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Please make sure you read the following before you make any brush requests.

Sometimes I like to help out and create brushes for others. I've done it in the past and it has turned out nicely. So I figured what the hay, lets try it again. I have done over a hundred brush sets, this does not include converting them for GIMP and Photoshop. Paintshop Pro is my primarily graphic program I use when making the brushes and than I convert them for GIMP and Photoshop users.

So lets get started going over a few things before the form you fill out.

-All lyrics and text must be provided for these sets.
    -Lyrics: Make sure you provide the artist name as well. If there is a particular part from the song you want, you may post that.

-If you are requesting a design set, please let me know what you would like or looking for. Please visit my galleries for ideas and see what I have done.

-Fill out the whole form before sending it off to me.

-The number of brushes will depend on what you want and/or send me.
    -Design sets range from 5-10 brushes per set.
    -Lyrics/Text sets range from 10-15 brushes per set.
    -Name Stamp range from 5-8 brushes with 5 different styles.

-One brush set at a time. Once you receive your finished set, you may request again.

-You will receive a preview, image pack and your brushes.
-You will have the option choosing exclusive or open.
    -Exclusive brushes are meant only for you. I will only post the preview image. With exclusive, you may not share them.
    -Open brushes, you are allowing me to share them with others as well as you letting others use them. This will allow me to share with PSP, PS & GIMP  and other users.

-If you are using something other than PSP, PS & GIMP, I will send you just the image pack.

-I have added a new brush idea. Not only do you have the choice to choose between Design, Lyrics or Text, you have the option to choose name stamps. A name stamp is your info whether it's a member name, DA addy, e-mail address etc... I will allow 5 different name stamps. I will make a few different styles for you to choose from. This way you can change things up.

-The size of the brushes will vary unless you state other wise. For example, if you want icon size, I will make them small enough to fit on 100x100 icons. You have the option for mix sizes.

-I am not accepting textures at this time. I might later on but currently not now.

-If there is a problem when you go to use them, you need to tell me what that problem is so we can fix it.

-Once you are done filling out the form you have to send it either through PM on DA or you may e-mail it to me at with the subject: Brush Request. I keep track of everything for my records.

The Form

What Kind (Text, Lyrics, Design, Name Stamp):
What Did You Want (Place your lyrics/text, name stamp/design info here):
What Size Brushes:
Exclusive or Open:
What Program (PSP, PS, GIMP, Image Pack Only):
E-mail Address (To send you the final zip):
Additional Info (Anything else you may want me to know):

*Brush requests are a privilege, don't abuse it or be a nag on when your brushes will be done. Please allow at least a week for them to be done. This is just to be on the safe side. Just know they do take time.*

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them.
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