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GIMP Skulls and Hearts

By Illyera
Updated: Redone the GIMP brushes. They should work in color now.

-15 Skulls and Hearts and a few flowers
-Different sizes and styles
-Image Pack Included

*All pics found on the internet. I take no claim in them as my own.*
© 2008 - 2021 Illyera
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These are great ^_^
These are great and will work fantasticly on some clothing I am currently making, thank you SO much!
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Got some problems with downloading T-T
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what problems are you having?
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Like connection lost or like that... :-(
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I think that might be on your end because i just downloaded them without any problems. Try down loading them again. If you still have problems let me know and I will upload them some place else for you.
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thanks. it seems like it was just a bug in my PC. sorry for disturbing you.
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Well, i think i've used it here [link]

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i'm pretty sure i used one of these to make my css design ^^ (it's still being coded) but i just wanted to let you know ^^ sorry i didn't link here in the artist comment, i really had forgotten where they were from ^^;
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Thx very much for these ^^
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