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The weochetu’ka is a derived abelisaur. They are the most common large predator on Pakardia and the other southern islands. They are also found in the Crescent and small populations along the Qajarith coastlines. Although they are terrestrial predators, their broad tails and powerful legs help them swim between islands, contributing to their success.

The females of this species are notably larger and more robust than males. It is common for a female to take two or more mates, selecting the most colorful to help her hunt and feed her offspring. As they mostly target mammalian prey like red elk, namat, and boar, all of which have a degree of color deficiency, the vibrant colors of the male (called rahraks as an onomatopoeia for their distinctive calls) do not hinder their hunt. Their attack strategy is to ambush prey in a group. Their short legs are not suitable for distance running, but in bursts they can often surpass the speed of their prey. Once they reach prey the males establish bites then become dead weight. The more their prey struggles, the faster their serrated teeth saw off the portion they have bitten. Once they have dealt a few shocking blows they let the prey flee. Once it collapses from shock, the female closes in to finish the job. This simple yet effective strategy has led to their dominance over the more intelligent Indrakai and larger and better armed oritaku against which they compete.

Their name, weochetu’ka, is derived from the Pakardiant sentence ‘I take your arms in place of my own’. This comes from a folk tale describing how their ancestors lost their arms because of a trick played on them by Indrakai. Out of spite they remove the arms of their Kaimeran prey before swallowing them headfirst. In truth this is because Kaimeran shoulders are too wide to swallow, but the grizzly practice left quite an impression on the surviving witnesses. Males do retain spurs from where their ancestors once had arms, which they employ in mating.
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Why are noasaurs replacing the albeiosuars in the known world and I miss the paddle tail of the old design but I like the new one