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Alright, since I do receive questions here and there about faceups/tattoos and commissions, finally decided to move my lazy butt into building a FAQ about it. :P

✖ General basics about SHIPPING/RECEIVING/ETC.

Q: Do you accept faceup/tattoos commissions?

A: Technically, I even do. But it's a long and complicated story.
First of all, I live in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and the local customswork is... "defective" to say the least. According to the local government's rules, I have to pay 60% of the product's total's value as tribute in case said product's value is higher than $50. That's right kids, I basically pay crude taxes for every possible damn thing in this hobby. So if you'd like to send me your $200 valued head/doll parts by declaring it's full value, as merchandise and everything by a honest manner, be prepared to shed at least $120 JUST for taxes (not to mention shipping costs and my own commission cost). That's why I usually recommend people to find another easily-accessible faceuper.

Q: JESUS CHRIST, no way. Alright, I accept underdeclaring/marking it as gift, etc. Does that help?

A: Yes, it does a lot. But if you're still going to send it to me by EMS, chances are that it'll be still taxed AND this time they're going to decide what is the price of the shipment by themselves. (yes, they're arbitrary like that).
From my experience by having things sent to me via EMS and underdeclared, the tax do vary a lot, between $30 ~ $100.
Generally it's something like $30 for small and light boxes, like Marietta's head from elfdoll, Viv's head from dollshe, Eddie's clothes from Soom and such.
$100 for really heavy and big boxes, like Viv's body, Eddie's Proud body from Spiritdoll, a full doll, etc.
So we'd do things in this manner: You pay me extra money for the worst case of tax possible (which is around $100) and I refund you the exceeding amount after paying the tax. The Post Office provides me papers and etc about the tax when I remove a product, so I can scan them for you if you'd like. All written in portuguese though.
Also notice that shipping this way probably lifts your insurance rights (not 100% sure about it though) and I'm not blameable for lost packages and etc.

Q: There isn't ANY way to avoid taxes?

A: Yup, there is actually. Have things sent to me via registered airmail, priority, USPS, etc.
BUT there's a huge con in this case... horrible waiting times. And I mean it. Once I've had something shipped from China to me and it took 3 freaking months to arrive. I actually thought it was lost until it suddenly showed up, lol. Sometimes it can arrive really fast (Eyeco eyes from USA via registered took only 1week to arrive) but it's still a huge risk for you to wait some really horrendous amount of time until the commission is finally done and sent back to you.

Q: What about DHL? (other express methods that aren't EMS?)

A:  Never tried before, but I've heard that they do treat it pretty much like EMS: %60 taxing in every "higher than $50" cases. So you'd still have to shed out tax money.
Update upon this: I've received some DHL packages around this year and the results are mixed. One did arrive horribly fast (3 days) and no tax. The other took about a week and I had to shed out about $70. So yup, tax bailing money is still a requirement here.

Q: Brazil's customswork is dysfunctional, ok. Do you have products being lost frequently? Under these circumstances, it really scares me of sending stuff to you without any kind of insurance.

A: Actually, no. I've been buying things since 2005 on Internet, from ebay, misc. shops, etsy, other bjd owners and I've never had a single thing lost. And yes, I always buy things underdeclared and without insurance, to avoid the taxes. I don't know if I've been really lucky so far or what, but it's true. It's just the waiting times and taxes that do really suck though.

Q: What are the average waiting times?

A: Registered Airmail: From a week to horrible several months, depending on your location (and luck).
EMS: From a week to about a month and half.

The good news is that I don't pay taxes for shipping stuff out of the country, so I can actually declare full value and etc when it's time to return the doll parts to it's owner :D And they get dispatched quite fast too. Most of times I had to ship off something, it took less than a week to arrive at its destination.

Q: Alright, despite EVERYTHING that has been previously noted, I'd still like to place a commission for you. What I should do to ship it off?

A: After we discuss everything (you tell me the tattoo/faceup plans, send me a bunch of reference images, I analyse it all and give you a price, etc), preferably ship your doll parts under-declared (Any number below $50), via EMS, as "gift", WELL packed but preferably in a small and light box, to lessen the harshness of the tax you'd have to pay.

I'd charge you the given commission value plus the worst-case tax money ($100). After I retrieve the items on the Post Office, I'll refund you the exceeding money. I can scan the Post Office papers that I do receive at paying the tax if the owner requests it, but they're in portuguese language.

✖ General basics about FACEUP/TATTOO ITSELF

Q: Materials that you do use?

A: Graphite leads, Faber Castell Watercolor pencils, Toison D'Cor pastels (oil-less), Mr. Super Clear, India Ink , Acetone 50%.

Q: You use Acetone and India Ink?! D:<

A: Yes, I do. o_o *dodges pebbles and stones* Since day 1 on this hobby and never had a problem with any of them.
For India Ink, I just use it veeeery sparsely and only on areas that took like +5 or more MSC coats, so it doesn't even touch the resin. It's very nice for a deeper and solid black tone. For acetone, it's a fast way to clean *shrugs* Just do it carefully and no dolls parts will be melted. Of course I can refrain from using these products at the owner's request, but in this case, then please clean the doll parts fully before sending to me.

Q: Where's the acrylic paints on material list?

A: Sorry, i don't work with paints in overall. >_< So i've been using pencils since ever. It has some cons (less reach than brushes, trace less strong than acrylic paint), but i think it can achieve a nice result anyway.

Q: Prices (faceup)?

A: $45 I think it's okay (all sizes, not including eyelashes), but variable according to the complexity. $8 for each head I have to clean at arrival.

Q: Prices (tattoo)?

A: Variiiiiies. For complex full-sleeves and etc [1] [2] [3] [4] [5], at least $100. Something simple like just a small design and uncolored, around $20 or so.

Q: Do you have a portfolio? So I can browse the work you've done.

Q: How much do you take to finish? (not counting shipping times)

A: I can possibly grow busy with college and etc, but much probably a simple request wouldn't take longer than a week. I can finish it in three days if I'm lucky. For complex tattoos/faceups, probably around a 2 weeks or so. Should I take longer than two weeks I'll keep you constantly updated anyhow.

Q: Should I provide you references?

A: YES PLEASE. In both cases. They do help a lot ;__; The more references, the better. Especially in tattoo cases. I hate having to research for references myself, so if you're very specific in your request, I'll take less time pondering about it myself and therefore your commission will proceed smoother/faster. A good site I do always look for references about anything is Shuttershock. Regarding faceups, the more description the better. You could even tell me the story of the character/doll so I can get a better impression of what the faceup is supposed to look like.

Q: Any molds you would rather not work with?

A: Not really. I think I can accept anything. Though, my technique probably isn't as good with stylized molds as how it is with Realistic-looking dolls. Also, dolls with teeth too much sunk inside the lips might prove a bit difficult to me (since pencils doesn't have the same reach that brushes do).

Q: Would you retry a faceup? (In case I don't like the final product).

A: Of course :> I'm up to retry it at least once. But please understand that your waiting time until the commission is finished is prone to increase in this manner.

ATTENTION: Please do contact me ONLY if you are really sure about placing the commission. I am patient and everything, but it is quite damn annoying to spend my time replying to PMs/advicing on concepts/analysing references in a long conversation and just for the customer to bail out on last moment. If this keeps happening, then I'll start charging money even before receiving the references (which is something I honestly don't want to do).

✖ General basics about MYSELF

Q: Do you have pets/smokers in the house, etc.

A: No smokers, but my mom has a small dog. Though, he doesn't even go inside my room or cares about doll objects.

Q: How long would you take to reply messages about the commissions?

A: Usually I try to reply fast, since I'm on internet all the time. Then it's from hours to two days. If I take more than a week to reply, then probably something serious happened lol.

Q: Feedback?

A: I have some on DOA and on my ebay.
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