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The inkilatura, or 'whale scorpion' as it is called by sailors of the Free-States, is the largest arthropod of Kaimere. These massive filter-feeders are, despite a superficial resemblance to eyripterids, a type of true scorpion. Their cousin, the trident scorpion, is well known to populate most rivers and shallow seas of Kaimere. The inkilatura is too large to travel upriver, and instead spends most of their lives out in the oceans where most Kaimerans dare not venture.

Despite an intimidating appearance, the inkilatura is a filter feeder and not a threat to Kaimerans. They mostly harvest swarms of small prey with their pincers, armed with long, baleen-like filaments, although their first three sets of legs also have filaments that can supplement the collection of prey. The last set of legs have oars that are mostly for steering, although can add power to the stroke of their fluke tail when they charge a swarm.

They are a migratory species, laying their eggs in the warm shallows of the interior seas and coastlines, and obtaining a vast majority of their food during a few months in the polar seas when a surge of krill and zooplankton rise from the abyss. It is during these months of plenty that they molt. Although this leaves them vulnerable, as their shells protect them from attacks by megalodon and the motomazor, the shedding occurs in waters too cold for the two greatest predators of Kaimeran waters. Orcas and the zenitel elasmosaurs can be a threat while they are soft and growing from the bounty, but these threats are minimal. Once their shell hardens they are safe from these predators.

Inkilatura is an Eskadin word meaning 'piece of the midnight sky', a reference to their dark blue skin with white spots. It is said that the midnight sky is made of a vast swarm of these animals, and shooting stars are when one of these giant scorpions fall into the oceans below. The Khalin never see the juveniles that are hatched and grow up in the warm northern waters, only ever encountering the ten meter adults.
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Do they have a closed circulatory system? Also, don't true scorpions give birth to live young instead of laying eggs?