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So after 2 surgeries, a low iodine diet for 2+ weeks and a mouthful of radioactive iodine, it looks like I'll be okay! We'll check it all in a year. I've started the thyroid hormone replacement therapy and am getting my energy back day by day. I started back to work yesterday and look forward to a great fall season.

Thank you to everyone to emailed, posted, or noted me support. This is a wonderful community.

I'm working on getting back into the swing of art. :)
Surgery went ok. Recovery is the difficult part. I am so tired, I haven’t been able to turn on my computer yet. Hopefully I will get my energy back.
Apparently they are still doing those 'I want to give you tons of money' email scams. That's so twenty years ago....
So, the cast is gone (replaced by a brace) and I got myself a new car. WOOT! It was a great week.
It sucks to be without power. Oh well, I’m going to get some good sleep.

Life is just ... WOW

Fri Jun 15, 2018, 6:36 PM
Recently I went in for a routine surgery as a precaution since we discovered I had a growth on my Thyroid. No big deal, right?  We all figured it was benign because the biopsy did not return a classic cancer cell. It did return cells that can occur either in goiter or cancer. 

As luck would have it, I got the Big C reported on the pathology finding. Woo. Go me!

So now I'm looking at another surgical consult early next week and another surgery to remove the remaining part of my Thyroid. And just to be safe, I'm told we may even do some radioactive iodine. 



So, I may still be out for a while depending on when the surgery actually happens and what sort of a recovery I am looking at afterward. I'm not gone forever. I'm not looking for sympathy. Just sharing a life lesson. Just because the biopsy says 'eh, not cancer for certain', go the extra step and get it confirmed. It is a matter of life and death sometimes. I'm really glad I went through with the first surgery. I kind of regret not calling a 'take it all' decision at the get go. Oh well.

To everyone who watches me, keep on being cool and keep on posting your art. I really enjoy seeing it when I am able to sign in. Each one of you brings an energy and brightens my day.

Thank you!

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