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Drakes of Pakardia



Pakardia is the largest island in the known world of Kaimere. It is an island dominated by temperate rainforests. Although dinosaurian herbivores such as the parksosaurs and small titanosaur wawakoku are successful, mammalian herbivores like the red elk, hippopotamus, and boar are more common.

The apex predator is the oritaku, a megaraptoran that in many ways resembles a subadult of their close relative, the mainland uktan. Although their speed and armaments make them formidable predators, the often dense brush and more maneuverable prey has hindered their success. They are specialized in hunting the large dinosaur herbivores. The oritaku tends to avoid human settlements, so their representation in Pakardiant folklore is as a distant shadow to be feared and revered.

The most common drake predators are the weochetu'ka. These abelisaurids owe much of their success to their semiaquatic lifestyle, which allows them to travel between Pakardia, the other islands, and the mainland depending on food scarcity. They are also have a fission/fusion social structure built around dominant females, allowing them to mob large prey or target the smaller mammals individually depending on availability. This adaptability has made them extremely common. As they readily view humans as food, often removing the arms of their prey to swallow them whole, the Pakardiant have a highly negative view of them. Attempts to cull these dangerous animals has proven futile, as females produce offspring based on regional population, so if there are fewer adults despite plentiful resources, the females will increase their clutch sizes. This has also helped them adapt to the egg-hunting boars which have impacted the population of the oritaku.

The third top predator of Pakardia is the indrakai. These eudromaeosaurs are intelligent predators that thrive in the dense rainforests, their maneuverability and impressive weaponry making up for their smaller size and often allowing them to hunt above their weight class. They prefer to hunt the elk and boar that are most common. They can also climb and nest in trees, often dragging their prey with them to avoid their kills being taken by the other predators and keeping their eggs from the hungry mouths of the boars. The indrakai don't view humans as prey, although they are highly curious and readily take Pakardiant items to incorporate into their elaborate nests. In Pakardiant folklore, the indrakai is viewed as a trickster spirit that needn't be feared but is best avoided.
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What happened to most of Pakardia's native predators, the Firebirds and Flightless Pterosaurs, when Pakardia got close enough to get more archosaur and mammal competitors?