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Kirito Great Sword Tutorial

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A tutorial for how to make the Black Iron Great Sword from Sword Art Online (Alfheim arc).

Materials used:

- Grey board (2.5 mm thick)
- EVA foam
- Metal ruler
- Stanley knife
- Cutting mat
- Paper clay
- Universal hobby adhesive
- Contact adhesive
- Construction adhesive from Bison
- Wooden stick
- Sanding paper
- Painters tape
- Gesso
- Primer
- Silver metallic spray paint
- Black metallic spray paint
- Graphite powder
- Brown and black acrylic paint
- Paint brushes

- For the base of the sword I used 2.5mm thick grey board. I cutted out all the patterns. Because the material is very thick, you can't cut it in one movement. So I used a metal ruler and slichtly cutted the board by going over de drawn patterns a few times with my stanley knife.

- After I cutted out all the patterns, I glued on the edges with universal hobby adhesive. I glued on the wooden stick in the center of the board with construction adhesive and let it cure for a night.

- After the construction adhesive was cured I glued all the grey board pieces together and filled in the seams with paper clay. After the paperclay was fully harded out I sanded it down.

- Then I added the other details which I cutted out of EVA foam. I used contact adhesive to glue all the pieces together and glued it on the grey board. Again I filled in the seams with paperclay and sanded it down etc. For the details on the grid I used paperglay also and sanded it down.

- I sealed the foam with at least 2 layers of gesso, this is very important or else the foam will be too porous to be able to spray paint. After the gesso was fully cured I added a primer. After the primer was cured, I sanded everything with a 200 grid sandpaper to smooth everything out.

- Time to paint, I started with the silver part. So I sealed all the area's which are NOT silver with painters tape and sprayed a few thin layers of silver paint and let it cure for a few hours. Then I carefully removed the painters tape and sealed all the silver area's to be able to add the black paint. After the black paint was cured I added some graphite powder for a more metallic look and added some brown/black acrylic paint for a worn out look.

And the sword is done!

Tips an tricks:

When using grey board for making swords or other props, always use a sturdy core like wood or metal. For making swords like a katana I recommend wood because grey board will not be sturdy enough for a blade only.

As a filler you can use any material you want since there will be no pressure on the seams. I used paperclay because I already had this laying around.

If you want a more lightweight prop, you can also use foam board instead of grey board. Foam board is not as sturdy as grey board but it is possible. On foam board you can't use the contact adhesive and some types of primers, it can eat the foam board.

I hope this helps, if there are any questions be free to ask them.
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Can I use a cardstock for the base?
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I don't think cardstock will be durable enough so I won't recommend it.
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How long is this sword?  I'm going to be making one for my husband but haven't been able to find any information on the size of the great sword!
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You can find the specific measurements here:…

Total length of my sword is 140 cm, but I am 165 cm myself. If your husband is taller, it means the overal measurments of the sword needs to be a bit bigger as well. Hope it helps :)
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Hi, I'm currently trying to make Kirito's Elucidator for Comic-Con and wanted to know what did you use to cover the joints and what primer you used to cover the sword. Here in Puerto Rico they don't have grey boards going to try to do it on faom board, will the same primer function the same way?
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I used paperclay to cover any gaps and joints. But any filler that cures in the air will do.

Don't use the same primer on foam board. It will destroy the foam, so don't use anything chemical on it.

Use PVA glue (woodglue), a few layers of it of any brand (as long it is not expandable) will do the job :)
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Thanx so much!! Will do, if every thing goes smooth I'll post the final pics!!
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A great-a tutorial! XD
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Hy, that's an awsome sword, I would like to make one myself but I have problems wirh the right size, couls you tell me about the parameteers of you sword? That would be a very big help, thanks.
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Measurements of the sword can be found here:…
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Looks like swords inside of a cave
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Would you sell this? ^_^
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Btw, what did you use on the handle of the sword? (end of the wood and connecting to the sword piece) Is it also foam?
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It is paperclay ^^
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Nice but since I have non of that stuff I have to use cardboard :D
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Would you mind telling me the dimension of it though I think Im kind of off?
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Hi, I am currently trying to make this sword. I am a little confused on how to glue on the sides of the sword. How do you get them to lay at an angle? I glued them sticking vertically up. Also, near the end of the sword (where the stick is attached to the sword), what material did you use to make that detail? After painting the sword, the material resembles rubber. Did you use the eva foam or the paper clay to fill in the bottom of the sword? The tutorial is great btw! Sorry for the long questions. this is my first time making a cosplay prop.
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I first glued both big pieces together without the sides. After that I glued small triangles on the sides and on top of that the sides :) I used EVA foam for all the details.
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Ok I found the answer to my question! Yay. Im excited to make this sword. Thanks for posting this tutorial
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The paper clay need to take how much time to let it become hard?If need to let it soft,need to add water?
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Depends on the brand you use. I have it in a powder form and I add the amount of water until I am happy with the smoothness of it.
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