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Trixie Wearing Starlight's Cape by illumnious

it's been a while since I open up commissions and this is the first time I'm doing it on Google Forms. Most of my commissions are points commissions but I do not do points commissions anymore sorry.

(Important to read before placing a commission) Terms and FAQs:…


Hey guys, it’s been a while since I was away and to keep in mind, I will be back before the first week of June (the end of hiatus) to make at least one or two vectors from season 9. To startup the summer season, I will be happy to open paid commission (I’m not using DA points for this) for the first time. And I will trying to complete the previous commissions and some requests. I deeply apologize for the long waits.

Drawing requests will be open again around July or August before I leave to take a vacation. More information about that will be release around June, July and/or August.

I will be back to inform create new vectors around next week.

Hey guys, sorry for the long absence I just want to say that I will be back on DeviantART around the third or the fourth week of May and I’ll be fully back making vectors in June 6th it will give me enough time to fully install the softwares and merged everything from the cloud accounts. In the meantime, I’ll between Twitter and Instagram also on Discord (some of you may know me from the services I joined such as MLP-VectorClub, /HHC/, Derpibooru, and many more.) for now until further notice.
update: I'll be back on Friday and I'm getting my laptop change so I'll be on Instagram until further notice. I will be online to watch Season 9 premier on Saturday. Also Easter break is approaching so I'll be vectoring some season 9 and EQG stuffs until May 4th.
Well we all heard the news that Friendship Is Magic is coming to an end, it doesn’t means that the fandom coming to an end. Well it’s been a crazy ride and now it’s time to say goodbye in October. Source: Facebook

Filename by illumnious
2 out of 6 months and now I’m in a heavy stress so in the meantime have a preview of Flares new mane hairstyle which I will be able to vector that in June. The pose came from one of Sellenin own, I’ll leave the link in the comments.


Filename by illumnious
I may return to do one or two vector(s) and/or wallpaper either March or April. Stay tuned.
For many people who wants to know where I posting drawings, here’s my Instagram profile:…

Filename by illumnious
For anyone who missed today’s poll then I won’t be able to upgrade back to core membership until the summer unless if anyone want to gift me that would be generous and/or I’ll pre purchase it.
Core membership ends before Christmas so that’s means no polls until I reactivate it which I’m not sure when cause I’ll be busy with real life situations. I’ll be streaming starting next Monday until Thursday December 27th.
Well done Tumblr, you’re an asshole.8d1b735f-2e4e-4419-ac90-1dc3317de312 by illumnious

8e0f32fb-4cbe-4f34-bc8d-43b526e61a54 by illumnious

4fbaaa6e-bf8b-41be-843e-2ffc8ca33929 by illumnious

Filename by illumnious
Changed my username on my Tumblr art blog from lpsfreakdoodle to Illumniousart here's the new link:
I'm officially staying in the hospital for 1-2 days sibnce I an diabetic and I hope I can come back home before Thursday cause this is a major health problem for me.
Update: well not basically an update but, a bad news, I'm at the hospital due to high sugar problem and hopefully I'll be back home tomorrow. Wish me luck.
Since the votes are tied, I'm working on Sherlock and John Watson since I finished the sketch last week and Doctor and Clara crossover will be not for nightmare nights but for the 23rd of November,2018 or 2019 but I might do it next October. I'm making an update before the end of next month or October.Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 11.33.09 PM by illumnious

Only 9 days until vacation time and bonus, request will be open on the 24th of August until September 1st. Note: only drawing I'll be doing and I will not going to draw dragons, animals, neither humans only ponies from FIM show using Procreate.
Sorry if I haven't been active as much, the new wallpaper pack will be release around the end of July/early August.


Shaynelle Alexus Rigby
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
The Bahamas
Hi! there, this is my deviant account but you may know me as shaynellertv, LPSOglam, lpsotv or lpsogirl (deleted account) on YouTube. I'm a 19 year old female who graduated from High School and who uses professional software, love to learn another language, loves horror and comedy movies and that person who make desktop stuff, vectors and teach people about other software. I'm that person who loves to learn another language and that person who loves littlest pet shop, my little pony: friendship is magic, megamind(formerly), Doctor who, and Sherlock Holmes. I'm a huge fan of the 10th and 11th doctor and I'm a supporter of the Littlest Pet Shop: Save the old LPS and game program, if you don't know what it is then check out this wallpaper:…

I make vectors and stuffs and strive to become a graphic designer here's a shot bio what I normally do:
I create artwork from TV shows such as My Little Pony(2010), Littlest Pet Shop(2012),Steven Universe, etc. I do non fan-art work only used on Photoshop and Illustrator only and sometimes, I practice how to use the other software such as Adobe After Effects. Commission is closed for now and request is temporary closed due to the amount of request I have to make since 2014.

GitHub:… new form coming soon
Instagram(2012 post):
Snapchat: shaynellelps
Support me:
Shop(just for sticker and maybe clothes I guess):…

Commissions: if you like to place a commission learn more on my latest commission journal and email me at



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Excuse me, but is it ok if I use your pony vectors to create Yu-Gi-Oh! Tokens/Orica's for personal use?
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