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Snow Flake Brushes

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8 snow flake brushes for Adobe Photoshop.
link back your artwork, i'd love to see :]
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MiaOswaldHobbyist Artist
Used here:  Genya Safin - Grishaverse by MiaOswald
Thank you so much ☺️
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Wow, the different snow flakes, who knows if I just use it for the Shadow Master from "Max Adventures", maybe transforming him into another form when changing color from "black" to "white", and also, from "red" to "light blue", but for eyes, of course, and also removing a cape and a hood, but using the light blue horns and the blue cape, taking the name of "Icy", equal to a name of Icy from "Winx Club", it'll be in my story, as one kidnapper of the Princess Korrina, for example, the same Korrina from "Pokémon" changing the clothes to be with the dress of princess with the high-heel sandals, using the long gloves of princess, and finally her Key Stone in her tiara as in the center, and with hair loose as when she uses pajamas, mainly the own Key Stone in the tiara instead of in the glove, also in my story about the Princess Korrina, someday I'll make two characters as the same Icy (the own Shadow Master) and the Princess Korrina (the same Korrina who is the Pokémon Trainer and also the Gym Leader from Shalour City), imagine one hero who coming to save her from him, but who would someone be as the hero who will save a princess from one icy white monster? Maybe a human, maybe an alien, whoever, but someone has to be male, but to be savior of the princess. One male character of my story who will save the Princess Korrina from the Icy, a character would be Goku, Max, Dan Kuso, Shun Kazami, Ace Grit, Yami Yugi, Joey Wheeler, Jaden Yuki, Ash Ketchum, SpongeBob SquarePants, Buzz Lightyear, He-Man, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Kid Flash, Super-Man, Flash, Batman, Incredible Hulk, Jackie Chan, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, a male Power Ranger whoever, Max Steel, Thor, Wolverine, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Hercules, Aladdin, Tarzan, Ben Tennyson, Kevin Levin, Pac-Man, or any other male character who is young to be the hero of one story.
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Used it here
Sherbet (Panel De Pon) Redraw by eMCee82
Thanks :D
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mucha gracias, espero darle el lucimiento que merencen, GRACIAS.
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jdmann79Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great brushes, thanks!  They helped me finish off this painting for my niece: Elsa spelling name with magic.
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SawaiiDollHobbyist General Artist…

I used it.. Thank you!
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xPsychoBladesxStudent General Artist
used here as the thumbnail of the video too. :>
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Thank you for your brushes
Used here:
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Used here : [link]
Thank you :D
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Thank you very much for the brush! I was very useful!

I'll leave the drawing where the use, I hope you like it ^ ^

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ReishineCrimsonStudent General Artist
Snowflakes :squee:

I used them here [link]
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namazuchiStudent Digital Artist
used, thanks~
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MoontessaHobbyist General Artist
Thank you, used them here:
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sorry, it's here
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I used your brushes in this [[link]
Thank you for your brushes and Merry Christmas!
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i used your brushes here [link]
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llequineStudent General Artist
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WatermelonDreamsHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for your brushes! :) I used them here: [link]
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