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periodic table of metal B

yeah... me and an extern friend of mine (not on DA) created this periodic table of elem..ehm metal groups
this is a good resume of (quite) all famous metal groups
hope you like this!
(Black edition here white [link])
EDIT: corrected
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could I post this image on my facebook page that I use it to sell my old metal clothes? Of course, I will credit you!
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Cool, but I caught one minor typo.

Wouldn't Motley Crue be Mc, technically?

I see another Mb already for Mr. Big.
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Sweet! I'm seeing King Diamond in Detroit next week!
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It is too bad there is not a category of "stoner metal" or "hallucinogenic metal" (instead of halogen elements) for groups like Kyuss, Fu Manchu, and Mondo Generator.
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Hmmmm. Why is disturbed only semi-metal on the internet it falls into the hard metal area.
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I love rock music of all kinds but I can't tell the difference between types of metal like thrash death or noble. Could a veteran tell the apprentice the difference? Please and thank you
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Yes, thank ya kindly
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Dude that's AWESOME AS FUCK! Great job!
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Very nice, almost great, but... where is Death, Napalm Death, Nuclear Assault and Boltthrower?
These are iconic groups you can't forget.
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no death. table is invalid.
Missing the radio-active among the heavy metals.  And don't forget the violent reactions that occur when mixing the Alkali Metal with the Not Metal (NU)
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wow, really good. In my opinin soil and soilwork are missing!
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Where ist Death Metal and Melodic Death Metal?
\m/ Amon Amarth \m/
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where is the indie elements i was hoping to see a elliott smith element
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Is Sepultura really Death? Because I can understand them just fine so doesn't that make them Thrash?
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Sepultura would be groove metal in my humble opinion.
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wheres death they created the genre of death metal come on its in their name
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How could you not include 'Death' under death metal? And why are in Flames and CoB there?
A few bands deserve being on here but most of them can hardly be called metal :\
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I have to agree with some of those who protested before me.
The sidebar with noble rock might be thought to have the forerunners.
Yet I still don't feel Queen belong there at all, and quite hesitant about Hendrix also. (But ok Alice Cooper, ACDC and Van Halen)

For a "periodic table", one should not just pick those that are best known, but bands that has stood out in being creative and less of the copycats.
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