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Submission Rules

Illustration Friday Website

This is a "responsive" group. That means your submissions must be in response to one of the weekly topics. Either you make an artwork specially for the topic, or you match a pre-existing artwork to a topic. If you do not follow the very first rule below, your submission will be declined.

:star: ~ Submission Rules: ~ :star:

:bulletgreen: Please be sure to include "Illustration Friday" (or "IF") and the Topic in your title and/or description. We only accept work done for Illustration Friday topics, past or present.

:bulletgreen: Submit all finished illustrations to the Topic Submissions folder. If you're not sure how to submit artwork to a group, check this tutorial out:

:bulletgreen: All incomplete illustrations or process examples can be submitted to the Work in Progress folder.

:bulletgreen: Don't forget to submit your illustration to the official Illustration Friday site as well!

:bulletgreen: If you have a question or are unsure of something, just leave a comment or send us a note, we'll help you out!

¡Ahora en Español! Muchas gracias, LaChicaRara :D

Sitio web de Illustration Friday

Este es un grupo "que responde". Esto significa que tus publicaciones deben ser en respuesta a uno de los temas semanales. Tanto puedes hacer una obra de arte especialmente para el tema, como hacer coincidir una obra de arte pre-existente con un tema. Si no sigues la primera regla debajo, tu publicación será rechazada.

:star: ~ Reglas De Publicación: ~ :star:

:bulletgreen: Por favor asegúrate de incluir "Illustration Friday" (o "IF") y el Tema en tu título y/o descripción. Sólo aceptamos trabajos hechos para temas pasados o presentes de Illustration Friday.

:bulletgreen: Publica todas las ilustraciones finalizadas en la carpeta Topic Submissions. Si no sabes cómo publicar obras de arte en un grupo, fíjate en este tutorial:

:bulletgreen: Todas las ilustraciones incompletas o ejemplos de procesos pueden ser publicadas en la carpeta Work in Progress.

:bulletgreen: ¡No olvides publicar también tu ilustración en el sitio oficial de Illustration Friday !

:bulletgreen: Si tienes alguna pregunta o no sabes algo, sólo deja un comentario o envíanos una nota, ¡te ayudaremos!

Gallery Folders

IF Nose or Poseidon's Draught by Varsistine
IF: Moon by Chibi-Rina
IF: TROPICAL by juliapoli
Topic Submissions
Imaginary friend by TheGamer5000
Winter's Chill by AndrewDeFelice
Inktober Day 20 - CHARM by NikySHouse
Soar 2 (IF) by shloono
Unicorn (IF) by shloono
Punch (IF) by shloono
City (IF) by shloono
Home by ShanayAnderson
Illustration Friday - Sea by Creative-Elf
Walk in the Light IF:Light by StudioTinidril
JUNGLE IF by LouLaypats
Illustration Friday - Reflect by Velexane
IF - Secret by MuzikBocks
Illustration friday - Secret by Velexane
Illustration Friday 11/1/13--Creature by vincebayless
Tall Tales - IF by StudioTinidril
Merry Christmas! (IF) by MuzikBocks
Illustration Friday: Glow by nicokat
IF: Glow by CBrengan
IF: Messenger by crimsonashtree
wooly liberals by Buuya
Sweater by SylvanCreatures
2004 - 2010
Mail by springonion
if: caged by lizzybeth
Double by Arianna-chan
Spooky by KatGirlStudio
Work in Progress
Illustration Friday - Stripes by Olooriel
Seahorse Kiss by Olooriel
Wet (IF) by shloono
Hiding by BolitzerBaloney
You can still find but it is no longer the site that once hosted a weekly prompt and sometimes offered awards. The new domain is . It's still a great resource for budding illustrators, though.
Because of this change, I will be placing the group into stasis as a read-only gallery of collected illustrations. No new illustrations will be added... UNLESS there is someone who would like to curate the collection by finding good illustrations in Deviant art and add them. If you'd like to be a curator, please send me a Note.
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If you're interested, illustrationfriday's original concept is still alive on another website :
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You may submit art for any topic, present or past, at any time. Just make sure the title or description specify which topic and that it is for "Illustration Friday" or "IF". :D
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