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Mar'Neide is a character in my latest Tales of Kaimere novella, Songbird's Lament. Link to eBook here:

At around six hundred years old, Mar'Neide is a respected adult among the lineage of Maru. As the trader of the harpies, she is the only one of her people who even occasionally interacts with the Dolani nomads. She has an appreciation and care for the humans that is unique among her people, although she generally keeps her opinions to herself. She knows that the first-mothers Maru, Zinea, and Koro lost most of their first generations of daughters to a war with the mounted nomads which led to their currently-established borders, all before Mar'Neide's own birth. Mar'Neide has mothered several children. Although she respects First-Mother Maru and the other elders, Mar'Neide is known to be one of the few who will dare to question them. She cares deeply for all her daughters, and has a particular fondness for her youngest, Mar'Yalena.
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Will Mar'Neide ever show up in a future anthology story? If so, will she be a main character, or will she just play a supporting role?