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HATES deeply dA Eclipse!
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I love drawing and writing, and taking photos. I love my cat, and I'm a fan of Predators, District 9 aliens and Transformers: sexy alien fans unite!

What else mhm... ah! I'm a cosplayer, older than 25 when I started and proud to be!

Current Residence: Under your bed, ih ih!

Favourite cartoon character: Sebastian, the black butler and Starscream by Transformers prime!

Personal Quote: Acqua cheta rompe i ponti

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New stuff uploaded on my Ko-fi, go and enjoy! ;) :new: Photo (and cosplay) commission So... since I'm really in need of some money and my art commissions aren't very popular I decided to add a new kind of commission, a cosplay commission: you can pick one of the characters (OCs not included, they belong to their owners) I did -male or female- and request me a pose, maybe holding a fansign or similar. Cosplay commission Base price:  12 EUROS  for a bust up,  15 EUROS for a half body,  18 EUROS for a knee up  21 EUROS for a full body Payment accepted through Paypal/Ko-fi ( )  is for ONE shot (price in your
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4 votes
I am relaxing and enjoying thank you! ;)
I'm pretty miserable, thanks for asking :/ *hugs*
Why, is it spring???? I didn't leave my house in a long while XD
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2 votes
THANK YOU A LOT! But I cannot reply back to each one of you anymore. If you want to engage with me, write a comment on the deviation you liked and I'll be more than happy to comment back. I need to keep my notification box cleaner, with Eclipse everything is so wonky I cannot stand the layout for too long without feeling angry and frustrated sadly. :( I hope you won't feel hurt in your feelings, I'm not ignoring you.
That's fine, I find the 'Thank you for blah blah' annoying, it gets old after the fifth person does it. :)
Aaaw, okay :( (please do feel free to comment on my stuff, it may take me a while to reply but I will do so).
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1) Korhann kiriban 200.200 free commission (human Alankar and Anaya on the beach lining)


1) Drawing commission for Korhann Shetan/pregnant Thanatos sweet drawing (PAID needs to start)

2) Written nsfw commission on my Furaffinity (talking about details)

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You have a magnificent gallery of work with so many beautiful photos. cosplays and stunningly beautiful artwork. You are very talented. Thank you for sharing your work with us. Take care and stay safe and well - and if you ever feel like a chat, drop me a note - I love to talk (not that you will):)

Many thanks, I really love creating, with my camera, with a pen and in general with my hands. I hope you'll stick around to see what else I'll make, and I'm always open to chat, even just on my deviations comments, on my status posts, the polls or even just here like you are doing right now. I'm sorry if it sounds bitchy, but I had very bad experiences with people contacting me out the blue through notes, so I stopped answering to notes altogether. :)

I am so sorry to hear that you have had to experience such bad times from people on notes. What is it with some people. I can fully appreciate your situation. Please take care and stay safe and well.:)

I'm glad you enjoyed my comment on "Superman"!

I still think they would look hot on you!!=P

My pleasre! You have the body for it!!!!

So can you ask BellHamato for making a new gift?