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Still Life by InkYami
The Nine ( The Lord of the rings ) by AnatoFinnstark
16. The Execution by Sceith-A
Le Crateur du Temps by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A
Comic Strips, Comic Pages and Comic Covers
Km 2 Page  13   14 K by pyraker
Kragor Comic finished page  5 by masuros
Rosewood Born Cover by Ranarh
Concepts, Character and Environment Design - FULL
Commission: Necron resurrect by Travis-Anderson
Smoke by azraelengel
Chuyn Hang/Sando by LeeKent
Claw Mountain by AhmetCanKahraman
Concepts, Character + Environment Design 2 - FULL
Swamp by littlewing2
Galaxy by Sayuki-Art
Symbiosis by milyKnight
Akito by chernotrav
Concepts, Character and Environment Design 3
Lian Angel by kamiyamark
Melvina by murillomagalhaes92
Commission #39 Adryc and Weslynn by MaraVoev
Ike and BB by seanbianchi
Social and Political Commentary Illustration
Resistance by EdselArnold
Last flash light by FataVictoria
Justice by FataVictoria
Bi Pride by azraelengel
Human(iform) - R. Daneel Olivaw by azraelengel
Suzuya Juuzou [Fanart] by ENYO-art
Serenity by MaGeXP
Non-fiction Based Scientifically Accurate
Flotsam and Jetsam by CharlotteHintzmann
Roadrunner by Moldovorot
Mushrooms 2020 by Moldovorot
1952 BMW R68 Motorcycle pencil drawing. by ivantremblac
Product, Packaging, Adverts and Dig. Applications
The Magician Tarot Art Coffee Tumbler by TanzenLilly
ShadowRun Budenzauber by Ranarh
Memopad Branches [SHOP] by IanPinkis
Lost Lands 2021 Poster Art by Venishi
Spot and Vignette Illustration
Year of the Tiger 2022 by Ranarh
Sweetheart by SBuzzard
Simple Pleausres by SBuzzard
Classic Narrative Illustration
Die drei Gezeichneten Cover by Ranarh
Commission Sheets
Commission Info by Kurosyai

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A general definition of the word illustration:

"The word "illustration" comes from the latin word illustra'tio, illu'stro meaning enlighten, irradiate. An illustration is a visualization or a depiction of a subject made by an artist and aims at elucidating or decorating a story, poem or piece of textual information by providing a visual representation of something described in the text. Illustrations can also represent scientific images (e.g. of flora, medicinal applications, technical processes etc.) as a means of providing information on how to use something." see Wikipedia


:bulletred: NO photomanipulation, photobashing, 3D art, poetry, fanfiction, graffiti, leatherwork, bodyart, sculpture, AI art, non-scanned works... You get the picture?

THIS INCLUDES: The current trend of taking photos of your work with the media used to create it! Please do not submit these works!

:bulletred: Do not submit auctions, "live streaming now", adoptables, etc. While we know artists just want to make a buck here and there, think of our group as a "best of" group. We do not want sales-y submissions clogging up our galleries or our watchers' feeds.

:bulletred: We want finished works! On occasion, we do accept pencil works, and sketches with high technical skill. But please take into consideration when you submit one of these pieces it has a high chance of being declined.

:bulletred: We also prefer works with more creativity than just copying from a photograph, or reproductions of other art, with inclusions of "studies". Please refrain from submitting these types of deviations. In the event that you make some interesting changes to the original piece, it may be taken into consideration. Always be sure your reference is

:bulletred: We do not accept adoptables/character auctions/purchaseable characters unless the quality of the work depicting them is impeccable.

:bulletred: Please note: Illustrators-Online is a group exclusively for illustrations. As such we do not accept studies of environments or people – no matter what quality! This does not apply to environment pieces or portraits that were created for a book, game etc. But 'mere studies' of "the real world" will be declined without further ado.

:bulletred: Further information on what goes in which folder can be found here

:bulletred: There is a per folder limit of 1 submission every 30 days. That means please use your submission wisely! We simply do not have the time to re-categorize the sheer amount of mis-categorized works for you, so if we ask you to resubmit to another folder, please don't complain about the submission limit.

Why was my work declined?

So you've joined Illustrators Online, picked out your best work, and carefully chosen which folder it went into... But your work was declined. What gives?

We try, when we can, to give a reason as to why your work was declined. However, we receive a huge amount of submissions every day, and combing through all of them leaving comments on sometimes very obvious things can be very time consuming for the few active administrators on this group.

1. The number one reason we decline works in Illustrators Online is due to miscategorizing your work. That means you didn't read the rules as carefully as you thought -- you tried to place a sci-fi themed artwork in the Scientific Illustration folder, or you put a piece of Digital Illustration in the Product, Packaging, and Digital Applications folder. Please check and make sure you submitted to the right category by consulting our rules and folder guidelines journals.

2. We see a lot of studies submitted to this group. We do NOT accept studies of any kind. This includes portraits, real world environmental studies, color studies, master studies, or anything else. If your deviation does not deviate far enough from your source material (think Norman Rockwell on this one) and looks the same as or identical to your reference photo, then it will not be accepted.

3. You submitted another unacceptable work. This includes photos, photobashing, photo manipulation, graffiti, sculpture, etc.

4. You submitted a photo of your work. In most cases, a low quality photo of your work OR a work that fits in the current trend of "photo of artwork with markers/pencils/pens/paintbrushes next to it". You submitted a low quality version of your work. We will not, under any circumstances, add blurry, compressed, or otherwise low quality pieces to our galleries. Often we will ask you to reupload a nicer looking version.

5. Your work was a work in progress or was unfinished... and looked it.

6. Your artwork was sexist or pornographic. Your artwork was offensive, and not in a made-you-think avant garde type of way.

7. Lastly, we try not to be "elitist", but we do have quality standards in this group. Some junior artists may not have works that are up-to-par with some of our gallery folder standards. If you are rejected due to quality reasons, please don't despair. We know it can be difficult being told your art is "not good enough" -- trust us, we are all also artists and have all been there! Keep working at your art or feel free to ask questions as to what you can improve upon. We always welcome submissions from artists declined for low quality reasons in the future.
Just a note - We are not accepting strictly AI art at this time.
This does not bar AI-assisted artwork. If you used AI to generate your concept, lighting, etc as an early stage or concept for your final work, you are still OK to submit it to Illustrators Online.
However, any artwork that is strictly created via AI and does not involve work of the human hand will not be accepted.
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