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Applebloom Gala Dress

By illumnious
update1: bugs fixes and color changed

vector made in 
:iconadobeillustratorplz:CC Mac Yosemite OS X  10.10
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© 2015 - 2021 illumnious
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She's so beautiful in that dress!

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TIghten icon from Megamind!
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Can I use this to make a wallpaper?
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As long you credit me, yes you may
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Too much ADORIBLE! Apple Bloom clapping iconApple bloom jumpingApple Bloom (Cute smile) Plz
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This was easily the best of the new dress designs.
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That color looks so good on her!
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Cute enough to make AJ forget how "Eh" the Gala actually is.
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Well... Pinkie, Dashie, Rarity and Fluttershy cried in Tanks for the Memories, and Applejack didn't cry because she said that she cries from the inside. But when she saw Applebloom in her Gala Dress, she started crying. Nice work btw. XD
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That wasn't crying, that was liquid pride. =)
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She's cute in that dress. 
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That's what I also thought when I saw her.
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