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GIMP Music of My Soul

Updated: Redone the GIMP brushes. They should work in color now.

-15 GIMP Brushes
-Image Pack Included

Other Versions:

Paintshop Pro:…
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AvalancheSyndrome's avatar
Using it for a Watermark!
Thank you for making~
LalaLaLaLaElmosWorld's avatar
OhMaiGawsh love them ♥
Pink-Igloo's avatar
really cool. thanks !
Winx-Beauty's avatar
Really nice brushes ♥
Thanks ^-^
Sp0iled13's avatar
i think there very cute and with lots of creativity we can use them well thanks :)
Scapinou's avatar
This brushes are so cool.
DJ-Daniel-D's avatar
Thanks ;)
I added this by my Faves :D
Youkai-Nekamata's avatar
favorited! thanks these are just what I'm lookin for.
xDarkEllax's avatar
Are they all just one color?
Illyera's avatar
That's just the preview and what I used to. They are black and can be used with color.
ttiinki's avatar
:D i likeee it!
minou-o's avatar
used here : [link] thank you ^^
Bubbles-Catalyst17's avatar
I used this brush here :) - [link]
crystaltail's avatar
Pretty! I can't wait to try them :D

And the reason they show up black is because they need to be converted to grayscale ;D
ArcticWolfPup's avatar
to fix that, select the "Use color from gradient thing and then make sure it's set on the foreground-background color one ^^
Illyera's avatar
Yeah someone had told me about changing them to grayscale. But when I do, they don't show up. I'll figure it out...I hope.
xir4n's avatar
used here:
i hope u like it
xthexblackxcat's avatar
I want use them o,O
thank U :heart:
GunnerYuna's avatar
u gots de best brushes in all of gimp brush land lol srsly! n.n
Thank you for these, i've been looking something like this for SO long!!!
calii's avatar
I will be using those brushes - they are great! Thank you for sharing!
Illyera's avatar
Thank you. I look forward to seeing what you use my brushes for.
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