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Is everyone enjoying the play about the Harry Potter world eighteen years later?

I will open the gallery folder for it September 1 - that gives everyone one month to read the book and be safe from spoilers.

Until then, feel free to send art to Favorites and they'll be added to the gallery when it's open.  

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Club Info and Rules

:wizardhat: Hi Welcome to IllustratingHPotter! :wizardhat:

This is a club dedicated to art done for scenes from the Harry Potter Books. We also take illustrations for books with in the series like Tales of Beddle the Bard, Quidditch Through the Ages, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

So when in doubt on whether to submit something, just ask yourself if the scene can be traced back to one of the chapters from the books. Would people be able to go back to the chapter or page and find what you've illustrated?
If so, then you can submit your art piece to one of the correct gallery folders which are labeled for each of the 7 books. :lol:

:aww: Please take the time to view these:

:iconillustratinghpotter: Rules and Guidelines

:wizardhat: 1.) Submissions should be an accurate depiction of a scene from the Harry Potter Series.

We are not crazy over all the details, but we do want notice to the differences between the book and movie.

For example, in the 7th book Harry and Hermione go to Godrics Hallow and visit Lily and James's grave. But, before they go, they change their appearances with polyjuice potion so they physically look like a middle aged couple. So if the art piece portrays Hermione and Harry looking like themselves rather than an elderly couple, this is more of an illustration from the movie (where Hermione and Harry didn't change their appearances) and not an illustration based on the scene from the book.

Also, photos from the movie won't be accepted, but drawing based on actors or scenery are fine..

:wizardhat: 2.) We do no take portraits of characters, because each illustration must have the ability to portray a scene from a book. A portrait of a characters, such as Harry's face or full body, with no action or interaction, does not tie it to any book or chapter. It is not illustrating a scene, because Harry was there, he was in the book. Standing, sitting, wearing clothes, holding things, yeah it could happen in any chapter. We are more generous of portraits in the Epilogue folder

:wizardhat: 3.) Any level of art skill is welcome! We just ask that the art piece is clear and neat.

:wizardhat: 4.) If there are work in progress versions of an illustration we only would take the final work, because we must save space in our galleries.

:wizardhat: 5.) The artwork should be the artists own. They should not copy or take anyone else's work.

:wizardhat: 6.) The featured folder is a place to show off 2 art pieces from the first 7 folders. This changes monthly.

:wizardhat: Link to Folder Guidelines (with examples included)- IllustratingHPotter.deviantart…

If you have any questions just send a note to
:iconkimmithehealer: or :iconesenecho: or :icondigitamer75910:









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I don't think the magical world had any thought to brain injuries or emotional support. The brains that Ron encountered at the Ministry, and the results of that, are very telling. We also have Lockhart as an example. Therefore, I doubt wizards and witches receive any sort of treatment for brain injuries.  
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Please, is this group still alive? Thanks very much.
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Yes, we are still alive. :-)  I am a secondary admin, but I am only on maybe once a month or so. I'm not sure how often the main administrator of this group is on. We still receive and approve or not approve gallery submissions. 
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