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GIMP Flower Brushes

Updated: Redone the GIMP brushes. They should work in color now.

-14 GIMP Brushes
-Image Pack Included

Comments and Favs are welcome.

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Thank you so much

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very pretty thank you for sharing

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Awesome, going to use!

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These saved me *so* much time and effort tonight. Thank you so much!
Thank you so much
Hi! Can I use for commercial use, please?
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I am always looking for new and cool Gimp brushes, Thank you.
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Go right ahead. 
thats awesome,  thank you :)
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I have added this brush into my brushes folder, at first it worked fine, but now it's all grainy and most of the brush is mis-aligned. I've tried reinstalling the brushes but it doesn't change. I've even tried defraging my computer with no results. Any suggestions?
Can you please tell me if there's a way to get the brushes to change from just black when using them in gimp? Thank you, they are really beautiful brushes :D
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I'll send you the instructions on what you have to do to make them color.
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they are beautiful!! one question tho, when i tried using them they wont change colour, and they are all like a gray-ish colour, is it suppose to be like that?
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No. The way that I figured out on how to save the brushes in Gimp kept them black. I will send on how to fix the problem when I get on the computer tonight.
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yayyy!!! tell me when u fixed them :D
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You should have received a message from me regarding the brushes. If not, let me know and I'll send again.
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Thanks for the brushes! I will be using them!
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i used your brushes here [link]
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yeah I cant agree more with showN sum lOve here.. these are gorgeous! Thank you.. sO these are Free? where do can I buy the licence? their baDaSS..
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You can just download the brushes from the download button. No license is required to use them.
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thank you so much!
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