of power can be replicated.”“In function, maybe. But not in strength. You have no idea how far I can see. I spent a lot of time in my jail cell meditating, Weiss. Contemplating and reflecting on my life ever since my uncle Qrow came back from the dead. I tried looking into the future, looking in obscure places. There are limits despite its distance, I can’t see through other people’s eyes, not without touching them at least. But I did see a mountain, I’m not even sure it is on this planet. Perhaps it resides in a pocket dimension paralleling our own. The gravity there is strong, stronger than you can imagine.”“The Legend of Mount Nephilim. The birthplace of Giants.”“Detailed in the Holy Book of Dawn, yes. That is where I will find the Seasons. Where I will find my mother.”“Not everything in holy books is meant to be taken literally, Rubio. Myths and legends have some truths in them, but there are things that are questionable. How do you even know that mountain is even reachable by mortals? And even if you are able to get there, then what? You said it yourself, the gravity there is stronger than anyone can know. Do you plan on getting your bones crushed?”“That’s just something I’ll have to deal with when I get there.”“IF you get there.”“Regardless,” Rubio shook his head, “it’s not like I’m left with much of a choice. Now that your Empire has taken over our land and you have declared war on Ozymandias. If I stay here, it is inevitable that I will get involved, and that is not something I want. Face it, Weiss. There’s nothing left for me here on Vale.”“Nothing left? What about your uncle?”“He has no tie with neither Vale nor Atlas. We can always meet again.”“And if you don’t?”“I refuse to entertain that possibility.”“Entertain it. Because you are not invincible. You are not me, Rubio. You are flesh and bone, you can get hurt.”“Then I just need to not get hit. Speed of thought,” he winked.“You are fast,” Weiss admitted, before shaking her head, “but not that fast.”“You sure about that? How about a little wager then?”Weiss stared on, confused.“It’s simple – we race,” Rubio smirked, “if you can catch me, I’ll stay behind. But if I win, you get off my back about this and let me go.”Weiss could only respond by glaring onward intently, almost exhaling into a chuckle at the mere suggestion of the notion.“Rubio, this is me we’re talking about. You do remember who I am, don’t you? What exactly are you going to race me with? Your little future astral projection? You said it yourself, these are just projections. You can’t touch anything. Even if I humor you, what do you plan on doing if you beat me and proceed to go to that mountain? Talk to the gods? Then if you have to fight back? Are you prepared to have your soul scattered across the universe?”“Actually… that’s another thing I want to tell you. I told you I’ve been meditating. Staying inside my cell, thinking about what I will do. And – thing’s changed now.”“What do you mean?”From behind his red cloak, he pulled forth his sniper rifle which quickly morphed into his signature scythe, one that was so reminiscent of his uncle’s own weapon. What Weiss could not understand, however, was why he was pointing the rifle at her.“My Semblance has evolved – I can do this now.”Cocking the rifle, Rubio proceeded to blast Weiss with an enormous anti-tank round, instantly exploding a hole in the wall of the hospital room. Using the recoil from the rifle, Rubio would then use this new momentum to dash forward outside through the hole at a speed Weiss had never seen anybody but herself reach before.Approaching Planck time itself.The race was on.Tossing the sniper bullet aside, Weiss would ready herself. From the bottom of her feet came a glowing white glyph that emerged from her fierce Aura emanating from within. The ground beneath her began to quake even without her feet touching the floor. Rupturing the floor tiles, her eyes would steel the moment she took off flying out the hole after Rubio, chasing the man down.Zipping through the air at a speed faster than light, several thoughts began popping up in her mind. Many of them were questions, others were deductions on how exactly Rubio’s Semblance really worked. Because at the end of the day, his Semblance was by far the most bizarre supernatural ability Weiss had ever seen in her life by a wide margin. Perhaps even surpassing the strange things the God King was capable of doing.Was Rubio now capable of making his image projections tangible? Were these things clones?No. Weiss told herself, because Rubio was adamant that this was a race, and that he was going to Mount Nephilim on his own, instead of just staying behind inside his jail cell. That only left her with the terrifying conclusion that Rubio was now capable of pulling himself physically from where he originally was all the way to where his image projection was flying toward. In other words, he could now time travel into the future.In essence, he could basically move as fast as he wished. All he had to do was simply project his image a few seconds into the future, then instantly make himself tangible to where that projection was. The smaller the gap in time, the faster he will move.Truly as he had boasted – speed of thought.A thousand more questions popped up, but now that she had reached where Rubio was flying toward, all she could focus on then at the moment was straight ahead. Where Rubio stood on top of a Forever Fall rock, admiring his massive scythe.“So what do you think?” Rubio laughed. “Pretty nifty don’t you think? The Forever Fall is so beautiful. I can never get tired looking at it.”“How are you flying through the air like that? Don’t you have to have someone to project your image to?”“Lots of birds in the sky, my friend,” he winked. “You’d be amazed by how many of them there are. Even subatomic bacteria are usable. It does make my eyes a bit dizzy, reacting to things at such high speed. But I’ll get used to it.”“You really want to go through with this? You plan on fighting gods?”“That’s the plan, ha! If I can beat you in this race, that will be proof enough.”Without another word, Rubio dashed off again, leaving Weiss behind. Scanning across the surface of the planet, through the crust and curvature of the earth, she could quickly spot where Rubio was heading in the far distance. This time in the far corner of the western desert – the Kingdom of Vacuo.With her white glyph glowing at the bottom of her feet once more, Weiss launched herself through the air, scorching the atmosphere itself with just her mere speed alone as she left behind traces of ice and light – empowering her own body to an exponential degree. The explosion from her sonic boom was deafening, as if a volcano had just erupted.That sound would, however, be overtaken by the roar in the distance. A powerful thunderous howl from a beast of disaster status Kaiju. There on top of a tall sandy mound stood a gigantic desert wolf Grimm, baring its fangs just as the tiny Rubio was approaching from the ground up. Dashing through the air at an unfathomable speed. In a time frame so infinitesimal that the foul creature did not even get to finish blinking – Rubio had already taken out his oversized scythe to slash directly at the wolf’s jaw, taking the entire upper half of the skull clean off in one smooth motion.The monster did not even get to scream its final agonizing moment.“Your uncle taught you well.”“You can thank my dearest Crescent Rose as well,” he said, kissing his scythe. “Now, shall we fly further west, milady?”Without even letting Weiss answer, he began zipping off again, to travel forward a few attoseconds into the future. To which Weiss would follow shortly behind, determined not to let him out of her sight as the two dashed through the vast ocean separating Vacuo and Mistral, letting the salty water beneath splash upon their face.“You can’t fight a Season, Rubio! You’re out of your depth. You are going to die.”“I think I’ve about had it up to here with you lecturing me,” he said as he turned around in midair swinging the blade directly at Weiss, which she simply reacted by blocking it with the back of her left hand. Using that to create some forward momentum, Rubio would confidently fire another round from the rifle to ricochet himself off Weiss’ hard body thus launching himself further into the distance, increasing his speed even further.“I don’t even know why you even bother,” Rubio said. “Why do you even care so much if I go? This is none of your business.”“What kind of a question is that? Of course it is my business! You… you are my friend.”“We are not friends,” he said plainly, slicing through a hoard of Grimm sharks on the surface of the ocean, using their corpses as a launching platform to bounce himself off even further into the distance.“Rubio!”“Face it, Ice Queen. You don’t know anything about me. Do you even know whether I’m a man or a woman?”“Enough of your trickery, you are not Oz’s student. You don’t do tricks, I know you!”“Evidently not. How do you know for sure that this female form isn’t my original form? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe I’ve just been showing you a version of myself that I wanted you to see? Be thankful my magick isn’t being used to aid Ozymandias. With the power of our illusions combined – you will lose. You can consider me leaving an act of mercy.”“This is absurd. Stop this foolish mission before you do something you’ll regret!” She shouted, bolting from the sky down to where Rubio was flying, trying to catch him by the throat. It would ultimately be in vain the moment Rubio used his Semblance once more to zip himself far in the distance elsewhere, another few attoseconds into the future.Weiss scanned around – this time spotting him going north. Into the frozen kingdom of Atlas.Speeding through the air, rupturing the atmosphere, Weiss was becoming more annoyed as the seconds went by. Never in her life had anybody been able to compete against any of her powers. To force her to use her Semblance at all and take things a little seriously was a mark of Rubio’s hidden abilities. He was already dangerous enough before when he could only project images and see into the future. But this – this was something completely different.To think, Oz had possessed such a power in his court all this time, right under his nose. Weiss shuddered to think what he could’ve accomplished if he had Rubio’s loyalty.Perhaps the Kingdom of Vale wouldn’t have fallen at all five years ago.“You’re still holding back,” Rubio shouted, dashing about all over the surface of the airships and the towers of Atlas. “I know you can go faster. How many times have we circled the planet so far?”“3,879,653 times.”“That is nothing,” Rubio scoffed. “To the limit now!”“If I go any faster I may break the planet.”“It’s time you live a little, Ice Queen. You’re the only one I want to race.”“This is utterly pointless. You can see the future – you should already know the outcome of this battle.”“Doesn’t work like that I’m afraid. Not against someone like you who exudes so much gravity that it literally bends the flow of time, space – Destiny. My future vision has always been in flux when it concerns you. That’s what makes it so exciting!”“Is this a game to you, Rubio? This is serious business. People’s lives are at stake!”“Your people. Or the Valeans, the Vacuans, the Mistralians. You all can fight each other until the end of days for all I care. I told you – I have NOTHING left on Remnant. Nothing tying me to this world.”“You… still have me.”Not looking back behind him, Rubio would pull down his hood as he launched himself forward once more. In his hand wielding the bloody Crescent Rose as his red cloak fluttered in the wind. Bloodied by black Grimm essence as both Rubio and Weiss zipped through mountains, oceans, rivers, and forests destroying any monster they found in their paths, simultaneously with Rubio striking at Weiss with everything he had. Brandishing this silver blade while twirling gracefully in the air like a beautiful spinning rose, slicing her at every angle. No hits were strong enough to pierce Weiss’ skin, but they were getting stronger by the second. Strong enough to force Weiss to continuously get more serious, emanating stronger gravitational fields with her Aura powering up, quaking the very ground itself.Back to the heart of the Valley. There as the two of them approached the igniting Valean soil in the distance, they could feel massive tremors rocking the crust of the planet back and forth, creating massive waves in the middle of the ocean in the process. Beneath the boiling earth of the Valley – Weiss began to hear the sound of something she thought was impossible.The sound of a heartbeat. The heart of the Valley – a Summer war drum.“This is… no… how?”“You know of the legend, yes?” Rubio asked. “If Summer’s heart were to ever stop beating – this country will fall. You can hear it, too. I can tell from that look on your face. My mother is alive, thus the Valley lives on.”“Rubio…” she paused for a good long while, as the two continued to dash around the planet. “I… I cannot do this without you. You – you are my friend. And I know you feel the same. Your heartbeat does not lie.”“Well, can’t blame a guy for trying to hide,” he chuckled, slicing a Beowolf in half. “It would’ve been a lot easier to say goodbye if I had managed to convince you.”“Convince me, or convince yourself?”“Ha, I will never forget you, Weiss Schnee. And I promise you – as long as Summer’s heart still beats, my heart shall as well. I WILL come back home. For the sake of my uncle… and for you.”“There’s really nothing I can do to change your mind?”“I’ll still keep my word. The wager is still on. If you catch me, I’ll concede. So how about it, Ice Queen? One final lap? First one to step foot back on the Forever Fall wins.”No more words, no more holding back. Mustering everything he had left, Rubio would now channel his Semblance for his ultimate move. Instantly teleporting into the distant lands far beyond the horizon. Weiss floated there, shaking her head in somber sadness. She would then clutch tight her fists to prepare for a speed she had never had to reach before in her life. The glyph at the bottom of her feet glowed like a star made of diamonds, sparkling like snow. And within the next imperceptible timeframe – she would launch herself forward, rupturing a nearby mountain from the shockwaves of her speed alone. Stretching her arms forward in this flying pose, her military cape would drift along so violently in the middle of this cold slicing air in a way Weiss had never felt before. Flying at this speed so intense the sky began to boil from the heat, cutting violently against her invincible skin. It did not hurt, of course, but there was a concern at the back of her head. One that had never existed before because the fact of the matter was – she had never felt physical pain in her entire life.And yet, Rubio was the only one on the planet so far who had prompted Weiss to think about such a concept, something that was so foreign to her before this moment.If an invincible girl such as herself could think about the notion of getting hurt, then what about a mortal like Rubio? Of course, she was still worried about her friend. Nobody had ever been to this mythical mountain. He will surely meet monsters and foes that will be beyond anything that could feasibly exist on this mortal plain.And yet…Thinking back to what Rubio had said about her trust in him, a Valean – a friend.And thus, at the very entrance to the Forever Fall, Weiss would arrive, only to then immediately stop dead in her path just short of the grassy field before her. She stayed there for what felt like an eternity, and yet she knew well that from the point of view of the ordinary, there may as well have been no gap in time at all.Because only a mere two microseconds later, Weiss would feel the flutter of Rubio’s red cloak rushing past her. Darting straight forth into the far distant horizon so far and so fast Weiss could no longer see him even with her enhanced super vision.Or perhaps, it was more accurate to say that she did not wish to see him. For she knew deep down – this was their farewells. So the only thing for her to do now was face the setting sun and salute him as she readjusted her red tie and service cap.The race was over – and this was the result.
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