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Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon
is a package of wallpapers with different resolutions.
Resolution in pixels:
The dragon was created entirely with Inkscape
The background was created with the Gimp.
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Sweet!  I regret not noticing this earlier.  =)
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thanks friend :D
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Very impressive. How long did it take to make the dragon in Inkscape?
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As I am not to familiar with the programs you used, this might be either a really hard thing to do, or easy peasy.

Is it possible to change the backround into a dark purple metallic color? (I might be able to get the precise color specifications tomorrow)
The reason for this is that I would love to use this as a fund wall for the bedroom in my new house. But the basecolor of that room is metallic purple and it won't be a good match with brown and purple.
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the dragon is drawn with a tablet directly in Inkscape. After saving the image format. png, I used Gimp to compose the background and insert filters.
the problem is that I no longer have the file available resource, and therefore I can not change the colors.
you could try using a program like adobe elements, gimp for windows or Linux.
If you can not find the resource file, the dragon (vector format) I'll enter.
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Wow! It's incredible the detail you put on it :)
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Thank you so much :D
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ma è stupendo!!!!!!!!!!!!11
ma come fai?!!!
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Grazie mille :D
ho usato una tavoletta grafica per disegnare il drago ,e poi un software libero Inkscape per definire linee e colori interni,dopo Gimp(sempre software libero)
per colorare il tutto :D
Grazie ancora per i complimenti :D
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Dragon is superbe!! :iconwowplz:
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Thank you so much :D
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wow the dragon is just amazing ... :) This makes me wanna start using Inkscape :)
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thanks :D
i love inkscape :woohoo:
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awesome very cool thaks.
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Thanks you too for appreciate my work :D
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PERFECT for a wall :wow:
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Thank you very much :D
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fantastic work, thank you :D
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you are a Fantastic Person :hug: Thank you very much :D my great friend :hug:
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very nice, well done
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Im glad you like it :D Thanks :D
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