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DreamCatcherOCT: Reference: Archibald

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>screaming into the void<
Teaming with :iconmelcairorose:
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*Feel free to ask anything else you want to know.
Extra Info:

-Messes up people's names often. Whether it's on purpose or not is up in the air.
-He has a vast knowledge on plants and foods
-Loves to hand anyone treats he's made and he's made plenty
-He made his flower print coat himself
-both the sun hat and cane are as old as him and were given/made by his close friends. Their pristine state was managed by care. Not magic!

Added 7-21-2018: Felt like I needed to add a note on 'Tuli', in concerns of the OCT and roster. In Archibald's story it is short for their friend's nickname 'Tulip'. A completely different character in relation to Archibald. Any other names mentioned are purely coincidental. And are mostly in the realm of "this guy met someone by that name at one point in his 5,000 year long life" but, not particularly any characters in the OCT.

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Gallant-ArtHobbyist Digital Artist that a Markiplier reference...?

Meanwhile, goodness those eyes are scary when opened. I would have never thought about changing the pupil orientations like that, so I really love its simple creativity.

I always like elderly/older characters, so you grabbed me with Archibald pretty quickly.

Good luck!
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Give Cralia cookies and she'll put up with anything. That's grand.

I'll say it again, this soft old dragon needs a tv special manned by the Jim Henson crew.