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Watipetun Turtle-Pig



The watipetun (turtle-pig in Pakardiant) is a small semiaquatic ankylosaur. They are heavily armored, with osteoderms supported by thick skin. This strong defense makes them almost impervious to attack. It also makes them very dense, allowing them to sink to the bottom of rivers and estuaries to browse without having to put in the effort of swimming down like a more buoyant animal would. This does make them vulnerable to drowning if they browse in waters too deep or fast to breathe. They are capable of hold their breath for 20-30 minutes, so can venture far from banks if they need to. They have lost the club tail of their ancestors and their tail is generally short to reduce drag, only being long enough to support the caudofemoralis muscles. The watipetun will opportunistically scavenge meat and consume fruit that falls from trees. The watipetun is found on most of the southern islands and is quite common in the estuaries and deltas of the Crescent and Pakardia.
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this is the best kaimerian animal. they should domesticate them and make them real so I can have one