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Press Release From Pot Luck Corporation
Good evening, I’m Katrina Dalas, President and CEO of Pot Luck Corporation, and it appears that some products we’ve released over the last seven months have caused some undesired side effects.
First of all, it was irresponsible of the quality assurance team to let the Pot Luck brand mace go out as it was. What was suppose to help people tragically ended up blowing off the limbs of anyone trying to spray it.
Secondly, was the Pot Luck brand toothpaste responsible for rotting teeth in a day. We’re especially regretful for what happened to Tommy Tsung and costing not only the United States the hot dog eating world championship, but also deeply embarrassing him.
Third was the Pot Luck brand sunscreen that caused terminal cancer when someone applied it and was exposed to direct sunlight.
Lastly, we’d like to apologize for defects in the kids brand of healthy sodas, Juicy Fizz. I know a lot of people were cause distressed when our product was found out to not only be
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Lisa on SkRy 01 - Rockets in Odd Places

Maiden of Strife: Oh, hey, what’s up?
Shades of Rainbow: Hey, I was looking through your gallery and was wondering if I could ask you a personal question. Its okay if you don’t want to.
Maiden of Strife: What kind of “personal question”?
Shades of Rainbow: It’s about sexual attraction.
Maiden of Strife: Oh, that. Go ahead. ^_^
Shades of Rainbow: You said you’re a lesbian, but I’ve seen you draw yourself with a dick on your personal site. Wouldn’t it be odd for a lesbian to include a penis on herself?
Maiden of Strife: No, not really. Sexual attraction is a lot more complicated and nuanced than a lot of people think. Hell, I know a straight guy who did gay porn (as a bottom) because he was in a tight spot for money.
Shades of Rainbow: You mean, bi.
Maiden of Strife: No, I mean straight. There’s this term called “gay for pay.” where you’re, well,
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Lisa's Nook 25 - Amazons of Gynosys (Part 15)
The environment was starting to go black and any attempt to move felt like I was weighed down. On top of that, I was starting to see everything in triple. Every noise was magnified three times.
“I told you we’ve had all sorts of weapons to keep people like you in line. You thought I was bluffing!? I just needed to wear you out to make sure I got you. I take no pleasure in killing you, but you’ve forced my hand.” she spoke in a somber tone while tears streamed down her face. I edged myself over the tree and pressed against the bark just as she forced a kiss on me and said softly in my ears “Goodnight, sweet princess.” just as I felt myself slipping away just as the darkness crept in.
I could hear Troy’s voice as my mouth started to foam over and things went black.
I woke up in a bunker next to Troy and a team of doctors. She hugged me as soon as I came around. “My Goddess! We got to you in time!”
“Usually, I’d be all
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Lisa's Nook 24 - Amazons of Gynosys (Part 14)
The crowds started to widen as Elizabeth’s purple aura flared and engulfed her. She formed a sword out of it reaching high into the sky as she brought it down upon me, I barely dodging the blade as the ground I one stood on vanished. She took a huge swing, nearly shaving off my legs as I focused all my energy on evasion.
“You started this fight and the best you got is dodging? This is you only warning, Lisa. A war of attrition against me is a losing battle, and I doubt you got the mental stamina to keep this up for long!” she warned as she picked up the pace and lept into the air.
Usually, I just rely on disabling (or if I have to, killing) someone as quickly as possible so  fatigue doesn’t become an issue, but against her, I didn’t have that option!
Our fight in the sky led us over the ocean where Elizabeth’s missed swing vaporized the entire ocean. All the sea life flopping around, dolphins killed instantly and boats smashed up with people eit
:iconillusionsmadereal:IllusionsMadeReal 1 2
Lisa's Nook 23 - Amazons of Gynosys (Part 13)
Elizabeth laughed as the crowds were filled with both joy and dread. Here we were, looking upon a woman who could destroy anything on a universal scale with as much effort as stepping on an ant and could shred through most defenses with ease. Destruction made flesh and in possession of a will.
“Now that I have your attention, ladies and have granted you undeniable proof of my power I have an announcement to make.” Elizabeth began floating downward as the reporters timidly encircled her. “Why are you trembling? You have nothing to fear from me. If I wanted you all dead I’d have done so already.”
Troy was softly muttering to herself “the Goddess protects” while clinging to my arm. Her heart was in so much turmoil I couldn’t tell if she meant what she was saying or was just in shock. All I could say was “I’m not sure if I can protect anyone from her.”
Elizabeth then began to monologue to the reporters. I decided it was best
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Lisa's Nook 22 - Amazons of Gynosys (Part 12)
“She wasn’t a threat to you!” I roared.
Elizabeth sneered “Though she did attack me first and was guilty of high treason. Therefore on both counts I’d say my actions are justified in dealing with a threat to Gynosys.”
“I might not be able to polymorph or kill you, but I’ll figure out some way to stop you.”
“Oh, do go ahead and try. I need to kill some time before my global proclamation. So, why don’t we make this into a game to pass the time, eh, quippy?”
Not having much of a choice in the matter, I asked “What kind of game?”
“Neither of us is capable of killing the other for keeps. You’ll just come back and I can’t die. So I’ll offer you a chance to at least walk out of here with Troy.”
I narrowed my gaze and asked “What’s your game?”
“I’m feeling benevolent. I suggest you take my offer.”
“What is it?”
“I’ll give
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Lisa's Nook 21 - Amazons of Gynosys (Part 11)
If killing Elizabeth was off the table, then I’d just have to disable her. I took a firm stand and roared “If you take another step, I’ll make you into a stuffed toy!”
“You mean a step like this?” Elizabeth took one large step forward and was breathing down my neck. “Oops, I guess I overstepped my bounds.” I let loose a beam of pink energy from my eyes and it was met with a purple aura that nullified it. “Your polymorphing bullshit isn’t going to work on me.” she cooed while placing a hand under my chin. “I said it once, but it bears repeating. Killing you will bring me no satisfaction because I’m destroying something precious and unreplicatable.”
“Troy, run!” Crystal ordered with her emotion flaring back up.
“No, I won’t abandon my Goddess!” Troy retorted.
“You idiot, she’s destruction personified. Killing you will be like taking a breath for her. What can you
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Lisa's Nook 20 - Amazons of Gynosys (Part 10)
When the field of energy cleared we saw Elizabeth standing before us, hands on her hips and sporting a smile that projected confidence in a black pantsuit.
“Hello, Lisa. Did you have fun playing queen?”
“How? I killed you!” I cried.
Nightly laughed. “Your creation forgot to chew.”
“Okay, that still doesn’t explain how you’re alive, or WHOLE!”
“Oh, that’s an interesting story. I thought I was done for too, but thanks to the desperate situation you put me in, I was forced to do some out of the box thinking that opened up a whole new world of possibilities!” Elizabeth raised both arms to the sky.
“Alright, I got time to hear you monologue.” I insisted. As my dad told me, if the enemy is stupid enough to explain things to you, then you never interrupt them.
“While I was in the belly of the beast, I was struggling to hold my breath as I saw not only that my legs were across from me but the shark
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Lisa's Nook 19 - Amazons of Gynosys (Part 09)
My phone alerted me to an emergency news broadcast. Reports were coming in from all over the world about an entire continent that was engulfed in a purple light that vanished in an instant! “That’s where Stayoska used to be!” Troy cried.
“You’ve visited it before?” I questioned.
“I wouldn’t call it a visit. We were at war with them for nearly a century over a huge territory dispute. Queen Nightly was able to force them into surrender five years ago after she razed their capital and forfeit half their nation on threat of total annihilation.”
“Wow, that’s rough.”
“I would know, I was the queen’s bodyguard.” admitted Troy. “We know now that someone has the axe.”
“You think they might want to destroy Gynosys too?”
“If they wanted to destroy Gynosys then they would have already done so.” Troy paused the video and skipped back to the overhead map. “See this sect
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Lisa's Nook 18 - Amazons of Gynosys (Part 08)
While the axe being missing was alarming I couldn’t just ignore the job crisis I made. So this week was going to get busy. I decided that I needed to lay the groundwork first, smooth out the lumps later and fix the cracks as I found them. Firstly, deciding on a symbol. After some thought I decided to go with a downward pointing blue nautical star with a yellow-gold heart inside. The star is a signifier of power and the biggest deity of most pantheons are associated with the sun. Blue because that’s when the sun is young and youth is related to unlimited potential and it points downward because, well, unlike most religions that spit on the material and cardinal, mine was to embrace it. As for the heart, its of course symbolic of love, passion and life.
Second was to decide on a name (and they were really pressuring me for one with how excited they were). I went with Lisaism.
Third I met with all the cult leaders (twenty in total) in the throne room to give them the rundown o
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Lisa's Nook 17 - Amazons of Gynosys (Part 07)
The crowds were in protest. So far it was peaceful, but they had no problem letting me know how badly I screwed them up. I didn’t think a propaganda network could even be so vast that it was basically an industry.
While walking to my throne I looked to Crystal and cried “Why didn’t you tell me propaganda was an industry!?”
“Apologies. I had no idea her network was this big either. Part of being a leader is making hard choices and living with those consequences, intended or otherwise. Ignorance does have a high cost.” Crystal replied in a monotone, face unchanging. I needed to do something to stem the tides.
“Okay, we’ll just give them a generous severance package to help them out for a year and re-education to get them into other job markets. That should help.”
“There’s a problem with that. Gynosys tradition has jobs treat their workers as family. So someone who gets hired by an industry tend to work in only that field f
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Lisa's Nook 16 - Amazons of Gynosys (Part 06)
So after the death of Queen Nightly got out the citizens of Gynosys gathered at the castle for my coronation the next day. I was given a white, flowing short dress with golden high-heels by the royal tailor with the symbol of the nations bird over my heart, a golden phoenix. The crowds took the usurping of their former queen so well that it made my skin crawl. I couldn't tell if the brainwashing was so deeply ingrained into their psyche that they just went along with what they were taught or fear of what I might do to them if they didn't comply with my whims.
After my coronation, Crystal took me to the royal library so I could try to learn all I could about the traditions and laws of Gynosys before I began to run the country proper in the morning. I could feel the adrenaline wearing off because I was still so tensed up that I didn't notice that Crystal spoke with a rather robotic and stilted affliction. When listening to her heart, it was as if nothing was their but the howl of wind.
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Lisa's Nook 15 - Amazons of Gynosys (Part 05)
“What's going on!?” Queen Nightly cried out.
“Ma'am, we had two soldiers cut the power and destroyed the psychic nullifier; the psychic protections are down base wide!”
“WHAT!?” Queen Nighty screamed as I fired a rays from my hands to turn all four of her guards into stuffed rag-dolls using night vision contacts I made to see them just before the lights came back on and Nightly saw what I did to her guards. She grit her teeth and tightened the grip on the Armageddon Axe. “You’ve disabled my guards, but I assure you that I'm capable of holding my own against you!”
I smirked and quipped “You'll be holding your own against my digestive system when I turn you into chocolate.” firing the beam towards her it evaporated just before it touched her. Queen Nightly laughed and my smirk turned into a frown.
“I told you, Lisa. I’m ready for you!” Queen Nightly swung the axe from across the room as it unleashed an ar
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Lisa's Nook 14 - Amazons of Gynosys (Part 04)
As night became day the guards were rotated out with four new ones and I found myself with a stack of pancakes that came up to my head with Queen Nightly across from me; the Armageddon Axe at her side. Talk about your mixed messages.
“So, what is it that I could give you to convince you to give me the means to travel dimensions?” she leaned in just as I took my next bite. Her suit was unbutton and showing a generous amount of cleavage, emphasized by her pressing down on the table. “Considering you can make anything, I can't imagine there's too much I could offer you.”
“I'm surprised you're this enamored with my looks. You do know I come from a universe where all women are born of a female and male parent, right? So, by your standards, I'm tainted.”
Queen Nightly laughed softly as she took my free hand. “You're an Esper, pretty much a Goddess with that all-encompassing Birthright. When someone Awakens as one, they're reborn, metaphorically and l
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Lisa's Nook 13 - Amazons of Gynosys (Part 03)
So there I was stuck with two guards that stood stiff and rigid, though their feelings were anything but. Their hearts were giving off the sounds of dishes breaking just as they hit iced over water from up high. One of the sounds I hear when someone is depressed. I asked them about what was bugging them and they were surprisingly quick to open up.
They told me this land wasn’t all that it seemed. Once upon a time there was a standing male population in Gynosys. So I wanted to know what they knew about the past. They told me their great, great grandmothers had went through great lengths to preserve the true history of Gynosys.
For context they first told me the politically correct version of their history. Gynosys was once upon a time invaded by men and they raped and pillaged the land, making it into a patriarchal hellhole where women could be disposed of at any second. Rape parties were commonplace and even the children were valid sex slaves. This continued for years until the r
:iconillusionsmadereal:IllusionsMadeReal 2 4
Lisa's Nook 12 - Amazons of Gynosys (Part 02)
Just as I was about to leave, I was greeted by five women in suits and black glasses who insisted that I meet with their leader not only because of speaking against their policies, but because she knew of my power.
A sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach told me this was going to be a less than pleasant visit. Figured I might as well get this out of the way.
So I was forced into a bunker in an undisclosed location and was only able to take off my blindfold once I was seated in front of their Head of State; Queen Elizabeth Nightly.
Her gold crown, pink pearls around her neck, lightly tanned skin and makeup screamed beauty queen, but her pantsuit and cold glare from her red eyes meant business.
“I hear you’re speaking heresy in my land. That’s not a good look…” she sneered while looking me up and down. I could feel her undressing me with her eyes “...even if you are cute.” I asked her how could just speaking my mind about how things work here
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Well, I certainly feel like an idiot. Rather than, say, find a more open space to find people to ask my question, I decided to go to reddit's LGBT forum in order to get an answer to a question I had pondered for the longest...because the LGBT forum had to have the most LGBT people and thus the best place to ask such a question.

To make a long story short, I was curious if any lesbian or bisexual women would, if it were possible, get a dick in addition to their vag and if lesbian women would even take on sexual advances from such women that are rocking both parts. A series of mangled analogies in an attempt to clarify my question which I loaded with too many other things in an attempt to make it absolutely clear that I wasn't looking to pick a fight or cause trouble and I found out that in those circles, the neutral question took on a whole new, and much, much, MUCH more loaded context than I could possibly imagine. No, I wasn't yelled at, I wasn't berated and I wasn't kicked from the forums, but I did receive some downvotes and sent mixed messages.

If I had asked this in a neutral area, I wouldn't have been nervous about it, but in an LGBT space, I could feel the water start to slowly heat up. I'll just have to find another place to pose the question where I'm more comfortable. Lesson learned, not making that mistake again.

If I happen to have any LGBT followers and you want to engage in some points, then I'll engage, I just won't be doing it again in any LGBT spaces (in the foreseeable future) because I don't want to risk the backlash from screwing up in that kind of area.  


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