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SCP 173 - Bringing Sexy Back



His body, it is ready. :iconmassiveblushplz:
Hey, we were all thinking it, I just drew it :shrug:
Don't you just love this guy? :iconcrushplz:
I could never really think of him as terrifying, not with that 'come hither' pose of his and that adorable little [REDACTED], bitches just be yelling cause they can't pop it like he can :iconhurrrplz:

Doodled in pencil, drawn and colored in Photoshop.
Texture by :iconaurorawienhold:
Feedback, criticism, tips and nitpicking is, as usual, very welcome, bring on the horror/hilarity/rage/confused [DATA EXPUNGED] :devilish:
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Stop only talking about his ass dam like is that all y'all paying attention to right now in this picture? like that's not all you see in this picture dam (anyways other then that the picture is amazing (☆▽☆) )