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This photo's been around the block and back. Used in quite a few underground mags. Sold a few prints of this one too
Model: Portia
I took this shot exp. with angles and white outs. Used a Kodak 240. Oh yeah and if you didn't notice... that's a whip in her hands =)
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Raunchy and drop dead sexy. My word :D
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A View From Below Can Sometimes Be The Best View
This I'm Sure Is A Case In Point
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Deliciously sexy.
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I LOVE this View! :love:

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Very sexy.. stunning photo :)
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Make this a print please!!
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aggressive! :love:
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wow LMAO!!!!! gurly what's going on lmao
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The red on her lips really stands out agaijst all the monochrome-ish balcks&whites.
Nice P.O.V. Makes me wanna say, "Thank you, Misstress..."
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I love this shot.
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I have seen this around, here on DA in fact... but the artist seem to claim it started as a pen drawing? Although I suppose they mean that their interpretation of your photo started that way. It just a pity they didn't see fit to give you credit. Well done, and excellent photo I love the lighting effects. I wish I had the ability, and the model to do the same, mostly just the model.

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I love it, very erotic and powerful =)
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woooow super photo
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excellen, pretty sensual

*goes straight to my faves*
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