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Sully Erna - Sinner's Prayer

By Ilojleen
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Basic info

:pointr: size: A4
:pointr: H-8B Koh-I-Noor pencils, a regular eraser, a kneaded eraser, a Pentel white gel pen
:pointr: time: approx. 60h
:pointr: reference photo:…
:pointr: details:…
:pointr: the title: Sully's song, Sinner's Prayer
:pointr: step by step video:…

About the drawing

Salvatore Paul Erna, or just Sully Erna, the leader of the hard rock band Godsmack, once again. I felt this time he deserved a decent portrait.
Please read the following text if you can bear with my usual boring talk:
After the decade of listening to Godsmack as "one of the bands I like, not my top favourite", I realized it is actually my band no 1. About 10 years after having heard them for the first time, can you imagine? Better later than never :B My previous "no 1 bands", 30 Seconds To Mars and Nickelback don't play loud enough to satisfy my evil black heart, I guess [but I still love their music].
Last year I discovered Sully had released his own, solo album. Being curious, I listened to it... and fell in love with it at once. It's com-ple-tely different from what Erna creates with Godsmack. "The Avalon" is a mix of soft rock, symphonic and tribal music, and has become one of my favourite albums I have ever listened to. Very emotional masterpiece. The title of this drawing is of one of "The Avalon" songs, "Sinner's Prayer". You can listen to it here: [I know, the "mumbo jumbo" intro is funny xD], I also recommend you the following songs, I'm sure you won't be dissapointed: Broken Road, 7 years, Until then.
Random fact: Sully can play the guitar, the piano, the harmonica, the keyboard, the bongos and the drums, which - the last one - he learnt playing at age of 3,5. He's pretty talented, versatile and truly inspirational as a musician.
I chose this photo not only because it was one of the better quality pictures of Sully I could find, but, first of all, because I find it just was... begging to be drawn! Look at this play of the shadows on his face, details of the kerchief, the tattoos... :heart: I LUV drawing such things. I picked "Sinner's Prayer" for the title because Sully with the hands joint and the eyes closed looks as if he was praying, doesn't he?
BTW, in case someone thought, "the dude must be stupid, how can you get so many stars tattooed on your face?!"... They aren't real, he used to have only one, but got it removed.

Whereas I did the exact copy of Sully's face and body from the reference picture, I let myself change the background, these lights are my idea. And I'm surprised how smooth the backgound turned out! I extremely enjoyed shading his face, such contrasts are a big challenge which takes more time, but I really like it. I'm happy with the outcome and consider it my best 2012 drawing so far :la:

He looks like a pirate here :dummy: :ahoy:
Feedback is always very welcome :heart:

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© 2012 - 2020 Ilojleen
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First I saw this: "Is that painted or real?" :O
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Great execution! And it's kinda hard to find decent high quality pictures of Sully and Godsmack, right? :D
Anyways, I'm sort of in the same situation - I was introduced to Godsmack something like 13-14 years ago by a friend who burnt me a CD with the "Awake" album. I remember that while listening to it I imagined Sully as a big, buff, baldheaded, badass metal guy. :D "Awake" was also the first video I watched and I think I felt like it was cool but kinda freaky for me back in those days. But I kept an eye on what they did and listened to all their albums. Back in 2010 I listened to "Avalon" and felt kinda the same as you - ever since then I've been describing it to my friends as "THE perfect album to play on a peaceful night at home with a glass of wine and lots of candles." Anyways, in the past few years my interest in Godsmack slowly deepend until it fully blasted off in 2015 when they came in Bulgaria for the first time. Thanks to a friend I even got the chance to take a picture with Sully in a bar the night before the concert - and a ton of my Facebook friends hated me for it. :D During that time Godsmack were my 3rd favorite band (1st has always been Linkin Park, they got me into this kind of music, 2nd by that time was Pendulum). Then "1000hp" happened, two Sully Erna solo shows in following years happened in the city where I live, "Hometown Life" happened and finally, this year "When Legends Rise" happened. By that time I was already a die-hard Godsmack fan (Linkin Park is still my most favorite band but I have a longer story with them and Godsmack are only a hair behind). But this album blew my mind off. I know that many older Godsmack fans hate it for sounding too "light", but it's just pure awesomeness. And, boy, am I addicted to "Bulletproof" since I first heard it! Headbang! Not sure if the neigbours already hate the song more, or my terrible but heartly singing! :D
Sorry for the long rant Sweating a little...  - once again I'm at the peak of my Godsmack passion at the moment and super excited because there is a concert coming up in two months and, hell, they can't pass fast enough! And it's always awesome to run into fellow fans.
Once again, wonderful portrait! Heart 
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Use their euphemisms to make us believe the lie that this is the right thing; this, as a product has left us civil, political, economic and socioeconomic wars robbing the people not only of their wealth but also of their knowledge. to recommend my favorite artists Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Frida Kahlo, Roberto Matta Gabino amaya cacho and Pablo Picasso.

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His countenance doesn't seem to represent the title. I love the humbleness of his face expression. 

Great job! 
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love him love the art
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I'm glad you do! :D Thanks, fellow Sully fan :aww:
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It is so amazing and real, I just don't have the words for it...
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Many thanks, it truly means a lot! :iconnewglomp:
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:o really nice it's perfect , i will follow your art !!
Ilojleen's avatar
Wow, thank you, I really appreciate it :heart: I hope I don't disappoint you with my future submissions :hug:
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hehe i think that won't happen :D (Big Grin)  , i would like receive tips Wink/Razz .. just kidding . go ahead+fav 
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Wow amazing talent! :)
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Thanks for the kind comment, I appreciate it :iconcocoloveplz:
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Thanks a lot :iconloveorangeplz:

Merry Christmas Sign 
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Excellent work! You have a great talent.
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Many thanks for this kind comment :heart: :cuddle:
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Impressive work! Oops!  You are so talented! La la la la Keep it up!
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Aww, thank you, so are you :cuddle:
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