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:iconponyscape1plz::iconponyscape2plz: Mac Yosemite OS X  10.10

this took me hours to complete and plus this is my first Octavia and DJ Pon-3 (vinly scratch) vector.
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My Little Pony fans love a good vector. Though the image has been taken from the show, it's clarity and detail are evidence of a great deal of effort put into its creation. It takes a good eye to make an image perfect, something the vector's author clearly possesses. Also, the author demonstrates more than adequate knowledge and experience with the software, Ponyscape, which are paramount for making crisp, clean vectors.

This vector will be perfect for anyone to reuse and be amused. Keep up this style! You're doing great! God forbid people judge this as harshly as these ponies judged Sweetie Belle.
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They replaced the original idea, which was "G.A.Y" to this.
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these are the numbers i give for the 100th episode. and the one is for lasting this long.
At least Rarity was generous to at least give her sister 1 point. Better than nothing.
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Put rarity in front and she you got 100 points
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Ah! I see what you did there! ;)
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Is this from an episode, because Pinkie & Applejack should hangout with them in my headcanons more.
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well the episode when applebloom have nightmares about her cutie mark
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Oh. I should assume that Sweetie Belle should take lessons regarding singing & music, then she'd earn her heart-shaped, music-themed cutie mark.
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Generous Rarity gived Sweetie Belle 1
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Vinyl x Octavia confirmed!
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Please explain how Vinyl X Octavia is conformed?Raise Eyebrow Icon 
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Never saw them together in the show. It was fandom that came up with such shipping (which I personally like, i might add). But then this episode happened!
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Yeah in the fandom doesn't mean their pairing is conformed. Just because they sit next to each other in the show. We don't hardly see them together only ONCE in this episode which proves nothing.
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Hohoho Octavia x Vinyl is confirm in the 100th episode Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz !
Your argument is now invalidBut I Didn`t Listen (Mane Six) PLZ 
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:/ really just because there room mates proves nothing and I think the wriyers care more about friendship im mlp than they do with shippings

Go home your drunk!
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What, do you hate shippings?
Is it the fact that they're both mares?
Get over it.

And learn some grammar.

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I'm not drunk and let people dream EQG Twilight Ashamed Plz 
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Dream something that isn't canon bye bye now! wave remake 
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Oh come on. Just let man have his plate of fun.
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not really, they are the only 2 ponies that Sweetie bell knows that work in music.
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