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A Promise Kept Ash's Johto Journey Chapter 73Chapter 73: Misty vs. Wake "Human Speech" " Pokemon Speech " It was the next day as it was now Misty's match in the Whirl Cup. She was up against another water-type gym leader this time. It was Crasher Wake, and she knew she would need to devise a new strategy to face off against him. "Will both trainers arrive on the battlefield so this match can begin," the announcer said to both Misty and Crasher Wake as Misty got up and sighed. "Good luck, Misty. You can do your best," Ash said to Misty, who nodded and turned to the doorway. "I have some plans for today's match and a few additions for this match, and you'll see," Misty said as she walked off. While she sounded confident, she was nervous about this match as this was the first time she would use these Pokemon in this tournament, but she knew she could handle it as Ash went to the stands to watch the match with Brock. "Now for the next bracket's match, as there are only two more matches per these brackets left before the main stage of the Whirl Cup," the announcer said as Ash at the seat with Brock. "Now it's time for our first match of the day," the announcer said as Misty and Wake exited the entryway. "First, she's shown why she's made it this far in this tournament and is ready to make it farther from Cerulean City, Misty," the announcer said as Misty arrived at the platform. "Misty seems very confident for this match, that's for sure," Brock said to Ash, who shook his head, which caught his attention. "I think Misty is just putting on a straight face, given that she does not know who her opponent is other than he's a gym leader," Ash said to Brock, who was now getting what was going on. "You think she's ready for this match?" Brock asked Ash, who wasn't sure, and thought about what she said before they parted and told Brock this. "I noticed that Misty has been quiet about her Pokemon lately as well, and in fact, on day one of the tournament, she left the hotel for some air, and she was gone for a while. I wonder if these new additions might have to do with that?" Brock said to Ash, who figured that Misty might do this, so if she faced Ash at some point, he wouldn't know about it and devise a strategy. "Now for her opponent, he's both a gym leader and a well-known wrestler and is one of the gym leaders of Sinnoh, Crasher Wake," the announcer said as Crasher exited the entryway. He was also determined to win this fight. "Reminder that both trainers are allowed up to the usage of two Pokemon in this battle, you two, so will both trainers let out your Pokemon, and we can start this match." Both Misty and Wake pulled out their Pokeballs. "Well, young lady, I hope you are ready to face off against me. I won't go easy or show any mercy in this fight. Gyarados, come on out," Wake said, sending out his first Pokemon. Misty remained calm for this as she usually was nervous about Gyrados, but she let it go for now. "Time for my first new Pokemon for this fight," Misty said as she looked at her first Pokeball. "I promised you we would fight at some point, so let's see how well we can go far. Let's go," Misty tossed out her first Pokemon from the Pokeball, and it revealed a Lapras. Ash and Brock were surprised to see that Misty had owned one. Flashback to the night before the first day of the tournament. Misty was letting out her Pokemon to try to get them ready for the Whirl Cup as someone was watching her during this. "Alright, everyone, we are here at the largest water-type tournament, and I know that all of you were ready for this, so let's try to go out there and give it our all," Misty said to her team as they were excited for this namely Totodile, Chinchuo, and Kingdra and Poliwhirl on her team. " I'm sure that everyone is ready for this, Misty. Every water-type Pokemon has heard of this tournament, and we are behind you 100% no matter what happens as your Pokemon and your team, " Totodile said to Misty, to which the group nodded. " I agree with Totodile, Misty, though while the whole team is behind you, you think everyone will find a way to beat our team. Maybe you should get some help as well. No offense to the team. It's just some aren't in their final stages, and we might be up against the tougher competition ," Kingdra said to Misty, who looked down. "I was planning on asking my sisters back home to send some of my Pokemon to help, but I agree with you, Kingdra. While I have faith in the team and everyone, we have to come up with another strategy cause odds are people are already thinking about how to beat Ash by now," Misty said to the water/dragon type, who nodded as the others agreed. " Maybe I can help, " a male voice called out to Misty, who looked around and saw a Lapras who looked just as young as Ash's Lapras. " I couldn't help but hear you two were talking about needing a new teammate, and I could use a trainer of my own, " the Lapras said to Misty. "Are you with the Lapras school that's in the area?" Misty asked. The Lapras shook his head. "I'm familiar with the school there, but I'm actually from these islands and wanted to participate in this tournament one day. I can see you are well-handled with your team here, and I heard from that school that you are one of the trainers I can trust, " the male Lapras said to Misty, who was taken aback by this and nodded. "You want to stay on the team, even after the tournament, or stay until it's over? Also, I took that they told you I can understand you?" Misty asked Lapras, who nodded. " I want to stay even after the tournament is over. I'm not with a school of Lapras or anything, and I am fine with staying after no demands, no wanting in return, just good battles and us working together as a team ," Lapras said to Misty, who nodded. Flashback ends "Even though right now, I can't understand you, that isn't needed for this battle as we made it this far, and I won't let anything get to us," Misty thought to herself as Lapras wasn't phased by the Gyarados standing before him. "Lapras vs. Gyarados, let this 2v2 battle begin," the ref announced as Misty and Wake were ready to get this going. "Gyrados, use Dragons Dance and then use Earthquake," Wake commanded his Pokemon, who used the two attacks as Misty was ready. "Protect, now Lapras, and then use Thunderbolt," Misty commanded him, who protected from the attack and then launched a thunderbolt towards the Gyrados, hitting it. "Now Dragons Dance as well, Lapras, and then use Ice Beam before it can recover," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who used the two attacks. "Flamethrower and Thunderbolt," Wake commanded his Pokemon as the two attacks were clashing with each other, and the two Pokemon were equal in the power of their attacks. Ash and Brock were watching this as they were impressed by how Lapras was being commanded well by Misty without hassle. "I'm surprised that Misty caught a Lapras, and I don't recognize it from the school?" Ash said to Brock, who was curious about this as well. "I'm not sure if it is from the same school. Didn't your Lapras tell you that she was born here? I'm sure that most of the Lapras were born in this area," Brock said to Ash, who nodded. "Once this battle ends, we can talk to her about all these Pokemon. She did mention that she had a few new ones," Ash said to Brock, who nodded as they both noticed that both Lapras and Gyarados were getting tired from all these attacks, which showed. "Not bad, young lady, you're battling skills are impressive so far, but let's end this: use Hyper Beam," Wake commanded his Pokemon, who fired the attack at Lapras. "Use Ice Beam now, Lapras," Misty commanded her Pokemon as the two moves clashed. The attack build-up was so much that the two attacks caused an explosion, sending both water types to the stadium walls. As both were knocked out, Misty and Wake were surprised by this. "Lapras and Gyarados are both unable to battle. The next battle will decide who will move onto the next tournament round," the ref announced as Misty and Wake returned their Pokemon to their Pokeballs, praising them as Wake pulled out his next Pokeball. "Well, Misty, you're battling well, and I can see why you are related to gym leaders and showed it here," Wake said to Misty, who listened to him and nodded. "You gave me this good battle, but more than most of my challengers in the ring. Time for my main partner in my team to take the field, Floatzel. Come on out," Wake sent out his last Pokemon as Misty glared. "So, Floatzel, a Pokemon that prides itself in battle, has made its way to the battlefield. I've heard a lot of water-type gym leaders of this Pokemon, as they are usually the types to try to put on the capture list, and I originally was hoping to run into them one day, of course, just not in battle," Misty thought as she pulled out a Pokeball and hesitated at first, but sighed. "I did agree to use you in battle, and before Slowbro's capabilities vanished, we agreed to fight together. Here's hoping that we can fight as a team," Misty told herself as Brock and Ash noticed this. "Let's go," Misty sent out her last Pokemon to reveal a Gyarados of her own, which everyone was surprised by. "I can see why Misty hesitated earlier, and you do know that she has a history with Gyarados as a kid, Ash," Brock said to Ash, who nodded. "Must've gotten some courage to agree to use one? Must have come from the gym?" "Knowing Misty, she used Slowbro's gift the night before the tournament's first match, knowing that one day I would use him in battle at one point. Whatever deal Misty had with Gyarados must be enough for her to use it," Ash said as they looked at Misty. Flashback Misty was on the phone with her sisters. Misty was asking for some of her Pokemon for the tournament, knowing that she might need any additional help for this tournament. "We'll be happy to bring you over, Starmie, but sadly, we still need Horsea, and we would have given you Dewgong, but he's still being used in our show," Daisy said to Misty, who nodded and looked down knowing that was the case. "I know that look, Misty. You are thinking of using Gyarados. Have you given your history with one? Do you think that you are ready to use one?" Daisy asked. Misty was taken aback by this but nodded. "I have a means to give it a chance. And knowing what happened back then and I'm able to understand my Pokemon better, I'm taking that chance with Gyarados, and I think we can make some common ground with each other," Misty said to Daisy, who nodded. "You've grown a lot more than you think, little sister. Whatever you plan on using to help get a better understanding of Gyarados, you are showing why you are our sister. Take care and do well in the tournament. Misty, we'll talk to you later and love you, sis," Daisy said to Misty, who nodded as she was sent both Starmie's and Gyarados's ball to where Misty was. Misty hesitated at first to let Gyarados out to talk to her, but she needed to fight this fear, knowing she'd need all the help she could get. She let out Gyarados her ball as the water/flying type was curious about why Misty chose her for her team. "Look, I know we have a bad history together, Gyarados, and you belong technically to my sisters, but is there any way we can work together as a team and put what happened back in the past aside? I can understand you through a Slowbro that Ash owns, and right now, I want us to work together with a deal," Misty said to Gyarados, who sighed and knelt to Misty, who was a bit hesitant but needed to show that she is strong. " You not the only one who was upset back then, Misty, " Gyarados said to Misty, who was taken aback by what she said there. " Look, I'm glad to talk to you now, and I just wanted to apologize for what happened back then, but I'm not going to cause harm to your team. As you said, let's put our past aside and work together as a team. Good battles and trust each other as a team. Don't hesitate using me, please, and we'll work together as friends and a team, no issues from me or towards your teammates," Gyarados said to Misty, who was taken aback as Gyarados nuzzled her, showing that she meant it. "Deal. Do you want to stay on the team even after this or until this tournament ends?" Misty asked Gyarados, who thought about it. " Staying until the very end. I'm your Pokemon, not your sister. Your family wanted me to be a part of your team one day so that you won't have issues with me ," Gyarados said to Misty, who nodded. End Flashback Misty knew she was ready to face her fears in using Gyarados, and knowing that Gyarados was willing to fight with Misty no matter what happened in this tournament, Gyarados looked to Misty and nodded back as Misty regained confidence as Gyardos looked at Floatzel, knowing what she was up against and gave a smirk. "I see you, have a Gyarados, too, Misty. Well, let's see how well you will handle a Pokemon that can tank hits that can dish it back," Wake said to Misty, who nodded. "Use Water Pulse," Wake commanded his Pokemon, who fired the attack at Gyarados. "Aqua tail now, Gyarados, and then Thunderbolt," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who blocked the Water Pulse attack and launched the Thunderbolt attack right at Floatzel. "Aqua Jet and Ice Fang Floatzel," Wake commanded as the water weasel dodged the Thunderbolt as it spread, trying to hit the Pokemon, and everyone was surprised. "We are seeing the speed of Floatzel here, ladies and gentlemen, a water type with speed and power behind its attacks that can take even the strongest attacks that it's known for," the announcer said as Floatzel reached Gyarados. "Not going to happen. Use Flamethrower and Dragon Pulse," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who blasted Floatzel close range, sending it back as it wanted to continue the fight, as did Gyarados. "Dragons Dance and then Earthquake." "Jump and then Iron Tail now, Floatzel," Wake commanded as Floatzel jumped out of the Earthquake, which barely hit the Pokemon and was over the water battlefield and landed Iron Tail square on Gyarados's head, which she slammed her tail right back at Floatzel sending it into the water. Gyarados was panting, as did Floatzel; as Misty noticed this, Misty was worried about her Pokemon. Gyarados turned to Misty, showing that she trusted Misty. Whatever happens, she's behind Misty. "Thunderbolt and Giga Impact, Gyarados," Misty commanded her, who charged at Floatzel with two attacks. "Water Pulse and Aqua Jet," Wake commanded his Pokemon, who charged at the combination attack with its combination attack. The four attacks clashed as Gyarados managed to get through Floatzel's attack. Wake was surprised and overpowered Floatzel, sending it into the water as massive electricity came from the battlefield. Misty and Wake covered their faces as Gyarados showed why she wanted to battle and win. The attack stopped, and Gyarados resurfaced, still standing. Everyone was curious if Floatzel would still surface as well as it did as it hopped out of the water. As everyone was surprised by this, Wake smirked, only for Floatzel to fall and pass out; much to Wake's dismay, Misty was surprised. Gyarados let out a roar, but not fierce, but for victory. "Floatzel is unable to battle Gyarados wins. Moving on to the next last round for the second bracket is Misty from Cerulean City," the ref announced as Misty celebrated. Gyarados slithered into the water over to Misty and nuzzled her as Misty chuckled. "You battled well, Gyarados. You did great, and I was just worried that," Misty said as Gyarados nodded, showing that she understood that Misty was still worried that she would still make issues, but she wouldn't. "Right, I trust you. As one of my partner Pokemon, you earned a rest," Misty said as she returned Gyarados to its ball. Wake also returned his Pokemon to its ball and saw that Misty was stronger than she seemed. He nodded and took his leave. Misty walks back into the stadium as Ash and Brock wait for Misty, who smiles upon seeing them. "I guess you saw the rest of my team, and I do have Starmie back with me, so you know what I have planned," Misty said to Ash and Brock, who nodded. "I had a feeling that would be the case, so Gyarados is from your sister's gym, huh, Misty?" Ash said to Misty, who shook her head, which confused Ash. "Well, yes and no. She may be from the gym, but she's my Pokemon given to me by my parents and is now a member of my team from this day forward. Does this change my issues with one? Kinda, but it's a start now," Misty said to Ash and Brock, who nodded. "As for Lapras, you already figured that he's not with the school your Lapras is from," Misty said. "Yeah, we had a feeling that would be the case, given how strict the leader was when Ash's Lapras was a part of his team," Brock said to Misty as Ash nodded. "Given that Lapras was asked to follow her father's footsteps as a leader, I agree. We can probably have our Lapras talk to each other later," Ash said to Misty, who nodded as they noticed Wake walking his way to the trio. "Well, Misty, you battled well out there. I can see why your family runs the Cerulean City gym and why it's in better hands with you than your sisters," Wake said to Misty, who was taken aback by this. "I'm not going to pry on that, but you have more style as a gym leader than performing shows like your sisters. No offense there, but take to heart that, one day, you might take over their gym, and you need to work on your skills and not hesitate as a gym leader. From one gym leader to another," Wake said as he took his leave. "You not wrong, Wake. I was asked to be gym leader again one day when the day comes, and this tournament will be my test to get better not only as a trainer but also as a gym leader," Misty said to Wake, who nodded and could tell what Misty said is from the bottom of her heart. Ash noticed that Misty meant what she said but knew the group would leave each other one day. He didn't pry into the situation. She could tell that Brock could understand that as well, as the group went to the Pokemon center for Misty to get her Pokemon healed. The Whirl Cup continued as the battles in the other brackets were wrapping up, and the battles for tomorrow's matches were posted, and it was Ash vs. Sissy and Misty vs. Sakura for the chance to be in the main tournament of the Whirl Cup. Ash and Misty knew this battle would be much more challenging than before, and this was their final match for the preliminary round. With Misty advancing to the last match of the preliminary round, both Ash and Misty are now up against two trainers they know all too well, Sissy and Sakura. What is in store for our two heroes as the Whirl Cup continues? Meanwhile, Charizard's group Charizard, Pidgeot, and Dragonair were eating dinner. Charizard knew that he should talk to Pidgeot as time passed, and she looked like she was on speaking terms with him. " Pidgeot, is it okay to talk to you?" Charizard asked Pidgeot, who sighed and turned to him, and nodded. " I'm sorry about earlier. My words were ahead of my mind there, and I didn't mean to say that, and, " Charizard was interrupted by Pidgeot. " Apology accepted, Charizard, and stop making excuses. You left me alone when I asked you to leave me be, so yes, we can talk and get along, and if you had said I thought it was a bush or something, I would've left it alone. I know that you tripped on it. Just be careful of your surroundings, please, " Pidgeot said to Charizard, who sighed and nodded. " Pidgeot, if you don't mind me asking this question, given that you and I are females, how old are you compared to me and Charizard? " Dragonair asked Pidgeot, who sighed and nodded. " I already know your age, given that Skarmory opened her beak when you mentioned your age," Charizard said to Pidgeot, who nodded. " When I left to be the flock leader, I turned 9 years old, and one year later, I returned to Ash's team. In 4 months from now, I'll be 11 years old, and I didn't catch either of your ages when we met. Then again, I have rarely been with Charizard until after we started coming to this region? " Pidgeot asked Dragonair and Charizard, who turned to each other. " I'm 3 months older than you, Pidgeot, and 11 already turned it when we arrived at the Charizific Valley that day, not that I wanted to spend my birthday like that. Dragonair is an hour behind me even though we are twins if I remember correctly, " Charizard said to Pidgeot, who was surprised that Charizard was a little older than she was, as Dragonair nodded in agreement at Charizard's statement. Dragonair remembers something that Ash mentioned and what Pidgeot said earlier. " Say, what did Ash mean by when I evolve that I don't turn into you, Charizard? " Dragonair asked her brother, who almost choked on his food when she asked him that question as he turned to her. " It's just an unusual question given that Dragonairs aren't the type to be disobedient to their trainers? " Dragonair asked her brother, who sighed. " It's not just in this form, sis ," Charizard said to his sister, who was curious about what he meant. "What you just said is what Ash meant? After I evolved into a Charmeleon, I was disobedient, lazy, and usually fell asleep, and that happened when I evolved as well, something that I regret nowadays," Charizard said, sighing as Dragonair nodded. " Given that one of your naps cost Ash his first league, Charizard? I'm sure that is your one regret, especially given that the whole team was exhausted from dealing with Team Rocket, " Pidgeot said to Charizard, who sighed. " I know, I know. Pikachu filled me in the whole thing after you rejoined the team. If I had known that would happen back then, I would've let Ash use me for that battle," Charizard said to Pidgeot. " Look, what happened back then is in the past, and you know that you are behind that now even though you sleep a lot now, " Pidgeot said, taking a stab at Charizard after that comment about her weight, which Charizard had no back to that question. " I have one more question, Pidgeot, and we can call the questions over with for now . You know that we have siblings. Do you have any, and what about your family as well? " Dragonair asked Pidgeot, who nodded as it was fair. "Charizard, you already know about my father, and he's a gym leader Pokemon. As for my siblings, I have one older brother; the last time I saw him was the day before Ash's journey started when I was a Pidgey. Then again, he was also a Pidgey, " Pidgeot said to Dragonair and Charizard, who was curious about that. " What about your mother?" Charizard asked Pidgeot, who looked down. " After my father left to stay with his trainer, my mother went on her own to find a trainer. Luckily, my brother and I were old enough to be on our own, and I hadn't seen my father's flock in years since I left to the point like Skarmory. I probably wouldn't recognize it, " Pidgeot said to the siblings, who nodded. " Part about being a human-trained Pokemon is that you have to make a hard choice to be with your trainer or spend time with your flock, especially given, if I remember correctly, Violet City is only a day's flight from Viridian City if you leave directly ," Charizard said to Pidgeot who nodded as Charizard thought of something. " Say, what about that Pidgeotto of your flock that has an issue with you? " Charizard asked her, who looked at him. "Think about it. Maybe he might be your older brother. From the looks of him, he does look older than you, minus him being in his middle stage and all that, and it was his family's flock. " Pidgeot thought about what Charizard meant and needed clarification. " I'm not sure about that, Charizard. I'm not saying that isn't possible, given that he looks like that. If that is the case, that would explain why he has issues against me, or that he isn't aware of that and would explain when I asked about him to the council members of my flock who's been with the flock the longest they told me he's a family friend and all that, " Pidgeot said to Charizard. " Cause of the whole thing that siblings can't run the flock together unless it's for one to be a second in command or joining flocks. I remember you said that ," Charizard said to Pidgeot, who nodded. " Next time I see him, I'll ask him. If that's the case, I have a few questions of my own I want to talk to him about, and from what Skarmory has been telling me, her uncle has been tight beak about him ," Pidgeot said as Charizard nodded. " We'll call it a night, and then we'll train tomorrow. I plan on also teaching Charizard Dragons Dance tomorrow, " Dragonair said to Pidgeot, who nodded as she sensed something like someone was watching the group and it was something else from before. "You sensed it too, Dragonair, " Charizard asked his sister, who nodded as the group looked around, hoping to find whatever it was as they felt this since the group had arrived on the Island. Little did the group know it, but another Dragonite was watching the group from afar to the point that they couldn't spot him, and it wasn't a wild one either. Stay Tuned.
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Hey, just a couple of things i want to get situated right now. I am working hard on the group

If you want to join and aren't able to just send a message to either one of us or comment and we will try to fix the problem or we could just invite you into the group.


There will be no criticizing of another members art in this group, :iconwelovebleachcouples: or :iconcartoonsaregreat: if YOU do I or my co-founder will remove you for bulling another
Also dont send things to the featured folder if you want me to make a folder let me know

Thanks for your time.

Founder :iconfaithfulaizen:

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you can either be a anime or cartoon fan or you can be both there are no rules you can add what ever you want to the group as long as its a anime and cartoon
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Sep 13, 2011


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Welcome to ILoveAnime-Cartoons


No criticizing another members art!

This means you will not bully them to where they end up removing their art if the one responsible for the bulling will be removed




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