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2010 Calendar Brushes

This is my first attempt at doing a calendar set brush pack. Obviously from the preview it doesn't look like it, it's the first brush set that I couldn't use my brushes to give you a cool looking preview. So instead, I used some of my brushes to make one.

The brushes are done two different ways. One way is with the days of the week inside a calendar like block and the other way is just the numbers for each month if you prefer the non block. The months are done separately and there is a brush for the days of the week to go with the non block calendar.

The white part of the calendar block will not show up, it will be transparent and the black part of the calendar will end up being whatever color you decide.


I can not promise that they will be converted over to GIMP and PS. An Image Pack is included if you have another program.

There is a difference, do NOT ask me why they aren't working when you have Photoshop. PAINTSHOP PRO!!!!!

Any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to leave me a note.

Favorites, Comments are always welcome. And I'll try to work on a different preview Image.
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They are beautiful![link]
Can you do so it´s work for GIMP? Pleeese...? :)
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The calender brushes? There is a image pack for the 2010 calender brushes that you could use or convert to GIMP. But I'll see about getting them for GIMP when I can.
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Like always - Your brushes are the best <3
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B-but they're so pretty *cries* i used to have paint shop pro ;x; ._.
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there is an image pack with the brushes that you can use for other programs.
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Oh really??? I was wondering what that was for :) thank you :D
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Yeah I doubt that I will get them converted over to PS or GIMP so just in case that I don't or someone has a different program, they can still use them.
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How considerate ;w; how far are you on making your site?
Illyera's avatar the beginning stages of it. lol I just started it last week.
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Oh! I see XD good luck! :3
i used real nice
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Well if i decide to do some calendar art i know where to come lol.
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