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The Most Serious Pilot

Here's just Foxy being photographed. I bet it's for some serious official event. But who needs to be serious? 

This drawing isn't as detailed as my previous one in this style (with Reginald), but I still hope it turned out ok. 

Art & Foxy © me
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if i'd catch somebody going too fast with a passport pic like this.. i'd let him go...
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I'd probably laugh a lot :D 
Foxy could actually use it for his documents... No wonder he's considered not so sane among colleagues :D
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The true face of seriousness
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Definitely interesting seeing such a young version of him, I think it's more surprising they have uniforms in that size, ha ha.

I think this is pretty funny, though the sepia tone and slight blur kinda run contradictory to the humor here, as those styles are usually more serious in nature.

Anyway, good job on this.
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Well, Foxy is quite young in his traditional WWII setting, but here he can even be photographed before the War. And yes, he's small, so,  there really were some problems with getting a fitting uniform for him. 

This photo was supposed to be serious – probably, it was for some documents. But Foxy ruined all the seriousness as usual :D

Thank you very much!
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Indeed, it's also interesting seeing a young anthro, as that doesn't come up very often.

Ha ha ha, ok then. I wasn't sure if this was meant to be a parody or not.

Of course, no problem. See you next time Illusir.
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