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Group Rules and Other Noteworthy Stuff

Member Requests

Please read the rules before submitting a Member request, and state that you have done so. A short introduction and statement about your work is also encouraged. Bear in mind that we do look at your gallery before approving/declining your request and may ask a few questions to get a better understanding of your work.
We also need to see at least five pieces of illustration that meets our Gallery acceptance standards before we can make a decision on your request. Submitting links to certain pieces with your Member request is highly regarded and gives us an idea as to whether or not you understand what pieces of yours meet our submission standards.
**All empty member requests will be denied.** It is very important that we know that you have taken the time and the effort to read, understand and accept our Group's rules. If you submit an empty Member request, that tells us you have done none of these simple things.
It is also a requirement of Membership that you are an illustrator/artist! We do not accept photography, film or animation. If you are an illustration appreciator, feel free to Watch the Group rather than submit a Member request!

Gallery Submissions

1) All submissions should be original illustrations. 
That is, an illustrative representation of something that communicates an idea. Still life and technical studies will generally be declined, and it is rare for us to accept character model sheets or a single character study (without a background and in a neutral pose) unless we feel it has particular graphic or illustrative merit. 
Plagiarists will be lynched and reported to DA.
You are free to submit non-member work to the galleries, but it will still be vetted for acceptance by the admins.

2) Nobody likes a spammer.
One submission per member, per week - please don't spam us by submitting pieces to every folder each week. We are in the fortunate position of having a lot of talented Members, and this can make for very long Submission queues! Consequently, in order to keep things manageable, we will only accept one piece per week from a Member.

3) Nothing rude, crude, or perverse. 
If it would make your Nana blush, think twice before submitting it to us (nothing offensive or overtly sexual, please). All pieces will be judged on an individual basis and are subject to Admin consensus. We may refuse a piece if it does not have a Deviant Art maturity tag on it. We may also decline gory pieces.

4) Finished pieces only. 
No unfinished pencil lineart, sketch dumps, WIPs (Work-In-Progress), scraps, or scribbles. Submissions should be refined to a coherent, finished level.
A word on speedpaints: generally we will decline them unless we feel the piece achieves something above and beyond something sketchy, ill-formed or scrappy.

5) No photography. 
(See Rule #1) Photographs of 3D illustration is okay. Photomanipulation is okay (Just reference your sources. Photomanip and photo-collage are okay, but we expect both to consider the same factors as any other piece of illustration submitted (see Rule #6). Photographing your work because you don't have a scanner is also okay, but be sure it is of good quality and good lighting or we will decline it.

6) Give us your best.
If we see in your Artist Comments that this was something you threw together in a short amount of time or something that you don't like how it turned out, we will decline it.
All submissions must meet our standards of quality. Your work should demonstrate the following:
*Solid understanding of anatomy, proportion and perspective
*Solid grasp of colour theory and usage
*Solid understanding of effective image composition
*Considered application of typography (where appropriate)
*Careful consideration of negative space as part of the composition (where appropriate)
*An image that is clear, with no out-of-focus fuzziness or poor lighting. Fingers, wall, carpet etc intruding on the image of your piece makes a poor impression and has us reaching for the Decline button.

7) Be polite and professional
Rudeness, lousy attitudes and harassment of other members or admins will result in you being ejected from the Group. Plagiarism is also not tolerated and will see you removed from the Group.

8) Do not add your work to the gallery and then remove it a short time later!
Please be aware that our gallery is not a revolving door. Do not submit a piece only to remove it after it has been accepted in order to gain views. If you have altered/improved the piece, then removal is acceptable and understandable, but we would consider it a courtesy if you inform us of your intentions regarding removing a piece from the gallery.
First time offenders will receive a warning via Note. Second time offenders will be removed from the Group altogether.

Declined submissions

*Please don't resubmit declined work. We'll only decline it again.
*You will be entitled to an explanation of our decision to decline both member requests and submissions.
*Don't be discouraged- it's not personal and we are more than willing to offer constructive advice, if you so choose.

Folder Category Guidelines

It helps the admins if you submit your work to the appropriate folders. However, we can allocate works to particular folders if we feel your submission category isn't the most appropriate. Sometimes it's a judgement call on our part as to whether a piece fits in one category better than another. If you feel strongly that we have allocated your work to the wrong category, please Note us!
To give you some guidelines, please read the category guidelines below.

Currently only admins can allocate pieces to the Featured folder. It is where we gather pieces that we feel display an above-average quality.

For non-digital pieces that do not fit more suitably into one of the other categories e.g Storybook, Fantasy etc

For digitally-produced pieces that do not fit more suitably into one of the other more specific categories e.g Storybook, Fantasy etc. Sometimes we will allocated mixed media of traditional & digital to this folder.

For images depicting mythical beings e.g elves, demons, dragons etc. and/or mythical settings.

For how-to instructions. Please note that we do not accept progressional pieces e.g. images of the same piece as it progresses from initial concept through to finished image unless it is accompanied by salient and informative text.

For children's book illustrations. Sometimes we may allocate pieces that have significant amounts of text as part of the composition, or cover art to the Graphic folder.

Comic & Storyboards
A new category for sequential images that tell a story. This is a category that we are more likely to accept pencil work into, but it still needs to show a solid grasp of artisitc ability and composition. We may also put comic covers here.
Currently we are having issues with Members being able to submit to this folder, but admins can move it if you submit it to the next best/appropriate folder.

Anime & Manga
For the varied and distinctive anime and manga pieces.

Illustrated book magazine covers, pieces with text or pieces with strong, distinctive and simple imagery can go here.

Can be traditional or digital. Currently we are having issues with Members being able to submit to this folder, but admins can move it if you submit it to the next best/appropriate folder.

Group Info

We encourage a diversity of illustrative styles in our Group so that all our Members can appreciate a wide range of accomplished artistic expressions. However, we do require our Members to have at least an intermediate level of artistic skill.
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