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Save Palestine and Lebanon

This deviation is dedicated to all innocent people in Palestine and Lebanon..
They're suffered because the -you know who-'s millitary agression..

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Love and support from DK
lebanon is great man . we dont want anybody to save us :) ... nice pic
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i tried to show my and the world's sympathy of the israeli aggression on lebanon recently..

but i agree that lebanon is great.. lebanese and hezbollah forces show their power and fight bravely against israeli forces.. salute for them..

btw, thanks for the comment..
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Free Palestine :peace:
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Allahu Akbar!
Someday we'll see Palestinian Land free..

Thanks for the :+fav:
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Allahu Akbar!

InshAllah my bro.

thanks for the great support :hug:
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i totally agree with your comments on this dev (which is, btw, very cool).
war makes me sick.
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~thanks for comment =D
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May be this deviation could be dedicated to all innocent people ? There are innocent people in all countries, people fighting for peace verywhere, and bombs or missile never ask for pedigree before killing people.
A government is not all the people that live in the country... never

I just pray for peace
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yes, i agree with u too.. but i guess, in this case, the libanese and the palestinian need urgent attention.. we should do something to stop the aggressor..
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Well, I have less feelings for the part of the people living in Lebanon - somehow against the will of the Lebanese - and also agressing and attacking some Israelis and some Lebanese.

I do agree all aggressions should be stopped, and I do agree Israel answer was "a little bit" disproporionnate. I do support Lebanon (even if I doubt deviations and stamps would do anything but cheering up the people seeing them) and more I support hope of peace over there.
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Well done! I totally agree and I really hope this all ends. I can't understand why they are shipping out tourists only when the innocent people living there are still in great danger...I'm glad someone did a deviation about this. :clap:
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thank you very much! =D

maybe they don't want to endanger the tourist..

hope this will be over soon.. but i guess it won't..
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Ur welcome :hug:
I dunno, I understand that, but I just believe they should help the civilians as much as they are helping the tourists, u know what i mean. :nod:
good work bro ...
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i really like the fact that someone on DA stood up for the rights of the people of Palastine and Lebanon.... i felt terrible watching the news and always hearing new deaths on the palastinian's side every single day.... and for no reason are all of them dying, its so sad...:(

perhaps u are not the first to make an artpiece like this, but sence this is the first i saw, i will say keep up the great work and never lose ur courage to post something like this... it is good to say ur opinion^_^ :hug:
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There is a reason, their government(Hammas) launch rockets to cities in Israel and Attack innocents.
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thank you very much for the support sister.. =D

there are another people with this idea too.. you should check out the lebanon's deviantArt..

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oooh ok, i will check out lebanon's art^_^
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Nice design...:nod: I wish I could do vector art. Susah amet...bikin gw bingung! :shakefist: =P

But yes...pray for peace and freedom for Palestine + Lebanon...:pray:
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terimakasih.. =D
aku juga masih belajar vecto kok..
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