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The Other Side of the City--Chapter 161
Arcos and Aries arrived back at the Lair before Splinter’s turtles, and he had to admit, he was torn about it. His meditations had been interrupted by frantic thoughts ramming through his ordinarily quiet brain. Years of honing the skill, to calm his fears when the boys were little, to quell the rat that always fought to emerge, and sometimes did, made falling into trance easy. But he was having trouble even getting his mind to be noiseless enough to even begin meditation properly. His monkey mind would not shut up.
What was happening to Raphael? Why had The Mutanimals stolen him? He knew it was at Shredder’s bequest, Slash would not have harmed Raphael should his own life depend on it. He knew this. But what did Shredder want with his son? Besides dead?
Was this a trap for the other three? To draw them in so they, too, could be captured? Would Shredder kill them slowly, plucking them out of their shells? Or would he tear them to shreds, as he did Tang Shen? And all because
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The Other Side of the City--Chapter 160
Splinter was drawn from his meditation in the dojo by the sound of his sons and Mutanimals entering the Lair.  He wasn’t expecting them to be back so soon, and relief washed through him.  Despite the rash of near failures and misses that his family had been experiencing, the boys seemed to have had a smashing success in this mission.  All of them were present, and not a one of the eight of them had a scratch.
Slash collapsed onto a chair, holding his head in his hands.  “I can’t remember,” he said.
“Remember what?” Splinter asked, emerging into the room. 
“How we escaped,” Rockwell said.
“Your escape was very fortuitous,” Splinter said, noting the niggling feeling in the back of his mind.  His ears swiveled a few centimeters, toward Donnie’s lab.  No sounds came from it, The Phoenix was not stirring.  He had to banish his worry of her, if he was unable to concentrate on what was ha
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The Other Side of the City--Chapter 159
Splinter retreated to the dojo, the picture of his four sons in his hands.  The Phoenix had this in her pocket, and from the look of it, it had been there a while.  It was wrinkled and worn, the edges of the folds were beginning to come apart.  She must have found it when she’d found him in the sewers, months ago.  Why had she kept from him when he’d stayed with her in The Burrow?  And why had she kept it after he’d left.  How long had she been carrying it?  Why was she carrying it at all?
Not an hour after Arcos and Aries had left, the quiet of the Lair was disrupted with the boys beginning to argue.  He took a deep breath, trying to block their banter out.  Once again, Raphael was pushing going after The Shredder, and Leonardo and Mikey were goading him about his temper.  Donatello must not be in the room, he mused, or else, he too, would be egging Raphael on.  Again, he sighed.
His boys arguing wa
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Sins, Debts, Years, and Foes--Chapter 31
During his morning practice, The Shredder saw Mistress Veronika was correct about yet another question she’d posed to him when she’d first arrived--Bradford was getting better.  He had reduced himself to a slobbering fool, literally, by dousing himself in mutagen.  As a human conglomerate of Hachiko and his human self, he was so utterly useless, he might as well have been on all fours and walking around like the dog he’d been mutated into.  Having been mutated again, he’d regained some control over his body, and he was, Nikka had pointed out, getting better.
He paid particular attention to his student this morning, how he moved his body, what he said, how he said it.  Usually, when he sparred with Bradford, it was to bring out the man’s worst, to lay into him that mercy was for the weak.  He had already taught him some of his darkest secrets, he had been his disciple for decades.  That he would have to teach them to him all ov
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The Other Side of the City--Chapter 158
“Saki,” she heard her brother say.  The rain was soaking her to his skin, the uniform stuck and wet to the point that her socks in his boots were wet.  The air was cold about her in the dark, except for her back, here her brother lay against it, each holding the other up. 
“Hhhnnn?” she asked.  She didn’t like the cold, but she seemed very stoic about it, in a way she never recalled doing before.
“Look at your watch,” he said.
She did so, the skin of her hand more tan that she’d ever seen it.  It was strikingly familiar, but at the same foreign, too big to be hers.  “It’s 2:33,” she said.
“Two weeks until our enlistment is up.”
She chuckled, a deep sound, moving both of their bodies.  “For me.  You have two weeks and one minute.”
“Not anymore,” her brother replied.
“They will not let us go home at 2 in the morning, Yoshi,” she said.
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The Other Side of the City--Chapter 157
With Phoenix’s more volatile son away, Splinter turned to Arcos.   His question tickled at the tip of his tongue, eager to escape.  Yet, at the same time, the desire to keep his thoughts to himself, to keep some of his experience of The Burrow his, grabbed the question, holding it in.  Finally, he managed to say,  “I am wondering how Shredder knew to kidnap your mother to get my attention.”
Arcos’ dark brown eyes looked sad, his brows drawing together.  “Sparks told him.”
Splinter let out a small noise of annoyance.  “From the Inlet?” he asked.
Arcos nodded.  “I guess he remembered when you stayed with Mama when she patched all those people up.”  The bear’s eyes turned toward Donnie, as he inserted a needle into his mother’s arm.  The blood began to spurt into the vial he held.  “Where’d you get that?” he asked.
Donnie glanced up at him, but d
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The Other Side of the City--Chapter 156
Splinter resisted the urge to go to the dojo, the voices of his sons and those of the little healer on the edge of arguing.  He wanted to retreat, let it be their decision now, to hash out as they would, about what The Phoenix’s immediate fate would be.   He wanted to feel that he had no part in it, that his bit in the play was now over.  He’d rescued her, prevented her death at his inaction, and his sons had freed everyone else.  It was a job well done, the only casualty was made before they had even arrived, and the casualty that now was being argued over was in no real danger.
But that was not how he felt.
“I need to keep her here to make sure she’s alright,” Donnie insisted.  “If she has internal damage—“
“She doesn’t have internal damage,” Aries huffed.  “She heals stuff.  That includes herself!”
“Just because she healed the outside doesn’t mean her ins
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Sins, Debts, Years, and Foes--Chapter 30
If Baxter Stockman had pupils, he was sure they’d be the size of his iris, and that he would be glancing to and from Karai’s enclosure.  He wasn’t sure whether to leave her in the terrarium or not, and opted for leaving her.  She had everything she needed, after all, and it was harder to hear her throw insults at him when she was in her human form.
He had hardly slept since Shredder had left for Japan.   The threat of his limbs, or his life, being severed if progress had not been made on his daughter by his return were taken very seriously.  He hoped that awful woman wouldn’t come back with him, but not only did she do so, she brought her two brats back with her as well.
Master Shredder, still in his business suit, strode into his lab, Tiger Claw at his heels.  “Well?” he demanded. 
If Baxter Stockman could have, he would have winced.  But as it was, his exoskeletal structure he’d picked up from the fly m
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The Other Side of the City--Chapter 155
“You know, Saki,” Yoshi said, his arms across his 12 year old chest, “if you’d only waited, we would have gotten to eat some.”
She scowled.  She knew she was scowling, even though her name was not Saki, and she couldn’t feel her mouth in a downward line.  But she knew that her bottom lip stuck out slightly, and annoyance burned at her chest.  “If you had been more quiet, Yoshi,” she said to her brother, “then we wouldn’t have gotten caught.”
Yoshi shrugged.  “We can get some cookies at the café tomorrow anyway,” he said. 
“You just want to go to the café because of that girl,” she replied, her voice deeper than she remembered it being.
“So do you,” Yoshi said, running his hands though her hair and then running ahead of her.
She smiled broadly, because it was true, and ran after him.
Crying out in pain, the memory vanished, and all that was left was he
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Sins, Debts, Years, and Foes--Chapter 29
“Dude, he’s in Disneyland!”  Michaelangelo held up the tabloid that April had brought down to the sewers to show them.  “What’s it say?” he asked.
“I don’t read Japanese, Mikey,” April said.
They all turned to Leo.
“I don’t read Kanji either,” the blue banded turtle said.  “Man, he does not look like he’s at the happiest place on Earth.”
“He looks like he’s about to kill someone,” Donnie remarked.
“That kid he’s looking at?” Raph suggested.
“I found it!” Casey laughed, turning the laptop toward them. 
Raph leaned in close, pushing Donnie out of the way.  “He’s on Youtube?”
“He’s in a gossip show,” Donnie’s voice held a great deal of wonder.
“I mean, her husband has been for less than two months,” said white subtitles over a male Japanese voice screened over a clip o
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The Other Side of the City--Chapter 154
“What’s the matter?” Aries snapped at Leo as he finished yanking off his mother’s pants.  “You’ve never seen a woman’s legs before?”
The young turtle blushed a deep red, looking up from the prostrate form of The Phoenix on the used hospital table that had been set up in Donnie’s lab.  He hadn’t thought they’d need it that much, when they’d dug it out of the dumpster at Donnie’s insistence.  “If something happens to April,” he had said, “or Casey, we need equipment.”  It was left unspoken that something might happen to he or his brothers.  But he’d never thought he would see this person on it.
“I’ve seen a woman’s legs before,” he muttered, looking away from the table altogether.  He’d seen women’s legs in shorts and skirts.  He’d seen photos of women’s legs in bathing suits and underwear.  But
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Sins, Debts, Years, and Foes--Chapter 28
Casey Jones resisted going to Alice’s hideout, again.  He’d been once since she’d gone to visit her family, out west somewhere, she wouldn’t say where.  The place was exactly the same as it always was, dusty, quiet, with his buttmark on the beanbag seat.  So instead, he sat on top of a low building, five stories up, watching the streets below for any Purple Dragon scum that might deign show their faces.
She’d texted him twice since was gone.  He wanted to call her so bad, to hear her voice, husky with that to die for Brooklyn accent.  But he hadn’t gotten the guts to do it yet.  She hadn’t called him, and didn’t seem right for him to call her.  Don’t want her thinkin’ I’m some bothersome little kid.
Keeping busy? She’d asked.
Casey Jones: Yeah.  Scum never rests.
Allie D: Neither do you, it seems!  You going to school?
Casey Jones: S
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Mature content
Sins, Debts, Years, and Foes--Chapter 27 :iconillusionna:Illusionna 1 2
The Other Side of the City--Chapter 153
Medusa slithered out of her cage, her jaw, now distinct from her body, already open.  Black eyes, animalistic and filled with rage, looked about, and fell upon Bebop.  With a scream that sounded nothing like her, she darted toward the warthog.  Bebop stopped where he was in engaged with Raph and let out a high pitched scream before he started running in the opposite direction.
“Huh?” Raph turned around to see Medusa coming at him. He pressed himself against the wall to let her go by, “That was Medusa?  What happened to her?”
Bebop let out another scream as he scrambled for the stairs.  He didn’t make it before the boa constrictor caught up with him, wrapping her body around him and opening her mouth to display the full length of the two giant fangs on either side of it.  Bebop screamed a third time when arcs of lightning began to spark between each of her two only dentia.
“She was mutated,” Leatherhead said, now ou
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Mature content
Sins, Debts, Years, and Foes--Chapter 26 :iconillusionna:Illusionna 1 3
Sins, Debts, Years, and Foes--Chapter 25
Arriving at the Asakami Estate, they were greeted with bows, pats on the back, hugs, and “welcome home”s.  The driver unloaded their luggage, received a generous tip from his passengers, and then drove away, leaving Saki, once again, in the middle of what seemed like a medieval fairy tale.
The place had changed precious little since he’d last been there so many, many years ago.  He wondered briefly if they’d gotten running water in that time, and if they had, did they have indoor plumbing?  
The Lady Asakami greeted them in the parlor, Ashton and Greta leaping from whatever ancient game the woman was trying to teach them toward their mother’s waiting arms.  Raiku was also there, standing next to her Shishou, watching languidly as Aya and the children surrounded Nikka.
He observed with satisfaction that, only minutes before, in the car on the way up, she had retreated completely inside of herself again, barely anything but a shell sat be
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Darkwood Feathers Fanart: Lively :icongljarmin:GLJarmin 2 4
Bianca Ross fanart by GLJarmin
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Bianca Ross fanart :icongljarmin:GLJarmin 3 4
Splinter king of Siam by suthnmeh Splinter king of Siam :iconsuthnmeh:suthnmeh 159 70 Sparrow by popChar Sparrow :iconpopchar:popChar 1,218 169 Dark Valkyrie by fluxen Dark Valkyrie :iconfluxen:fluxen 4,755 105 Valkyrie by vtas Valkyrie :iconvtas:vtas 1,564 53 Snake Anthro by Flamespun Snake Anthro :iconflamespun:Flamespun 3 6 Daddy by Lilak-rain Daddy :iconlilak-rain:Lilak-rain 472 38


Arcos and Aries arrived back at the Lair before Splinter’s turtles, and he had to admit, he was torn about it. His meditations had been interrupted by frantic thoughts ramming through his ordinarily quiet brain. Years of honing the skill, to calm his fears when the boys were little, to quell the rat that always fought to emerge, and sometimes did, made falling into trance easy. But he was having trouble even getting his mind to be noiseless enough to even begin meditation properly. His monkey mind would not shut up.

What was happening to Raphael? Why had The Mutanimals stolen him? He knew it was at Shredder’s bequest, Slash would not have harmed Raphael should his own life depend on it. He knew this. But what did Shredder want with his son? Besides dead?

Was this a trap for the other three? To draw them in so they, too, could be captured? Would Shredder kill them slowly, plucking them out of their shells? Or would he tear them to shreds, as he did Tang Shen? And all because of Oroku Saki’s hatred of him, his sons were in a kind of danger that he had never dreamed Tang Shen would have been in…before her death.

He opened his eyes with a sigh, his gaze resting on the photo of his family on the butsudan. Looking sternly out at the world, he and his beloved held their baby between them. How many times had he looked at that photograph and longed for his wife? How many times had he closed his eyes, only to see that image in his mind’s eye, that and many more, of the woman he loved? How many times had he spoken with her, confident that she heard his words, because she was now one of his families beloved dead, the ancestors? How many worries had he laid at her sepia visage, clothed in her formal kimono and hairpiece? And why could he not bring himself to lay this one at her ghostly feet?

The one that lay on the hospital bed in Donatello’s lab.

He swiveled his ears, listening for any sound that came from that direction, but none did. She was still unconscious, caught in a fever that didn’t seem to exist. The Phoenix…Phoebe, her name was Phoebe. Having a name, an actual name rather than a moniker, made her more real, and for some reason, he did not like that. In his memory, that time in The Burrow was almost like a dream, so separate from everything else that it could not have really happened. It could have easily been a product of his imagination, dreamt up by the rational side of his brain that was displaced when he’d lost his mind. It could have been a place for his personality to reside while the animal broke loose to scrounge in New York City during The Kraang Invasion. But the woman in the other room proved otherwise. It was a real thing. It had happened.

And all the feelings that he had hoped were fevered dreams came rushing back, threatening to crush his chest. For a moment, he had trouble taking in air and he suppressed panic.

He hadn’t told Tang Shen about any of that. She knew, of course, it wasn’t as if he could hide it from her. But he could not bring himself to speak with her about it. It seemed too close to a breach of their relationship.

And now Arcos and Aries had stomped back into his home, louder than even his four sons, and Splinter had no gotten any calm from his meditation.

He moved to stand up, and gasped at the twinge of pain in his back that zipped down his old wound in his hip ending at his toes. His meditations had given him no reprieve from his injury either. The thought irked him. Did the woman in Donnie’s lab distract him so much that his meditations were useless?

The pungent smell of garlic hit him as he approached the lab, the door of which was wide open, Arcos and Aries already inside, without so much as a “Hello!” or “Anybody home?” Entering the lab, he saw Aries great mouth moving in an exaggerated manner, as if he were a cow chewing his cud.

“Where’d everybody go?” Arocs asked.

Splinter sighed, the fist over his heart squeezing once again. “To Shredder’s Lair.”

“Why?” the bear asked.

Aries, with a swift motion, whipped the covers off of his mother, and hiked up her nightgown to her ribs.

“What are you doing?” Splinter asked, voice edging on anger.

Both young men looked at him like he was crazy.

Aries spit a great, green glob into his hand, turned it over and threw it on his mother’s stomach with a splat. The smell of garlic was almost overwhelming. “Applying a poultice,” the ram said, before reaching in the plastic bag near his side. He took out a handful of green stalks and stuffed them into his mouth, chewing once more.

“We’d ask you to help,” Arcos grumbled to Splinter, “but you’ve barely got any teeth.”

“Mff lffmff nuffm?” Aries asked in between chews.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” Arcos scolded.

“Mfffldff!” Aries punched the bear in the shoulder.

“Enough!” Splinter’s voice echoed through the Lair.

“You gonna help, Old Man?” Arcos growled.

Before Splinter could answer, a rukus flowed into the Lair, the sounds of happy voices drifting to his ears. Relief flooded through him, the tension he was trying so hard to release finally left him at the sounds of his son’s voices.

“Sensei!” yelled Michaelango. “We’re back! And everyone’s with us!”

He turned his back on Arcos and Aries without so much as a nod, and did not feel badly about it one bit, to enter the living room of the Lair. Indeed, just as Michelangelo said, all of them were back, Raphael included, the Mutanimals intermingled with his four boys. Slash walked closed to Raphael, his head down in a shameful fashion, as if he were a puppy that had chewed on a table leg and knew it was about to punished. Despite his annoyance at what had been happening in his home and his thoughts, Splinter felt a moment of pity. As Raph’s pet, Spike had been privy to many a reprimand. He obviously feared one again now.

“Welcome back, my sons!” he said happily, his ears pulled forward in pleasure. “I shall get some tea,” he announced, his eyes sweeping the troupe. Slash avoided his gaze. “It appears that it is needed.”

As the rat mutant prepared the hot water, he heard the loud creaking of large bodies sinking into chairs and leaning against walls. “It stinks of garlic in here,” Raphael’s voice called. “What are you making in there, Sensei?” Splinter paused, regarding what to answer, but was obviously saved from doing so by the source of the smell. “Oh,” Raph’s voice sounded fully disappointed. “It’s you.”

After a spitting noise, Aries answered, “Yeah, it’s me.”

“That’s gross, dude,” Raph replied as Splinter re-entered the room, carrying a tray of tea.

Slash looked up sheepishly, finally catching Splinter’s gaze. “I am so sorry, Master Splinter,” he said.

“There is no need for an apology,” the rat ninja master said, placing the tray on the table that the large mutant dwarfed. “You were not yourself.”

“We could have killed you all,” Rockwell said, his voice filled with shame, hands to the sides of his head.

“You didn’t kill anyone,” Arcos growled, walking up to Rockwell and slapping him on the shoulder.

“Next time,” Aries huffed, stuffing another wad of garlic in his mouth.

Raphael glared at the ram, but before he could reply, a small noise came from Donnie’s lab, something in between a squeak and moan. Aries golden eyes flared wide as his ears swivelled behind him. Arcos disappeared to the lab, with the group of mutants following him.

Aries spit the glob of green onto the floor, running to his mother, who stirred on the hospital bed. “Mama,” he said, the ‘a’s having a heavy bah in them.

“You’re cleaning that up,” Donnie muttered loudly enough to be heard by everyone in the room.

She opened her eyes, blinking slowly, taking in the motley group that was gathered about. “Wha?” she asked, her voice sounding soft and far away. “Lamb’s Ear?”

Raph chortled, “Lamb’s Ear?” he mocked.

Aries ignored him, bending down so he was close to her. “Hi, Mama.”

“You’ve been eating garlic,” she noted with a breathy voice, before swallowing hard. “Where are we?”

“You are in my home,” Splinter came forward, his yukata swishing as he walked, the others making way for him to come to the cot. “Safe.”

Her emerald green eyes furrowed beneath her blonde eyebrows, she frowned in confusion for a moment. Then she smiled. It lit up her face with a pale light, though her eyes were bright with recognition, her cheeks held no color, a stark reminder of her blood loss. “I know you,” she breathed.

Splinter leaned toward her, a small smile on his own muzzle. He reached out, as if he were going to stroke her head, but drew his hand back, curling his fingers into his palm. “Yes,” he replied.

“Your name is Yoshi,” she said, the smile still on her lips.

It was Splinter’s turns to furrow his brows. Had he ever told her his name?

“You love the smell of cherry blossoms, but you don’t ever tell anyone, because you don’t want people to think you are a softie.” she continued, her voice slightly sing-song.

Fear grabbed at Splinter’s chest, squeezing his heart in a tight grip. He stood up, his golden eyes wide, his ears plastered to the top of his head.

“Sensei?” Leo asked from behind him, voice filled with worry.

“Your favorite flavor ice cream is strawberry,” Phoenix went on, and she chuckled. It didn’t sound like her, though, but another small laugh, one he’d grown up with years and years ago. “You like the way water feels when it runs over your feet.”

“No,” Splinter moaned.

“Sensei?” Leo put his hand on Splinter’s arm, and it was all the rat could do not to shove his son away and run.

“And you--” Phoenix’s face changed from the soft, faraway look to one of malice, twisting as her lip curled, her green eyes blazed with hate. “You stole everything I love from me!”

The Other Side of the City--Chapter 161

A/N Hello! I'm back, after a very long time, I know. Thank you so much to those of you who have stuck with me this entire time, and who are reading this now. I do plan on bringing this story to its conclusion (which should be pretty obvious, now that the series is over). So don't worry there-it might take a while, but the whole story will be told.

Now, for the winners of the drawing for a paperback copy of The Other Side of the City Season 1. The winner of the random drawing is...drum roll… :iconkatstories: ! :iconroxastsuna: gets a copy, of course, because she has provided us with the cover. :iconravenshellrorschach: gets a copy for her lovely edits. :iconfeonix500: and :iconmysteryred1: get copies for being feirce cheerleaders in this ongoing monster of a story. Congrats to the winners!

If you did not win a copy, but would still like one, PM me, and we can arrange something.

There are so many mutants in TMNT2012 whose stories will never be told.  This is one of them, both before and after the Turtle madness came on the scene in NYC.

<--The Other Side of the City--Chapter 160



United States
I have a buddy who has started an original RPG/PBeM. It is wonderfully detailed, and in the very beginning stages.  He's looking for players (lots of players!) to populate his world.  If you enjoy to RP, and are in so inclined, check out his trailer.  And yes, I'm a player. 

Would my readers of The Other Side of the City like to see some chapters with Medusa at the Foot Clan? 

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