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Featured Folder by FaithfulAizen
Tate  Liza Dolls by Sner2000
Wulfric Doll by Sner2000
Wattson Doll by Sner2000
Historically Accurate Hinaichigo by TheNoirWood
Other 2
.Hack Twin Kiss IMOQ by KaigunMontoya
.Hack Twin Kiss GU by KaigunMontoya
Drek Through The Portal by eileenmh123
Super Hinata 02-03/10(ENG) by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Titania from The Simpsons 5 by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Lisa Ann(Busty Mother) by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Chifusa Manyuu 4 by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Denise Milani (Out with Luana OUTFT) 3 by gekkodimoria
Commission  by KukkiSan
Mugi K-ON! by Th3Starchaser
The Dark Knight Finds Kakarot by BurbujasRoja
RUN FOR IT!! (again) by quamp
Anthro Adoptables #17 [6/10 OPEN] by KuroMokonaChan
Anthro Adoptables #10 [4/12 OPEN] by KuroMokonaChan
Baby Beelzebub by jazzy1lol
Black Butler
Oh death.Would you spare me over another year? by NitroRed
Penelope by KuroMokonaChan
Mixed Adopt Batch #12 OPEN [1/10] by KuroMokonaChan
Marie by KuroMokonaChan

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Complete by Iduna-Haya
I'm So Glad They Married in the End by 4xEyes1987
Senna render by tiamatnightmare
Case Closed
Detective conan by metal1416
.: ShinRan : Hug :. by Sincity2100
Adi's B-day by UsagiYogurt
.: DC : Shinichi and Ran :. by Sincity2100
Card Captors
Tomoyo Daidouji by jt-designs-123
Cartoon Network Boomarang
2 Stupid Dogs by DylanRosales
[C] YCH -patpatpat- | Skree-Bat by DayKuronuma
Code Geass
Hinata like Vasquez 2 by gekkodimoria
Wrestling Callie vs Biker Mice by Jose-Ramiro
Teresa from Full Metal Panic 2 by Heatray2009
plush Pingu by thearist2013
MHA Kuki Sanban - HotStuff by Jose-Ramiro
Bak Chan (anime version) from D.Gray-man by Heatray2009
Deadman Wonderland
Shiro deadman wonderland by GabyCoutino
Death Note
Death Note -- Ryuk by DragonFairy318
MaloMyotismon (vector) alt claws by venjix5
Gym Couple - Trudy and Oscar Proud by Jose-Ramiro
Dragon Ball
Android 18 by holybasilbuddy
Christmas collab 2020 | Snow at the village by snitchpogi12
Fairy Tail
lucy heartfilia (fairy tail) by metal1416
FMK, Chapter 231 Preview ~ Envy meets Crisis,“YOU WANNA MEET FATHER?!!!” Envy asked. Crisis answered, “Is that a problem, or would you rather be EATEN here and now? I deserve SOME compensation for not ratting you out to those Amestrians and Chimeras back there. Your hooded co-hort wasn’t far behind with my only Sunshine in his arms, so in a way, we BOTH have what we want...assuming...if you were to allow me to meet with your master...and negotiate a truce?”Envy laughed and said, “YOU WANNA EAT ME?! HA! Act like a Cannibal, STARVE like a Cannibal! There’s no way I’ll take you to my Master, even if you begged me! His location is only entrusted to his closest allies, and believe me, it’s not a privilege shared by many people!”Suddenly, Crisis pressed herself against the Homunculus changeling and glared at him intensely…Despite blushing, Envy was still not going to let Crisis get under his skin, so he pushed her away while saying, “DON’T THINK YOU CAN SEDUCE ME, YOU DISGUSTING-!!!” Crisis however grabbed Envy by the wrist, pulled him into her space, and said, “Such a lovely boy...makes it REALLY hard to resist...when they smell like DELICIOUS MEAT!!”(CHOMP!!!)Crisis bit into Envy’s neck, and grasped onto Envy’s arms to keep him from struggling…Envy snarled, “LET GO...DAMN-IT, YA PARASYTE!!! I SAID LET ME GO, YA SUCCUBUS-!!!”Crisis released Envy from her fangs, and kicked him into the arms of her Nobody Soldiers! As Envy covered his bite-mark, he saw Crisis, laughing and dancing around, like a child in the falling snow, as her teeth and mouth, were hauntingly stained with Envy’s blood!“THIS BLOOD...IT TASTES WONDERFUL, THE MEMORIES, THE BONDS-...and your DELICIOUS Crimes…(sigh), if I were serious, I’d proclaim my proposal to you here and now...especially with that Blood in your veins.” Crisis said. Envy was just CREEPED OUT by Crisis, who savored every last drop on her lips. After Crisis wiped the blood off her lips, Envy asked, “ARE YOU SICK IN THE CEREBRAL?!! YOU-...You can ‘see’ my Memories and Crimes?!” Crisis answered, “I can see everything and know everything my victim has...even their deepest, darest,’re a real piece of work, shooting an Ishbalin girl. Did she take your precious Teddy Bear? Is THAT why you would instigate a war between 2 countries...OH wait, DADDY WANTED HIS BAD BOY TO CREATE A BLOOD PATH TO ALIGN WITH-!”Envy grabbed Crisis by the throat and attempted to strangle her, when she simply licked his cheek and whispered, “I could show you how to start a REAL party in minutes, where your ‘Daddy-Dearest’ had trouble getting the ball rolling for Generations.” Envy then yelled, “SHUT UP, BITCH!!! WE’VE COME SO CLOSE-TOO CLOSE TO LET A 2ND-RATE BAT-GIRL STEP ALL OVER OUR OPERATIONS-!!!”“-And yet...the kid makes an amusing offer.”Envy looked to his left and noticed one of the hooded members of Organization XIII, creeping up beside him. Envy then asked, “You’d have her in Father’s base? You’d let this FREAK in our inner circle?!” The hooded Organization member answered, “It is the will of Father that brought me here in the first place. I’d NEVER risk Lady Luck’s hand in crossing a Homunculus, you should know that better than anyone.” Envy sighed, and released a snickering Crisis. Envy then noticed several Nobodies, pointing their guns at him. Envy then looked at the Hooded Figure and said, “...Very well then...for now, we’ll take this Antichrist ‘Wannabe’ before our master. Open the portal.” The figure bowed and said, “As you command Master Envy...:”
Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket Pop Vinyl by PDJ004
Full Metal Alchemist
Edward Elric by jt-designs-123
Ghost Hunt
GHOST HUNT Frightful Wallpaper by C16B
Ghost in the Shell
The Ghost in the Shell by DarkOverlord1296
Growing up creepy
Out of the Ordinary by crysanthemum963
Hamtaro and Bijou - bust by Helin-and-Kosshi
Hayao Miyazaki
cherrisnake karate fight by thekingvillain
The last|Yo Reference by himeRra
Hetalia: Philippines by jt-designs-123
Homestuck 10th Anniversary by coolpurpledudette
Angel Bunny by DylanRosales
Inuyasha by jt-designs-123
Irresponsible Captain Tylor
1999 :: Irresponsible Captain Tylor by PinkAppleJam
Kaleido Star
Komaeda Zine Piece! by datcravat
Katekyp Hitman Reborn
//Yuni//AT// by Ziva-Daiban
Kyo Kara Maoh
Uriel by 2334242xiao
Law of Ueki
Kousuke Ueki by Aii-luv
Line Art
1202 diamond rose by NanaThatha
King of Fighters: Chris and Kula date by KawaiiStorm
Maid Sama
Maid-sama:: UsuixMisa by Caliya
Mature Cartoons
20210423 052151(1) by Tainted-Scribbles
I am Michelangelo by jt-designs-123
Quote of the Month by 4xEyes1987
The Good, The Bad and The Horny by thekingvillain
Uzumaki Kushina by jt-designs-123
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Evangelion Unit-01 by alexmicroheroes
Edwin, Buster and Lucy Carmichael by Jose-Ramiro
Kindred Klash by DJ-BLU3Z
Older Cartoon
Sister Power (redraw) by spacepirate04
One Piece

Mature Content

Ouran High School Host Club
Tamaki Suoh by jt-designs-123
Pandora Hearts
Queen [poll winner] by datcravat
Plushies and stuff
Burgh Doll by Sner2000

Mature Content

Mature Misty by holybasilbuddy
Tekunin by DiegBareno
Ranma one half
If You're Emperor Zurg, Then I Am Buzz Lightyear by MrscroreA113
Rosario + Vampire
Moka Akashiya by Anji-Melody
Sailor Moon
[Femdom] Worshipping Ami by HairyLizard93
Telos (Animated Icon) by 2334242xiao
Shaman King
Mega Azumarill by jcorbari
Shugo Chara
Winter holidays by himeRra
Cheese The Chao by DylanRosales
Soul Eater
Blair by YarBrenor
Spice and Wolf
Flirty Horo by YarBrenor
Boxing Wolf vs Fox - Trophy by Jose-Ramiro
Tokyo Mew Mew
Taruto X (Tokyo Mew Mew) by StraGen410
Colored For CdubbArt 3 by Yaoi-Huntress-Earth
Curious George Meets the Tsubasa Gang Comic - Pg10 by powerpufftsubasa
Vampire Knight
Kiryu Zero's First Colour Drawing by StefanosDTsougranis
Adolescence by AliceLuvsMirai
Voice actors
Miki Aono as Juri Han by KaigunMontoya
Warner Bros
Umbrella  by DylanRosales
Yuuko Ichihara (Xxxholic) Minimalist Wallpaper v2 by slezzy7
OTP Challenge: On A Date by Captain-Plunder
Yotsuba Koiwai by animequeen20012003
Tori Meadows /Kotori Mizuki mermaid (Yugioh Zexal) by metal1416
Yu Yu Hakusho
Godzilla vs Kong (Comfy version) Part 2 by yipkarhei2001


TiSTenchi by tisbore TiSTenchi :icontisbore:tisbore 10 2 Sailor Senshi [Sailor Moon] by darwh Sailor Senshi [Sailor Moon] :icondarwh:darwh 192 6 Sailor Moon Redraw by Murilo-Araujo Sailor Moon Redraw :iconmurilo-araujo:Murilo-Araujo 190 8 Naruto and his Shadow Clones vs. The TMNT by BigE365 Naruto and his Shadow Clones vs. The TMNT :iconbige365:BigE365 16 3 Kiki and Harry by victorpavlovart Kiki and Harry :iconvictorpavlovart:victorpavlovart 5 1 Kiki and Chihiro Spirited Delivery : First Fly by Tohad Kiki and Chihiro Spirited Delivery : First Fly :icontohad:Tohad 1,521 32 epic battle finished by fumeista23 epic battle finished :iconfumeista23:fumeista23 139 50 Goku vs Superman by diegora Goku vs Superman :icondiegora:diegora 165 27 Inuyasha by CaityKitty13 Inuyasha :iconcaitykitty13:CaityKitty13 11 0 Goku by admdraws Goku :iconadmdraws:admdraws 87 11 The Pretty Guardian by Blossom525 The Pretty Guardian :iconblossom525:Blossom525 104 17 Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask by Blossom525 Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask :iconblossom525:Blossom525 53 6 Rin and Sesshomaru Live Their Dreams by inu-sessh-rin Rin and Sesshomaru Live Their Dreams :iconinu-sessh-rin:inu-sessh-rin 56 9 Mamba, Jagai (OC) and Hasky (Commission) by GivItch Mamba, Jagai (OC) and Hasky (Commission) :icongivitch:GivItch 61 1 C18 +Speedpaint by xXxOnee-samaxXx C18 +Speedpaint :iconxxxonee-samaxxx:xXxOnee-samaxXx 110 7 Android 18 by gronrevil Android 18 :icongronrevil:gronrevil 83 1




Hey, just a couple of things i want to get situated right now. I am working hard on the group

If you want to join and aren't able to just send a message to either one of us or comment and we will try to fix the problem or we could just invite you into the group.


There will be no criticizing of another members art in this group, :iconwelovebleachcouples: or :iconcartoonsaregreat: if YOU do I or my co-founder will remove you for bulling another
Also dont send things to the featured folder if you want me to make a folder let me know

Thanks for your time.

Founder :iconfaithfulaizen:

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you can either be a anime or cartoon fan or you can be both there are no rules you can add what ever you want to the group as long as its a anime and cartoon
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Welcome to ILoveAnime-Cartoons


No criticizing another members art!

This means you will not bully them to where they end up removing their art if the one responsible for the bulling will be removed




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