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Most of you know that I'm designing for the Envato Marketplaces ThemeForest and GraphicRiver.

On ThemeForest one of my Templates is now featured as the "Free File of the Month". I'm talking about my HTML Template "+PLUS HTML for TF"…

So if you are a fan of my work and want to own this Template you can download it for free all June long here:…

Enjoy ;)
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500px is photography...

So I decided to create an account there and to upload some of my photos that I took while traveling the world.

Check it out:

Question to you guys: Should I start a DeviantArt Photo Account?
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I'm back at the Envato Marketplaces!

Back in the past I was only designing for ThemeForest, but I decided to start designing also for GraphicRiver.

Take a look at my latest Deviations for more details ;)

... or check it out live:…
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Well, to clear things: Usually I would never do something like that, but in this case it's absolutely necessary and I'm sure also helpful for all the honest web designers here on DeviantART.

I want to warn everybody here, not only the web designer, from the user "osec" here on DeviantART.

At the first impression you might see a well designed layout, but looking closer to his work you will see art thievery.

Sure, he removed it in the meanwhile but reading through the comments will show you what I mean.

Lets take his latest deviation as a example:…

Reading the comments will show you that he used photos from Sugarock99 without asking... clear case of art thievery.

Before changing it he also used the Vivid Ways logo ( which was designed by Chris Spooner (…) ... another case of art thievery.

So, what's so bad you might think. Reading his authors comment will help you understand:

"...will be for sale..."

Amazing, isn't it? He really tries to sell this stolen-puzzled "something" (you can really call it design, it includes to much stolen things).

But not enough. When telling him that he used copyrighted material he just blocks the comment for all users to have a clean slate.

If you want to know more about his past take a look at his journals...

Where he calls people idiots because they reported his artwork (sure with a good reason). -…

Or where he admits public that he was arrested for theft in "real life". -…

This last post is something special in my eyes. Back then people already told him that his theft will give him a bad image. And here we go, he started stealing online too.

Does he thing it's cool? If yes then he is a poor young guy who needs help immediately =/

Beware honest web designers, beware! (Also photographers!)
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As promised in one of my older posts, here comes more from my website templates.

This time: Creatos - A 3 color website template for web designers, design agencies and studios... etc.

Available in blue, green and orange here:…

More templates are coming, stay tuned ;)…
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Hi there!

I'm sure you all remember on of my latest projects, weloveCSS.

Their website is now official online, so visit it and start submitting your websites to be shown!

They also got a competition running. All you need to do it to follow them on Twitter and tweet following:

" - a new CSS-gallery website is online! Follow them @welovecss and RT this to enter their competition and win a iPod Nano!"

I entered so wish all others good luck!

Cheers! ;)
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I'm sure most of you know my "Coffe Junkie" templates here on deviantART ->…

The template was originally designed as a PSD template for Theme Forest.

But now it's also available as XHTML/CSS template for just $10 ->…

There will be more XHTML/CSS templates in the future. The "Creatos" template (…) will be the next one. It will include a working jQuery slider and 3 different colored layouts to choose from.

Stay tuned!

Cheers ;)
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Is deviantArt totally out of mind and only looking for money anymore? Look at this picture on my TwitPic account:

Strange advert for a "art" community... Especially when there are a lot of young artists under 18.

I mean ok: I've complained a several times about deviantART. I also created this new account because I wanted to leave devianrtART. And also long-time deviants know that deviantART was strange and sometimes really stupid in the past. But that's the limit.

This place, deviantART has really become a sad place. I don't know if I want to be any longer a member of this "community".
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Well, as the most of you know, I'm designing templates for "Theme Forest".

Now there is a competition and I need your help for this!

All you need to do is:

Please got to the "Theme Forest" website… and register.

Then buy one of my templates here:

Business Template…

Design Studio…

Grungy Paper Look Portfolio…

Or just choose one from the many others ;)

Thank you ;)
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I hope you'll have a nice weekend! If you had a bad week, well then even more enjoy this weekend.

Take the resurrection of Jesus as a example and start better, with new energy, into next week.

Happy easter days to everyone out there!