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Diablo 3: One Day in Hell...

"Look out! Spiders!"

The dead air hung heavily in the cavern, walls tinged red by the heat of hell itself. Sounds echoed and his companions voice was no different. The word spiders echoed .. and echoed. The leader of the party turned his head slightly to regard the archer. "Truly, Linden? They're not spiders, they're stygian crawlers."

As the spider creatures eased out of the shadows of the tunnel ahead, they were indeed more than just spiders as the archer had named them. Surely, there were eight legs protruding from a very spider-like body. But that's where the similarity ended. These creatures possessed hard exoskeletons that glistened in the hellish light. They also were larger and not by mere inches. They were the size of an average to large dog. And they were fast.

The archer took a step back, bow drawn and aimed. He didn't fire just yet as he didn't want to waste his arrows for nothing. His eyes shifted to the party leader, waiting. He found the man standing, waiting. Almost as if he did not want to startle the coming army. The archer cleared his throat, "Umm .. Master, they're .. coming."

The Master shook his head slightly. "I do hope so." He could feel the group coming, he knew when they surrounded him two and three deep. He opened his eyes to see the spider-like creatures trying to crawl one atop the other in an attempt to cover him completely. His hand lifted, chin rising. Audible words were not needed. He gathered his energy and swept his hand down. A wave of power exploded away from his body in cloud of poison, darker tendrils wrapping around their targets.

The stygian crawlers blew backward but there were too many for one such explosion to handle. The Master's hand lifted again and swept down. Another wave and the beasts were blown back to the last, all tumbling over one another. Dead. Legs twitching. The aura of their evil intent whisping upward, souls released.

A bellow erupted from farther down the tunnel, where the dark shadows could not be penetrated by the red light of the walls. The Master smiled. It was not for joy. The expression carried a cruel tone. His hand shifted as if gathering grains of sand from the seashore. The dead bodies jerked to unlife, commanded by the Necromancer Master.  

"Go." The word was whispered yet the archer could hear it plain as day.

The carcasses of the once-dead spider creatures scurried to find their footing and then scrambled down the tunnel toward the heavy steps approaching. They were now the army of the Master and were intent on attacking their once ally. The Master lifted his hand yet again and a power erupted from it, charging down the tunnel over the bodies of the undead spider-beings. It snaked through the air and plowed into the approaching creature who howled from the impact. The power engulfed it and the color changed from a white to purple to red as it traveled back to the Necromancer.

The Master smiled again, the stolen life force giving him energy and healing his wounds.

"Come, Linden. Our journey is not yet complete."

The archer watched the Master move ahead and muttered, "Of course not. We're still in hell instead of Kingsport. Not that they're much different."
This is not actual Diablo 3 game play, this is me just having a momentary flight of fancy with something that happened in game just before I ended Azmodan. I had a moment of banter in my head between my Necromancer (love the character class) and his follower the Thief/Archer Linden. Thank you to Diablo 3 for prividing the inspiration..
LydiaTheWitch Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing! I can't wait to play as the Necromancer.
illysArt Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017
I beat the game with my Necromancer today. WOOT!
LydiaTheWitch Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Sweet! :) My favorite so far is the Demon Hunter.
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