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Lara Croft Tomb Raider Reborn ( japan Expo 2013 )

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Hi, I use this amazing pose here:

Tomb Raider v.2
Tomb Raider v.1
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I love each picture you take in any costume!!!! <3
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The lighting and pose on this one is superb! :clap:
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I love the pose! 
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I saw you handmade the bow in a previous comment, that's awesome! Did you do all your own makeup, too, the dirt and blood?
Your skillset is as extensive as Lara's own! ; D
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Her shaded right bang makes the photo!!! badass gear
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This is one of the best cosplay I've seen
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Oh yeah that's bang on Tomb Raider.
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Ok, this is a Cosplay !!
Congratulations, indeed looks like Lara on the new game =)
And I loved the bow *.*
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awesome, the detail is amazing. I love those boots


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A BOW...AND ARROW La la la la 






















Ok now, lets get back to this...Photo? yes!






It's beautiful :D

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woah! the bow is original or is handmade? :)
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Awesome work.. do check out mine
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